Russia demands Uefa ban Ukraine’s manager for remarks about war

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  2. Yes, they have been. Like, totally. Out of the World Cup, out of other international football, and all the clubs are out of all the UEFA leagues (Champions League, Europa League and Conference Cup).

  3. Russian logic, saying you want to defend your country against rapists & terrorists is inciting aggression....what a fucked up mentality.

  4. This is how ridiculous Russia sounds: "He is one of us so I punched him in the face and now he is fighting me better than I expected. Instead of stopping me punching him, please don't let him compete in anything against me. I don't like it when he is better than me."

  5. You cannot murder people of the other team and then go play a game with them, that's not fair. That's reason enough for Russia to be banned from all international sports competitions. Learn to be civilized first if you want to participate in a civilized sport.

  6. I absolutely am boggled by the bull shit that comes out of Russia and it’s mouth pieces. At least come out with shit that’s plausible… numb skulls.

  7. RU really doesn't realize that free speech includes criticism... f*ck these authoritarian regimes, no one cares about what they think, since it's all lies and whining.

  8. Russians being cry babies again? Don't like facing up to consequences do they? Spoilt brat Russia plays victim after all the psychopathy. They're an absolute disgrace.

  9. Wanting to fight for your country when it has been attacked by Russian fascists is not comparable with people cheering on the fascists doing the invading.

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