Ukraine at UN: We need a Nuremberg-style war crimes trial

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  2. Thats true Sadly this time we will have another problem if them hiding in theyr own country and not being caught...

  3. If you step back, look at the grand picture, you realize that Ruzzia has been (since the fall of the iron curtain) nothing more, nothing less than an iron ball on humanity's leg.

  4. Would Königsburg stay Russian? Or be allowed to voice to succede and join a different country like Poland or Lithuania??

  5. I wouldn’t underestimate the power of hunger and poverty. Complete Russian isolation, financially, humanitarian or otherwise will have the common people of Russia change their tune real quick. They’ll learn pretty quickly that they can’t eat their nukes or oil. In the end they will hand over their leaders in return for relief. That is why sanctions need to be absolute. Isolation needs to be complete. No unicef, no Red Cross. Let them eat each other for a few years. They have zero leverage here.

  6. Would something like this require unconditional surrender and total defeat? I always assumed the only reason we were able to do that was because the allies had total control of the perpetrator Nations. That’ll be tough to pull off this time. Have there been major war crime trials since world war 2? Maybe in Vietnam?

  7. This would be nice. Unfortunately, when this is all over, the perpetrators will crawl back into their caves and live fat and old on Russian government money. The only way Nuremberg worked was because Germany was completely and utterly destroyed and remade. Sadly, Ukraine's allies are all limp dicks.

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