Russia must be expelled from UN Security Council: Ukraine’s human rights activist after winning Nobel Prize

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  2. Technically it's the USSR seat. Russia is there. They should have a referendum to see if Russia gets the USSR seat.

  3. Regardless, I'd argue that expulsion is not the way to do it. The USSR signed the UN charter, not Putin's kleptocracy. Simply motion to invalidate the validity of their position on the council to begin with.l.

  4. Really: Russia having a seat with a veto at the UN Security Council is like having Hitler's ghost being a judge at the Nuremberg trials.

  5. Having a veto isn't tied to the morality or the peacefulness of the country. It's tied to the existence of the UN as an institution whose existence is recognised by all and in which every country participate.

  6. The thing is, there is actual a legal basis for it. When the USSR fell apart, Russia was just given the seat without any vote or procedure from the UN. So technically that is USSR's seat, not Russia's.

  7. if they can't take it away from russia, then take the veto vote away from all the members and either start a new council or leave it where a single veto can't wreck the world and neuter the UN when it's trying to do something.

  8. Be careful what we ask for - if Russia can be expelled from the Security Council today, so can the UK, France, and the USA tomorrow. We need to be certain we can stand the precedent.

  9. How many people on how many platforms will have to say this before the world snaps out of its trance and deletes that fucking parasite from civil consideration?

  10. This is the right answer, its a joke that we have the worst ever dictators being able to veto things against their absolute shit in the UN.. Xi-pingpong is even worse than Pooptin.. What a disgrace to human kind, him and pooptin must feel for their family..

  11. the security council is more about balance, and a channel for communication. doing so the west will lose their veto rights over both. if you are looking for alliance rather than balance, isn't there already nato?

  12. so basically, (unlawfully) make UN some "the US and its allies" club while the other countries go found their own club? And now this UN is even more useless than before and there's no common world platform, congrats!

  13. This is the dumbest idea I have heard yet. The point t of the permanent seat and veto power is to prevent t a world war and keep all the major world powers at the table. You remove that and you are essentially throwing away what the un was created for and isolating russia by a magnitude that is very dangerous.

  14. This so obviously needs to be done, it makes the UN look like a joke, and frankly actually does make them a joke that purely exists for theatrical purposes every day Russia stays on the Security council and has any say/input on the Ukrainian War.

  15. Globalism is dead. The UN is dead. And that's a good thing, because it's a big reason we are where we are.

  16. Russia does not need to be expelled; in a year or two there will be no Russia, any more than there is a Czechoslovakia or an Austria-Hungary.

  17. Well if they won't leave, then the rest of the countries should leave. We all know who will stay to support the russians. Not a big deal if nobody is there to support them now is there.

  18. Just remove them from the Security Council and replace them with Ukraine. Every country- even pariah states should be a member of the UN.

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