The famous Canadian Sniper 'Wali' is back in Ukraine and is working to improve Ukraine's snipers.

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  2. 👆 Apparently it is never, ever the sniper if something goes wrong if I am reading the above translation correctly? 🧐

  3. First tour he felt frustrated, he's listed why in this post. It sounds like he came with with a mission to improve sniper tactics in his unit. I'm looking forward to hearing from him how it's playing out in his second tour.

  4. First “tour” he tried to bypass proper integration into the Foreign Legion because he’s a glory hound and wanted to go into combat and be the savior of Ukraine on Day 1. Ironically he ended up getting mired in bureaucracy because of what he did and ended up just sitting around for a few weeks doing nothing… his wife started bitching about him being gone so he went home, having done absolutely nothing to benefit Ukraine.

  5. This is good to see. The first time Wali went he clearly came away very frustrated, probably because their expectations of what things would be like was way off compared to what they are used to from the Canadian army. Wali talked a bit after his return about not having the equipment needed, not having clear communications, being sent out with clearly untrained individuals, and more.

  6. Popping a couple dozen Russian heads from a km worthwhile. Teaching a thousand Ukrainians to pop a couple dozen Russian heads from over a km away priceless.

  7. nice, i think its better to train new sniper than out there himself. afterall no matter how good he is, hes still just one man. if he trains new sniper that means theoretically unlimited number of snipers.

  8. Well, now we will have Russia pumping tabloid level announcement of how they kill him successful every other day.

  9. Some fighters –– both Ukrainian and foreign legion –– that I follow on various platforms have panned the coverage this guy has gotten, and the very notion that he's the "best sniper." They seem to have a good laugh at it all.

  10. Wali said himself that the "best sniper in the world" is completely stupid. He never claimed to be the best sniper, the media said that about him because he is the only KNOWN sniper.

  11. Yay he's back! He almost died the first time, and I guess he left feeling like he was just artillery fodder ( no way to use his skills etc). While we were all hoping to read about his exploits, glad to see he is helping to train.....remember this is a complete volunteer with a wife and young kids back home!

  12. I mean come on. I'm a Canadian who doesn't like this guy or his politics. But If we can celebrate American weapon manufacturers helping Ukraine liberate itself, we can also wish this guy all the best.

  13. I don’t think anyone is forcing you to buy his books or click on his “spam”. I see a lot of shit on here that I consider spam but I don’t click on it and start bitching.

  14. Wow, good for him. True hero and proud Canadian. Given how haunting his last interview was, watching his comrades getting blown up beside in front of him, I did not expect him to return.

  15. He left safety and security in Canada, and almost died several times ( he has young children) The fact that he's back means he believes in Ukraine, and is something to be commended.

  16. There wasn't much for him to do back then. Ukraine was more disorganized, more outgunned and struggling to hold the line. Also he was sent to the front without the proper guns/gear. You can read more about it from him in a past post on his page. His skills will be more useful now.

  17. seriously. totally agree, war profiteering at its best. thousands of belorussians and others fighting without his whining. fuck him and his books.

  18. This guy talked a lot of shit about Ukraine when he came back home here. Glad to see he is putting his efforts where he feels they are most needed, training Ukrainian forces.

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