Azov Regiment commander Denys Prokopenko, his deputy Sviatoslav Palamar, the commander of the 36th Marine Brigade Serhii Volynskyi, senior sergeant of the 36th Mykhailo Dianov, press officer Dmytro Kozatskyi will remain interned in Turkey for the duration of the war as part of the exchange deal.

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  2. It had got to the point where I wasn’t expecting any news. Figured Russia would disappear them rather than let them be living heroes for Ukraine.

  3. I hope they all get to see their loved ones in Turkey, I can't imagine how it would feel to be reunited with a husband/brother/dad after this situation.

  4. They're free to have visitors, and really do whatever they want (non military related) so long as they check in with Turkish authorities and don't leave the country.

  5. I know that Prokopenko has been through 6 months of hell but I can't imagine him idly sitting by while the war continues. He seems like a level of hardened soldiers most of us couldn't even dream of being.

  6. Especially since some of the Azov people are still in detention. Honestly, he seemed pissed (he always does, I know but he seemed pissed-er than usual).

  7. You can bet your ass that this guy endured a lot. They probably tried to break him mentally and is most likely not fit to join a war anymore.

  8. I haven't seen him on a video walking yet but from photos he looks terrible I wonder if Russians crippled him to the point where he's unfit for combat operations. As for his mental, I don't believe that guys like him can be broken as soldiers, however civilian life is different think. I wish he was as good at or as he's brave when it comes to dedication to his nation. If he's great at or he could still drive Russians crazy just by media presence. We need not forget that ruskies are making cuz of this exchange

  9. Isn’t Dmytro Kozatsky also Orest? I thought he was in Ukraine. Saw some photos of him with Birdie who’s in Ukraine. Or is it someone else with the same name?

  10. yes. and this other guy mentioned, mykhajlo dianov, is the bearded guy w/external fixator on one arm holding cup of tea and victory sign, famous pic from inside Azovstal?

  11. If he’s allowed an internet/social media presence he could have an immense effect on moral. Probably a much bigger effect on the war than being allowed back to fight.

  12. I feel bad for being happy these two are alive while so many have died, but i am. I can't single anyone out, but i watched Palamars video updates every day until the surrender of Azovstal and i grew fond of him.

  13. Since there is no war going on anyway, Turkey might as well release them. Or did anyone receive a declaration of war?

  14. only russia is calling it a "Special operation" every other country calls it a war. So it depends on the country.

  15. Better not do stupid things like arguing with Turkey that there is no war. They are blocking russian warships from other regions to enter the Black Sea because of a conflict.

  16. Is the media over stating how brutal ALL the orcs are if these people get released? I say all.. Maybe they have a bigger percentage of nasty fucks due to their ruzzisium but maybe a good % are just like humans?

  17. How do you get from "Russia exchanged Ukrainian high officers for a Russian general of second highest rank they desperately need" to "Oh the Russians must be amazing people then!"?

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