The Armed Forces hit Melitopol at night with HIMARS, destroyed enemy equipment, and hit a barracks, eliminating more than 100 Russian soldiers.

  1. 500 is an crazy amount! These are probably recruits that died without ever even seeing the enemy. That’s pretty shit for morale. Once the Ukrainians cut Kherson off I don’t see the orcs fighting to the last man.

  2. Night time. All the little recruits corralled into one place. Holy cow, what a psyop this hit must be - if the remaining recruits are allowed to find out about it.

  3. Russia testing out new strategy to keep troops morale up by engaging in telephone booth stuffing contest

  4. It's funny b/c I read some lies spreading on Telegram that HIMARS computer system was hacked and are now not operational anymore. 😂

  5. There's a lot of funny news. Hacked HIMARS, Russian Uragan being better than HIMARS etc. More of them destroyed than Ukraine has.

  6. There’s a “leak” floating around Russian accounts claiming UA has suffered 191k losses and the howitzers are in disrepair.

  7. Imagine a world where you're invading a country for no reason & some weird shit called HIMARS shows up and sends a ton of your fellow shit bags straight to hell and the only thing you think about is when the alien HIMARS enters the universe again. What a fucking time to be alive. Glory to Ukraine and it's warriors & beautiful people. Glory to HIMARS. Time to dial up the heat.

  8. I am guessing the losses of ethnic white Russians is rather small and that the VAST majority of losses are among ethic minorities from Buryatia and Dagestan, and Ukranian conscripts from the "free republics" of Donetsk and Luhansk. And that Kremlin doesn't give a shit about those.

  9. Putin does not care who dies, it’s in Russian people hands to stop this and only takes removing one rat but they don’t want to do it, it seems they prefer to keep loosing their sons, husbands, brothers and all for nothing. It only takes to poison a rat to stop this nightmare.

  10. I see the future. As with the ammo depots the Zs will try to spread out the soldiers as they sleep to make less juicy targets. Maybe make them sleep in private homes. That is a big area to have sentrys so lots of holes in the perimeter. Lots of opportunities to desert. Lots of opportunities for Ukranian SF to cut some necks.

  11. I expect in the next few days we'll see another HIMARS destroyed by Russia (actually a transit van or an ice-cream truck) shot in 240 pixels and out of focus so we can't see anything. Just to show Russia that HIMARS is nothing to be scared about.

  12. Wow that is crazy good. The only good Russian soldier is a dead one so lets hope Russia retreats from Ukraine as soon as possible. The more military targets Ukraine strikes, the weaker Russia will be until the Russians can't mount any more offensive campaigns.

  13. Congrats Ukraine. Glad to see they finally got what they needed to be pro active instead of reactive. The HIMARS taking out so much ammo has saved so many innocent lives people and animals. And it has kept endless homes and towns safer. All that ammo woukd have slaughtered more and leveled town after town. This is literally the best thing Ukraine can do is destroy the ammo depots. And again, Ukraine gets honor for knowing what it means to be a soldier and take out military targets. Russia however intentinally genocides the country as a means to take over. They can’t go a day without intentinally causing needless destruction.

  14. I think this is just how Russia has always acted, the difference is mobile phones and social media which Putler and his generals don’t use. Meaning their blatant lies are exposed with photo/video evidence…

  15. RF won't stop until Putin is gone. Putin doesn't care about human life on either side of the border. He can't backdown because his entire doctrine is about strength and force against the west. Failure is not an option. Putin most likely would rather burn it to the ground, along with all his troops than to walk his troops back. He's a monster on this earth and must be stopped.

  16. 100 LADA cars in one order, this brand is actually the most fashionable in URSS. Each URSS streets going to have at last one white LADA.The problem is the LADA company cannot produce enough car to answer to the needs. The waiting list going to be many years to delivery it. Da !!!

  17. Fuck you RuSSia!!!!!!! Can you imagine that this is without all the weapons they’re continuing to get and not all of the UA soldiers being trained in the U.S, Canada, U.K and other parts of Europe being back yet.

  18. himars attacks are approved by USA and i think that usa is counting how many of soldiers is in said building

  19. I just imagine some young buck intelligence guy in the pentagon sending GPS coordinates like "ayyy there guy, xx.xx' by xx.xx' 🥴💦💦💦 Make it rainnn. A hundo bad bois here, lock it in and drop em down"

  20. I'm pretty sure the Ukrainian army in the field knows what and where to attack themselves. Besides that: what you're suggesting would make the US a war party. That would introduce a lot of problems for the US. I doubt anyone would do that.

  21. Range is usually listed as 70km plus and other sources give a range of 92km. The listed ranges are usually conservative to allow for unfavourable atmospheric conditions.

  22. It amaze me how it's always about HIMARS, that shit is really a turnaround and that's just freaking amazing. Let's fucking go.

  23. Wild to think about with the size of Ukraine and the front and how 12 trucks and missiles are able to impact the enemy so badly.

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