Ukrainian traitor Serhii Tomko, a policeman from occupied Nova Kakhovka who switched sides and became the Russian Deputy Head of the local "police" was shot and killed in his own car by local partisans.

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  2. And pretty sure no ruble is to be given even with his confirmed death as he was a collaborator, not a Ruzzian pig plus no Ukrainian Hryvnia because he is a traitor to the family.

  3. The family is the one I'm most sad for. He was a traitor, but his family is going to carry that stigma for the rest of their lives whether or not they were as disloyal as he was.

  4. It’s pretty common throughout history that defectors and collaborators are in reality treated even worse than enemy combatants. The thought being if you’d betray your own country surely it would be no problem for you to betray us as well.

  5. I hope this time all traitors and collaborators are dealt with. To many innocent people have died or had lives ruined because of them.

  6. One of the big mistakes of Ukraine in 2014-2015 was that the traitors and collaborators were not persecuted. Partially, it provoked the current invasion. I hope this time they will be punished hard.

  7. I think their mentality on betraying Ukraine is when Russia won they will not be persecuted and will gain position on the puppet state Ukraine

  8. In theory that would've been nice, but it's complicated. If Ukraine tried to clean house too quickly Russia would've attacked sooner, and Ukraine had almost no army at all back then..

  9. This is a recurring issue in the US. Wing-nuts do terrible things and create tumult, negativity, outright bloodshed and all sorts of shit. Peace loving people are appalled by it. When the wing-nuts are temporarily stopped the rest of society breathe a sigh of relief that peace and quiet is finally restored and then the media puts pressure on to not hold the miscreants accountable saying the public wants "unity, bi-partisanship, and end to all the hullaballo, etc". So then the miscreants are given a pass to foster a spirit of healing and unity, malice-toward-none Lincolnesque magnanimity. But what it does is encourage and embolden the miscreants to keep up the deeds because there is no down-side to it. If they succeed they succeed. If they don't succeed then they get to regroup to try again later.

  10. Good! This is what awaits all traitors...still better than Russian treatment after they no longer need them...

  11. peer reviewed scientific studies prove that the life expectancy of collaborators is much shorter than average.

  12. Russia will never subdue Ukraine. The Ukrainian army will pound them from afar and drive them out while the partisans pick them off in occupied territories one by one until all Russians and collaborators are paralyzed with fear.

  13. Play stupid games and pay the price for it. Cowards, Russian invaders are one thing, Ukrainians who switch sides are worse for me, traitors. Good people are dying, who fight for the future of a whole nation.

  14. Traitors don't just betray Ukraine, they betray the free world as a whole and even humanity in general.

  15. Its funy. If russian soldier defects he is a hero who stands for the right. If ukranian defects, he is a coward and a scum. No one even considers that both of them could have relatives on the other side. And besides its a matter of perspective. For me personaly "patriotism" is just another way to brainwash people, my family and my close friends is all that matters. If "betrayal" of my country helps me to keep them safe and live a better life, then i dont care.

  16. No one likes a traitor. Not even the side you switch to. Because they know what you're capable of. He's honestly probably better off having been open about it and getting whacked than if he was covert.

  17. All I can say is, good luck to Russia dealing with guerrilla warfare for the next decade or two, even if you manage to occupy all of Ukraine. You're gonna have a lot of fun sleeping with one eye open.

  18. Makes me wonder how things are going to go when it's all over. There's going to be a lot of people who will be viewed the same as nazi collaborators. Wonder if they'll do an amnesty or imprison them all.

  19. I have a belief. The hughest form of treason is not treason against any government, but treason against one's own people. This man was guilty of the highest treason. He got was was coming to him.

  20. Looks all of 25 at most. May be a collaborator, or just a scared kid who didn't say no. I guess he doesn't have to be scared any more.

  21. too many especially politicans and their partners that are trying to make the donbass region and "independent" country that depends and have heavy ties with Russia

  22. Any Ukrainian dumb enough to think Russia is your friend read this. You are extorted/used when Russia Is through with you, you are either killed or turned in.

  23. It's strange that a Ukrainian had such a colossally poor understanding of Ukrainians. Im not Ukrainian and even I understand that Ukrainians are going to harbour and stoke a passionate and nigh biblical hatred of Russians basically forever, give or take a few hundred years. I mean, him switching sides was like watching the tide go out suddenly and going to sit down on the beach. You had to know the wave was coming, and what were you going to do to stop it besides running the fuck away? It's natural causes, it's suicide

  24. Being a brainwashed Ruzzian zombie outside Ukraine not knowing what's going on - disgusting, but understandable.

  25. This is the no brainer at the heart of Russia’s stupid “plan”. You can’t even win the military side of the war. And the charred rubble and ash that you can claim, for a while, will become a graveyard of your local quislings. Even if you depopulate your borders with Ukraine and try to import Russian settlers, partisans will kill them from the edges. There will never, ever be a complaint Ukraine to rule over again. Feb 24 boundaries are the absolute best Russia can ever hope for, and that’s still absorbing all the reputational and economic damage of being an aggressive pariah with less than zero credibility. It will take a century and total regime/state configuration change to re-engage the global system.

  26. You'd think they learn their lesson that collaborating with the enemy is gonna end badly for them, after several examples of other russian-installed officials suffering a... Shorter life expectancy.

  27. i thought we believed in due process, so sad to see so many people cheering for the death of what seems to be a kid, under circumstances they know absolutely nothing about. yes he might have been the worse kind of traitor, but things are rarely so black and white, especially with local people trapped in a war zone and under enemy occupation. might be a victory, might very well be a tragedy. what is lost though is our humanity and the values we supposedly built our society upon. everyone typing witty one liners celebrating this mans death, you should be ashamed of yourself, you hit a new low. i guess people will be people, ignorant and petty. russian, german, american, humanity goes out the window pretty fast.

  28. Now you are a good Orc Dead, Will not be passing any info to your Orc buddy's. Grass will never grow on his grave.

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