Polish Foreign Intelligence Agency publishes intercepted phone calls: Russian soldiers are scared, don't want to get back to their units and are trying to do everything possible not to be sent to the front.

  1. i see polish colleagues of our intelligence guys decided to participate to in this "listen to russians" thing.

  2. Russian soldiers understandably have no motivation, they are like terrorists without a religious ideology because their "God" is asking them to kill civilians for no real reason, and they know it is wrong and inhuman to do that.

  3. I hope Ukraine is working hard at exploiting this. Systematically calling up russian soldiers/conscripts, or just random Russian numbers, and discouraging them from going, explaining to them how they can just tell the army to fuck off.

  4. Wow, their communication lines are s***. Everybody and their mother can intercept their calls. I hope MI-6, and the CIA, even Canada's CSIS gets in on the fun too.

  5. These soldiers should just surrender over to the Ukrainians. Preferably handing over a tank or two while shooting their way any moron that tries to stop them. Why shouldn't they? What is there to hope for or look forward to if they get sent in to fight? There is no formal declaration of war. Screw putinists. Just surrender and cash in at the same time.

  6. This is why the numbers of dead Russians are irrellevant. They are ineffective as soldiers as it is. What matters is equipment and supply lines.

  7. I still think these are isolated cases and without precise information, we never know how big they were and if they actually defected or surrendered or deserted.

  8. There are countless of these accounts on social media. And it's not a surprise either. Cause young men are being sent to a far away country to die for a cause they do not care about. russian casualties are "in the ten thousands"

  9. This phone call was about a group of soldiers who don’t want to go back to the front. It’s not the same as one guy telling his mom that he doesn’t want to go back. It looked as if whoever is making the call is in charge of getting these guys to go fight and pretty much doesn’t know how to deal with it. Maybe it is an isolated case, but it’s more than a couple of individuals.

  10. YT channel it's posted on doesn't look legit, is there any other source for this supposedly intercepted recording?

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