Number of people with COVID in UK rises 32% to almost 2.3 million

  1. Enitrely anecdotal, but 2 of the 4 of us that shared a tent at Glastonbury tested positive this week. Of my other group of friends about 2/3rds of them have been taken out, and of another group of friends about 50% of them picked it up too.

  2. I was working at Glastonbury from the weekend before the festival, I reckon about a third of my crew had it either while there or have tested positive since.

  3. I almost definitely got it at Glastonbury, but I feel fine. Runny nose, bit of a cough, nothing worse than a mild cold. Couple from our group confirmed they had it so I'd be surprised if I escaped.

  4. I caught it from a festival also (Plymouth's 1BigSummer), I imagine covid has spread wildly at these kinds of events. An absolute horrific pain in the ass for two weeks as well, and a few cognitive aberrations/exertion fatigue since.

  5. Literally everyone I know who went to Glastonbury came back with it, and that's 10-12 people now including partners. Unfortunately some were working the gates, and so they probably caught it and passed it on before even showing symptoms.

  6. I went out Outbreak fest in Manchester and 2 of 3 of us have it. My friends went to Hellfest in France the same time and 7 of 8 of them currently have it.

  7. Got multiple notifications this week at work about people testing positive. Fortunately none were close to me. Hoping it didn't spread my way.

  8. And what is more fucked about this, people cannot test themselves at home because they now cost money to get a test kit.

  9. I've tested positive but only because I had some left over tests. Loads of people seem to have it at the moment, and I suspect there are lots more who just can't get tested!

  10. I don't think individual testing is as relevant anymore. We don't need to do targeted suppression of quarantining of Covid in particular anymore and there's little point in trying.

  11. Don't worry you can buy one from Boots that just so happens to be run by the same chum who was in the Bullingdon boys at the same time as Boris.

  12. Deaths are still low, probably due to vaccination. Almost all adults and older children have been offered vaccines I thought. Also, the Omicron variant appears to be less serious than earlier strains.

  13. However long covid, long term loss of taste and smell, brain damage and complications with blood clotting are all still factors.

  14. Let serious, but still enough to make you bloody miserable, even if jabbed - if you are. for example, in your 40s/50s.

  15. my work has NHS test kits to give us on request but they're so shite. the little plastic vial has only a tiny drop of the test liquid in, you need to use about 3 of them to get enough to make the control line actually show up so the test will work.

  16. My fully vaccinated MIL was briefly hospitalised because she had a cough. Apparently the new strains don’t have a cough and they were concerned about Covid masking a blood clot.

  17. Myself and my GF tested positive after being in greece 2 weeks ago, over 10 people in work and was told the pubs near me are empty because so many have covid and have gotten quite sick from it

  18. My mum and stepfather fly home tomorrow from Greece. They tested positive the second day there and have had to spend two weeks almost in a hotel room. Don't think I could have coped having it in that heat.

  19. I’m living in Japan and coming back for a few weeks in August. Here barely anyone has Covid, I don’t know anyone who’s had it for a year now. How has it got so out of control back home? Am I probably gonna catch it?

  20. I'd care about it if I was paid proper sick pay or paid for time off for dependants. Until then, I won't test and I'll just get on with it unless I'm really ill.

  21. I had it 2 weeks ago, I was coughing my intestines out for a few days then it turned into a generic cough/cold. 10 days in total and now I'm still exhausted every day after work, I sleep 13 hours a day consistently, my fitness training has gone down the drain. Lung capacity gone backwards about a year, super annoyed but you can't give up.

  22. Sounds crap.... Im currently on day 3. Feel wacked. Think I've had every symptom on the list :( not looking forward to the long covid effects either.

  23. But...but Johnson said he had done Covid and it was all over and our hospitals and economy were back to normal?

  24. I came down with it almost two weeks ago (first time). Testing negative now, but bloody hell it lingers... still coughing all the time and still feeling knackered. Horrible illness.

  25. That's the thing, imagine the insane amount of people with COVID who simply don't test, people are going around coughing like it's nothing, most just ignore all signs and don't think about Covid anymore

  26. I did a test, had some free government ones leftover and felt like shit so took one. Just feels better being able to put a name to your illness I guess. Plus means my mum now knows she's got it, so isn't going to visit her elderly dad. She isn't very ill with it but could still potentially pass it on and kill him.

  27. These stats are based on random survey testing of people, to calculate prevelance. It's not asked on sick people choosing to get tested.

  28. I went there too, thankfully seem to be ok though (also, how awesome was it?!). Starting to think I’m immune to it as a few months back I slept with and stayed the night with someone who tested positive a day later, and I never got it.

  29. Ohhh ffs. My husband, sister in law, their mum and dad all went but I didn't manage to get a ticket. I was negative this morning, I do not have time to catch covid so silver lining I guess.

  30. I go out a LOT and I’ve still not gotten it either. Neither have my parents; one works in a hospital and the other in a pub. And I’ve been in close contact with people who’ve tested positive. It’s so strange.

  31. I had it but there was only a short window where the lateral flow tests were obviously positive. First symptoms were Monday and it wasn't until Friday that I got the faintest, barely noticeable line on the test after nearly 30 minutes. I got a PCR test to confirm because they were still free at the time. On Monday and Tuesday I had a clearly visible line on the LF but by Thursday I was testing negative again.

  32. I swear I had it, lost my smell and taste and was coughing but my test said I didn't have it, can a normal cold do that? Maybe I did the test wrong.

  33. I’m not a Covid denier, anti vax or anti mask etc. I’m asking this question in good faith. Why is this an issue? Isn’t the current strain of Covid essentially just a cold? How many people in the UK have a bad cold right now? Is that news?

  34. A good friend of mine has it right now and can't walk further than a few yards without having to sit down and catch his breath, I've never had a cold that fucks you like that. I was playing 5 a side football with him not long ago.

  35. It’s been “a cold/flu like” for most people since the Alpha variant - it’s that there is still a lot of people catching it and then having to deal with long covid/the vulnerable people that we are trying to protect

  36. You’re right. Even now infection rates are half of what they were in March. Hospitalisation rates are a fraction of what they were and two thirds of the people in hospital with COVID are actually there for something else, and deaths are actually falling.

  37. Vaccinations and improving medical understanding thus management and treatment has improved outcomes with COVID-19. Still not a cold, its effects are not limited to the respiratory system for one and the latest wave is causing admissions taking up a lot of hospital beds in a resource limited health system. This has secondary impacts

  38. Me and other half are just getting over COVID. Both triple jabbed and felt absolutely horrible and now we're both feeling knackered all the time with foggy heads.. hope it passes soon.

  39. I had chronic stomach ache and some difficulties getting my breathing under control but it passed after around 5 weeks. Hope you both recover soon.

  40. Thats generally because people wont wear masks. Its like watching children waiting for their parents to tell them when to wash their hands.

  41. Out of interest, what’s the extent of your mask wearing policy? Walking in public? Bars and restaurants? Shopping? Or more things like public transport? Not anti-mask at all by the way, just interested.

  42. Always do the governments fault 🙄 I won’t be wearing a mask anytime soon. I’ve been vaccinated and I’m going to get on with life.

  43. I had long covid a year back and I'm still feeling the fatigue now. My immune system isn't what it was and I'm genuinely less with it mentally too.

  44. Currently positive for the second time, first time was back in December 2020. Completely different set of symptoms this time.

  45. Same here. Delta last year was a bit flu like, this omicron is more like a cold, had a bit of a runny nose and sight cough this time. Nothing like that with delta, more achy muscles and headache.

  46. This spike was predicted way back at start of year, is it a case of the herd immunity being played out now or is it just going to keep going like this with vaccines forever and the old and weak getting taken out?

  47. Herd immunity isn’t going to work and we’re going to be in for the worst of this virus over Christmas and the new year and vaccines wain and people won’t “re-up”.

  48. My partner and I went to a concert, I wore a mask throughout and she didn't. Four days later, she's feeling like crap and tested positive. I get the mask probably protected me initially, but I'm baffled as to how I got away with it. Smug City - population: me.

  49. I think some people are genuinely immune. My old housemate works in a homeless shelter where there was an outbreak of it amongst both the staff and residents over winter, didn’t catch it. Went to stay with her family over Christmas, all of them - mum, dad, sisters and nan - got covid and she didn’t. Went out with her for New Years and me and my partner both got covid, as well as the other friends we had gone out with, and she didn’t. She’d been taking no precautions either.

  50. That's the point of vaccines, no? For a lot of people they might have symptoms but online mild ones, for some people they just don't get it at all.

  51. Most of the staff at the surgury I work at starting to test positive too. Really starting to affect the operation of the place as some are doctors, nurses, receptionist. Just hope it don't continue to rise. Just had it confirmed masks are mandatory for the staff now.

  52. I understand responding to other comments without actually reading the article but why make a new top level comment asking questions that ought to be answered in the article without reading it first?

  53. People can ask whatever simple questions they want but what you meant to say was can I ask a question instead of spending 2 minutes reading

  54. I literally live where Glastonbury festival is and everyone i know, now has covid, and they're friends, just everyooonnee

  55. I’ve had it too this year and I felt tired like I do with a cold but after a day I was ok again. The world can’t stop for a small percentage of people. I can’t go back to wearing masks or waiting months to get a routine docs appointment as everyone’s prioritising vulnerable and we have to live with other pains which can’t get sorted.

  56. I’ve had Long Covid for over two years (caught alpha in March 2020) and it has completely derailed my life, so I genuinely struggle to understand why people are so flippant with the risks. Im pretty much housebound, rely on my family to care for me and have to use a wheelchair. I was perfectly fit and healthy beforehand. It’s not mortality of Covid people should worry about, it’s the risk of morbidity.

  57. Just came back from Greece a week ago and tested positive. Hadn’t caught it for 2 years and now at 24 weeks pregnant I managed to get it, now on blood thinning injections daily with constant nausea.

  58. Went to Nottingham University open day last Saturday (25th). Me and my friend both came down with symptoms Sunday night/Monday and both since tested positive. Don’t know if we got it there or what since one of her friends was apparently ill and she briefly spoke to her a few days before we went, but thought it might be worth a mention in case anyone was there

  59. Yeah, I’ve managed to pick it up too suspect it was from the “Hella Mega Tour” in London last weekend. One of the 75,000 people likely gave it to me.

  60. Me, my dad and sister were all at Hella Mega and luckily we didn't catch it. I've already had it twice, really don't want it a third time.

  61. In currently off with it. COVID is horrible. I haven't been this ill in a long time. Can't imagine what it's like, without being jabbed.

  62. I went to a garden party with work people on Wednesday and promptly came down with it today. Still testing negative but I feel exactly like I did last time I had it. FML

  63. I was also at a work event (indoor though) on Wednesday, last night (Friday) I started getting headache and sore throat. I can barely swallow this morning (Saturday). I’m really hoping it’s a normal cold and not covid as also testing negative so far. I’ve not been anywhere else other than the office so it has to be work.

  64. I'm fairly certain I have it this week, but I also have awful hayfever. Pollen counts have been wild this week, so I didn't even think twice about it until yesterday. Not sure if it's hayfever, covid or some unholy combination of both.

  65. Am still worried about catching this myself, managed to avoid it by essentially not leaving the house since pandemic started. Already have a thyroid illness that leaves me exhausted and wading through brain soup eveyday, having long covid on top would keep me in bed permanently, I pessimistically imagine.

  66. Had it for the first time last week, wasn't anything to get excited about, even had to go into work still. Just felt a bit shitty like I had a cold.

  67. Well it's endemic as it's not going away. We're never going to be able to have zero cases, but hopefully unless we get a truly horrific mutation we can, eventually, stop caring about it.

  68. Generally infectious diseases thrive in the winter when people meet each other inside. Summer's typically bad for infectious diseases as people see each other in fresh air, and covid outbreaks have historically (and by that I mean the last 2 years) been mild in the Summer.

  69. I’ve just got it I’m so annoyed. I’ve managed to avoid it all this time and the week of my nephew and sisters birthday I get it. I’m livid and I feel like shit.

  70. I’ve currently got it and it’s WAY worse than I was anticipating. Absolutely debilitating. Both me, my partner, and my mother have it. We all shared a caravan last week

  71. Had a mate bring the rona back from glasto. Tested positive tuesday. This variant feels way worse from when i had it back last year.

  72. Second day covid for me, feel like ive been in tumble dryer for days, everything aches and going through hot and cold fevers. Heavy fatigue too.

  73. My dad and stepmum avoided it for the entire last couple of years only to end up catching it last week, not so fun times

  74. realistically speaking it will remain active amongst populations of the world for many decades to come, with unknown level of severity and theres a limited chance that it will ever be completely eradicated

  75. Viruses like this have ‘reservoirs’ in the animal population that mean it’s very hard to get rid of them permanently. There’s an idea - caused by phrases like ‘bird flu’ and bad journalism - that viruses don’t pass between species very often. That’s not true at all. Many viruses are zoonotic - pass between humans and animals.

  76. I'm sure I had it two weeks ago but no tests available so I was told I have to come into work. Cue everyone in the business getting it apart from the one person who had it a year ago. No one cares about it anymore

  77. I have it at the mo, bad cough and a wishy washy head. Seems a lot more mild then when I had it during the first wave. The first wave floored me never been so Ill.

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