Ukraine's Security Service identified all the traitors who joined the Russian "police" in the occupied Kherson region. 26 of them are suspected of torture and arbitrary detentions of fellow Ukrainians.

  1. I was gonna say the one in the top left is about the only one I can see that I would look at and think; "Yeah totally normal guy," the rest give me circus vibes.

  2. So when the Russian soldiers retreat from Kherson, will they make a special effort to evacuate these collaborators? Or will they leave them to their fate?

  3. They wouldn't even let the LPR troops retreat with them across the Russian border north of Kharkiv, if that's any precedent. These guys will most assuredly be hung out to dry.

  4. It is sad but true that there are bad people throughout the world in every society. People like this who join a foreign government organization and then go suppress relatives, neighbors and random free citizens of their own country. These are the sort of people Ukraine does not need in their society. However it seems we must all suffer some number of such people in our midst. They at least deserve long prison terms if not more.

  5. Ukraine's Security Service identified all collaborators & traitors who joined the occupier's "police" in the Kherson Oblast, the agency says.

  6. Shit every one of them was a mole and you can see it their eyes. You don’t just flip and start torturing people.

  7. This is the greatest crime one can do to one's country and fellow human beings, some will pay for it with their lives and it is still true today, although I am against the death penalty, normally! Look at these empty imbeciles, starting today they're shitting in their panties again after seeing their grimaces on the Wanted poster!

  8. What a beautiful bunch of individuals. Truly, one rat face worse than the other. Only a matter of time before they get righteously stamped out.

  9. Let them rot in jail while they miss out on the benefits of European integration of a rebuilt Ukraine. Sounds like a better punishment, the death penalty should have no place in Europe.

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