First donated by Poland AHS Krab 155 mm self propelled howitzer becomes a casualty of war in Ukraine: it ran into an anti-tank mine, the crew survived. The Krab was subsequently thoroughly destroyed by Ukrainian soldiers so that it would not fall into enemy hands.

  1. According to Polish sources, it wasn't a mine, but backfire caused by shooting outside of allowed "rate of fire" specs. Loader got heavily burned, but fire suppression system worked, giving rest of crew enough time to drag him out before rest of ammo exploded.

  2. Won't modern fire computers of howitzers like the Krab determine rate of fire according to barrel temperature automatically. I know PzH2000 does it. There must be at least a red light

  3. Well the main thing is the crew survived. That it was an accident is a pity but to be equally fair they've gone this far without incident, think this is the first one we've heard of being lost.

  4. Anyone else see another video on that same twitter thread showing “the 6th 777 howitzer destroyed”? Is it true they’ve lost 6?

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