Russia has stopped concealing the fact that it is forming a 15 500-person-strong 3rd Army Corps to be deployed in Ukraine, staffed with male servicemen aged 18 to 50 without prior military experience.

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  2. Even those who survive. PTSS in a country who doesn't give a shit about vets. Sounds like a great way to fuck up your life.

  3. Putin is being very Soviet Union about this. Basically throwing in human chaff. individuals that have no say and honestly are very poor. How much do you want to bet that the farmland that they are occupying will eventually go to oligarchs and they will use machinery too make large industrial farms once they get rid of all the peasants that occupy that same land.

  4. Suicide training in an active war zone...smells of total desperation by the central command in Moscow. You’d be better sending the paper pushers in the Kremlin to fight. So one has to wonder are the residents, youth of Moscow, St. Petersburg and the government centres being called up soon? My guess, it would be as a last resort..the pushback for taking the sons and daughters of the elite to fight, would be an extremely tough sell for Putin and the propagandists, let alone the Kremlin....

  5. Going to be living a whole helluva lot in ten seconds of their first firefight, when half the men are petrified and cannot bring themselves to move out of fear and the other half start to desert when bodies start exploding from artillery fire.

  6. “You're gonna regret this the rest of your life... both seconds of it.” - John Spartan, Demolition Man (1993)

  7. We'll know they've gotten to the front line, when the front line immediately collapses under Ukrainian arty. Ukraine is already preping for a MASSIVE counter-offensive. RuZZia is going to lose generations of people in this conflict.

  8. These men are going to be slaughtered. There’s no way press gang conscripts can hold up against the billions of dollars of western gear Ukraine is using.

  9. It's how Russia works. Victory through immeasurable loss of Russian life. It's their oldest and truest strategies in their play book. It has mixed reviews.

  10. It worked against Germany who was running out of almost everything. It won't work against Ukraine who are getting better guns, better artillery, longer ranges, accuracy, technological advantage, global positioning system, satellite coms, missiles with GPS and far better food.

  11. Dude we are straight back to The Great War. There are trenches, endless artillery barrages to varying degrees of effectiveness, and of course Russia just throwing away humans.

  12. Their best chance is to kill all the officers as soon as they are armed then offer their surrender along with all their equipment to Ukraine

  13. This is far less threatening than it sounds. First, a week ago, they had barely one-third of said 15,500 men, and this was after basically pointing a gun at every 'volunteer' they could find and/or promising them fantastic sums of money the Russian government doesn't intend to pay.

  14. Even the personal equipment is crap, helmets are metal ones instead of composite, as you can see from the picture.

  15. More like a shitshow if prior examples of logistical support (virtually none) are to be believed. Considering the Ukrainian tactic of destroying ammunition depots, fuel and destroying bridges and other critical infrastructure, an untrained force is going to be in a huge mess, in very short order.

  16. Not only has this war made EU stronger, it is making russia weaker every single day. Are they trying to get rid all of their male population in some places?

  17. Volunteer Russian soldiers without experience is more fucked up for civil dead’s. In the Samara region lives 1,2mil people (simple math: 300k are men between 18 and 50) 15k would be 5% of there men. That’s perfect because Russia lost a lot jobs without al the western company’s who leaving.

  18. The most confusing thing is that The West, mostly the USA, spent a dozen trillion dollars preparing to annihilate the USSR and now we all collectively get to do it for a few dozen Billion, but with brave Ukrainian lives and sacrifices in the mix.

  19. Cant have a revolution if all your fighting aged population that can stand up to bodyguards and police are dead 🤷🏻

  20. Bruh the chinese are gonna fill those empty spaces real fast. As they are already doing in Siberia. Russia will be the reason China gets more power unfortunately. And also why russians will start to diminish in numbers. That’s their legacy.

  21. Its army corpses all right. And they know it. Sucks to go to war without proper gear and training but those execution squads which drive them like cattle. Might be fatal.

  22. Considering how fast Russia is burning through young men given that they were already on the verge of a population collapse, I would be surprised if we start seeing propaganda encouraging men to knock up their significant other before leaving. "Cum inside for good luck comrade!"

  23. They have found that a lot of people without training will freeze or run away when shot at. In the Second World War they found a lot of soldiers died without firing a single bullet. Training helps soldiers react to that. Without training you are basically walking these people to their death.

  24. Ukraine will run out of tally marks with that many, knocked out cold orcs. We need to send more tally marks and grid squares.

  25. Sounds like they're trying to take advantage of Ukraine's treatment of POWs against them and are trying to overwhelm Ukraine with "innocent POWs". Not unlike they were trying to overwhelm Europe with refugees.

  26. Russian Combat engineering involves placing concrete plates over gaping holes in bridges, strapping wooden logs and guard rails to trucks. If they advance to Non-com levels they're allowed to weld cope cages onto Tanks, Helicopters and Planes.

  27. I do not think this corps is meant to operate as an offensive organization. More likely it will be used to hold the line and pull higher quality units back to allow for R&R. It then allows them to create a pool of offensive combat power for future operations. However given the likely state of some BTGs I do not foresee them being ready quick enough to effectively counter any Ukrainian offensives in the Corps deployment areas.

  28. I am sure that future drafties cant wait to die for Putin and his imperialistic war, at least they get to experience what it takes to be a Russian soldier, all you need to is torture, bomb civilians, pillage and rape. It is getting increasingly harder to feel any sympathy for avrage Russian, where they would rather die for their fucked up goverment doing vile and evil shit, instead of actually dieing for their freedom and their motherland. Only Noble war is against your tyranical goverment that is willing to risk future of the entire world so it can redraw a fucking map.

  29. The success of Dear Leader totalitarian states in gaining the complaisance and even unfeigned support of their citizenry is the real message of 1984.

  30. I came here to say this. In modern times, it's easily a division, but they haven't raised more than about a third of that since May. I think RALee on tw*tter (re-tweeted by Michael Kofman) had a thread where you see these 'troops'. Absolute dregs o_0

  31. Traditionally Russian military units have been smaller than western counterparts. Even in WW2 divisions, corps and armies were generally half the size of their German adversaries. In general a German army corp (3-5 divisions) were easily equivalent to a full soviet army.

  32. It's an "Army Corps" because the Russian army doesn't use that designation - so internally in Russia everyone knows they are not the Russian army. This allows them to do all sorts of obscene shenanigangs as they are not technically in the Russian army. So no payouts if they die and no rules to follow.

  33. What usually happens to untrained soldiers going up against highly experienced soldiers with high-tech equipment? 🌻🌻🌻

  34. This is what happens when you underestimate a perceived "weak" opponent who in fact turned out to be very well trained, is well equipped and is increasingly being feed more modern weapons and is very stubborn and firm in the face of needles aggression

  35. Even they at least had veterans from WWI and equipment that wasn't stolen to line pockets. These guys are completely untrained and unequipped.

  36. All from poor areas and each one a net loss to the Russian economy. It’s obvious he’s thinning the herd.

  37. do they get real muskets or plastic-imitation-pistols from the 1500s pirate museum, or plastic water squirt pistols?

  38. It’s like all of the youth in Russia has already escaped to the west or has been killed or injured in Ukraine. What a complete and utter waste of human potential

  39. Not exactly.. cannon fodder is from the east of the Urals, or the south, or the 'breakaway' areas of Ukraine, the outlying areas that nobody in the prosperous areas of Russia really considers people.

  40. Poor boys! The greatest enemy of Russia and the russian people is Putain and his Oligarchs. After that war Russia will become a third world country with many problems but no power or influence.

  41. With the amount of money they are burning through and all the international companies gone, it's not an exaggeration to suggest it will take them 20 - 30 years to recover, if they ever do. I suspect they're about to become China's bitch.

  42. Pitting untrained civies against trained SOF equipped with nightgoggles, drones and whatever technological marvel. What could possibly go wrong?

  43. Wow we getting close to the Hitler youth brigade stage of ww2 and only in 6 months! It took the nazis years to run out of men.

  44. Without prior military experience. Please, at least 90% of the age group between 18-30 have played or watched call of duty at least once. That’s all the experience they need!

  45. Russians run out of planes, artillery, tanks, ships and drones. But not poor, malnourished and untrained human bodies.

  46. I wonder how the real-estate market is starting to look, over there. 41 thousand dead troops, a bunch of people trying to flee the country.

  47. This sucks. One of my friends from Russia (I met him when he studied in my country) has left for another former USSR so that he doesn't get conscripted. They won't make him come back and fight will they? Honestly he would barely survive a fight in a bar, let alone a fkn war.

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