Iranian-made kamikaze drones able to fly up to 1,000 km; Russia can attack from various directions

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  2. It would really be ironic if one of the most sucessfull pieces of equipment on the russian side turn out to be Iranian giveaways.

  3. The folks over at John Hopkins University says that there's ways to hack into drones, why can we hack it and send back to return address

  4. There's a big difference between military-grade drones and hobbiest drones. While not necessarily impossible, I'm sure that the Iranians have thought of this and encrypt+sign their connections somehow to prevent someone from simply hi-jacking the connection.

  5. So. It’s a red line for the US to give long range weapons to Ukraine, but, Russia can get long range weapons from Iran? Checks out. RuZZia one set of rules for us, another for everyone else.

  6. Didn’t Iran just say they hadn’t sent any to Russia... they must have lied.. who would have guessed

  7. I wouldn’t mind Zelenskyy saying that directly, if you keep attacking our infrastructure away from the front, we will attack your infrastructure away from the front.

  8. So you get lucky and a few of these drones work. You still don’t have the rest of the military strength to follow up and take anything further. You are completely falling apart. These drone hits are nothing more than being a sore loser at this point.

  9. Yeah, they seem to be rather easy to jam/hack, last time I read about them. I guess they can be a problem in overwhelming numbers, but I doubt Russia has those.

  10. They have flaws but still are a decent piece of equipment especially when taking into account that these can be produced on the cheaper side of things. Some get stopped, others make it through

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