Zelenskyy’s call for preventative pressure on Russia due to its nuclear threats is met with hysteria in Russia

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  2. Funny how Zelenskyy's speech makes them flip out but when Putin literally throws around Nuke threats on the daily now, crickets in Russia.

  3. You know they have literally shown videos of Florida being nuked, and the UK being nuked, and animations of marching to Berlin. One man whose country doesn't have nuclear weapons alludes to preemptive measure without even mentioning nukes...and they lose their minds? What a bunch of whining bitches.

  4. If I've learned anything about Russia since the war, it's that they are hysterical every day about something or another. Is it a "Ukraine" day or a "evil NATO West" day - looks like a Ukraine day today.

  5. That's what you get with a country where the majority are radical ultra-nationalist supporters of Putler. They are just like other radicals they can't stand hearing anything that goes against their radical beliefs. The more radical a nation becomes, especially when they become nationalistic, do they start wars. Germany went down that path, Japan did, North Korea and now Russia. China is going down a similar path as Russia.

  6. Serhii Nykyforov, press secretary of the President of Ukraine, explained that Zelenskyy was talking about preventative sanctions, which should have been applied before Russia’s full-scale invasion on 24 February, and assured the public that Ukraine will never call for the use of nuclear weapons.

  7. I see nothing in there asking NATO or the US to use nuclear weapons on Russia. Only to take preventative steps if we see Russia preparing a nuke for use. We can do a damn good job removing the threat conventionally if we had to, and never resort to a nuke.

  8. This poor guy must be so damn tired having to deal with this shit endless for months. Just when I think my 6 day a week, 10 hour a day job is exhausting... Damn. He's a stronger man than me that's for sure.

  9. tbh the moment russia would decide to prepare nukes i think NATO would be way ahead of them the intel they have is way bigger than you think. so if its gonna be to dangerous enough for nato i would think nato would act first.

  10. I'm wondering if their nukes are even operational, and that's why they keep trying to blow up nuclear power plants, thinking it will accomplish the same thing.

  11. It might help if Russian understands that they're not the only ones with the nukes and not the only ones that can make threats.

  12. A few weeks ago Redit had blocked me for 48h and had deleted one of comments asking for the same...

  13. Well I mean there was ambiguity, but everybody the fuck knows he wasn't talking about nuclear strikes. Still that was poorly worded.

  14. Russian people are plainly becoming fractured on the war despite the propaganda. A fresh round of international aggression on Russian soil would give the bastards among them something to rally around and enough fear to keep pulling the populace along.

  15. Still not the best word choice, which will make it easier to take this out of context. Volodya is still human after all.

  16. Im so sick of the Nuclear weapon hysteria. Western media and the citizens themselves are basically puppets dancing to the pull of Russias strings.

  17. Maybe we should put all Russians that are in America in an camp like they did the Japanese during ww2. Take them all to Gitmo!

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