Security Service of Ukraine identifies traitors who helped Russia steal more than 650 000 tons of Ukrainian grain worth over $200 million and names ships that took part in theft; among those responsible is Yevhen Balytskyi, former MP, now head of the Russian administration of Zaporizhzhia Region.

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  2. What do these people have to gain by siding with Russia? Are they bribed, threatened? Same question applies to leaders like Orban and Lukashenko.

  3. A country has a lot of resources, and leaders are just single people. Even if Russian alignment screws over their countries it would allow them to steal a much larger proportion of their countries' wealth.

  4. You don't go to become a politician without corruption in your agenda. It is a shocking truth. And it is best if it's small scale some bullshit your own medium scale business interest and not selling whole EU energy market to Russia interest.

  5. An expensive way to find out who your moles are. Hope they get these bastards who take food out of starving people's mouths.

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