Court siezes the property of Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Kovalov, a traitor who supported the Russian aggressor after the start of the invasion and is currently part of the occupiers' administration in his native Kherson region. He remains wanted by the authorities and is still officially serving as MP.

  1. It's really disappointing how much of this trouble is brought on by corrupt traitors who want some of that russian energy money and would trade their countrymens blood for it

  2. I want them to get that asshole Denys PushHisShitIn.... would love to see him NOT grinning in Ukrainian custody.....

  3. I might be mistaking him for someone else, but my understanding is that this fellow is a collaborator. That is, he's a Ukrainian who has taken a position within the Russian occupation regime, and he's done so publicly, to serve as a Ukrainian face on the occupation, a Quisling. If he's captured, of course there would have to be a formal investigation and trial to determine the degree of his guilt and what sentence would be most appropriate under Ukrainian law. But insofar as he has publicly taken this role to serve within the occupation government, the question of whether he's a traitor isn't really a controversial one, any more than it would have been for Vikdun Quisling or Marshal Petain.

  4. If a guilty verdict hasn't entered into legal force yet, a court could technically declare him "missing" and terminate his status as a People's Deputy of Ukraine under Article 81, right?

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