There is an abyss between Russians and Ukrainians

  1. Many UA soldiers are volunteers with high education. I saw teachers, engineers, railway technicians, musicians, a balerin who recently died. People who realized themselves that it is their dudy to serve Ukraine and maybe pay the ultimate price. There are also a lot of cowards who payed 3-4k euro on the romanian border to flee with their expensive cars. Sadly, the man and women with moral values don't get the chance to pass them to their children or grandchildren.

  2. Not just any ballerina either, a dancer for the National Theater in Kyiv. He was one of the most skilled dancers in the country, a true master of his art. And he died willingly fighting for his country. A great loss for Ukraine.

  3. Mate, hate to burst your bubble but that's not the standard. The general conditions for frontline units are roughly the same for both sides.

  4. I’m thinking they want to point the music and cultural difference. ruzzians listen to the 90s music that is loved by bandit from the 90s, eating.

  5. Not all propaganda is equal. This video is a side-by-side comparison of Ukrainian and Russian troops in unaltered, candid videos. Is it designed to elicit a pro-Ukrainian emotional reaction? Sure, which is why it is technically propaganda. I wouldn't even say the footage has an anti-Russian message.

  6. While I agree with others here saying this is misleading, since it's the same for troops of both countries on the frontline, it's also true that orcs would never listen to art like that. And that is actually a real difference.

  7. Additionally, educated Russians have a lot less chance to be in that situation, while there are a lot of educated Ukrainians volunteering

  8. This is unfair comparison. Russians are horrible no doubt. making a video comparing a war free zone filled with civilians vs frontlines invader camp is hardly a fair way to show the "culture" of the two nations.

  9. Complaining about Russian Propaganda, while posting this is Irony at best, but dumb as fuck at worst...

  10. Im no pro-orc piece of shit and fuck all this shit that makes have to say this, this is not even a good comparison and is blatant “other-Ing”. If the orc camp had stolen a violin and had captured someone that could play it, they would be listening to violin as well. Everyone loves live music.

  11. I maybe say not convenient opinion there but for those who don’t understand the video or think that is propaganda, if you ever visit Bucha and speak with a citizens maybe you’ll understand what video is about and what is the level of culture for russian side. Please, these mans were pooping near people beds… look at the photos what they did to the places where they lived, houses of civilians.

  12. I will explain. ruzians play russian prison music. These are ballads about the romance of prison life, usually in a smoky, hoarse voice. Ukrainians used to also have a certain stratum of the population (bus drivers) who listened to this garbage.

  13. This doesn't illustrate anything. One is Russians sitting around and the other is an organized event. If you had a violin with the Russians, they'd be sitting watching it too.

  14. This unfortunately is cherry picked. It’s like saying everyone here in the UK is a highly educated well to do Oxford university graduate in a wealthy family.

  15. Ok, our boys wouldn't listen to that crappy 90s flavoured jail inspired "chanson" now. But violin concerts won't happen in trenches every day. It's too much.

  16. As a Finn, my mother always told me how she didn’t trust Russians, to which I always answered that those were the old days and she should stop saying it. Oh how I was wrong and how she was right. What a filthy ugly people the Russian soul is. Shame on you Russia, your reputation is still alive and well.

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