Rishi Sunak also resigns

  1. Sunak surely knows he's got no chance, not after his finances became so publicised. Javid may have a good shout though. Hopefully that thought pushes the other challengers, Truss, Wallace, Zahawi maybe, to go too. Make it virtually impossible for BoJo to cling on.

  2. Good thought. The Pincher story is one thing, but I wonder what has gone on behind the scenes to assure them that it was worth doing. Have their leadership campaigns reached enough (quiet) support to give them a good shot at it? Has Liz Truss been round to assure them that they can both keep their jobs in her new global empire?

  3. Yeah. This is essentially "we are positioning ourselves to continue to provide this government some kind of legitimacy in the future once Boris has gone".

  4. The whole party is a principle-free zone. Either way its a Johnson with slicker hair, or a Johnson with no hair who we end up with.

  5. This is bad news, Boris standing as PM to the next election is the best result for opposition. Changing leader improves their odds at the next election almost certainly.

  6. A Rishi Sunak led government would be horrifying. Think 2010s austerity on steroids. At least Boris is mostly paralysed by incompetency

  7. Resignation is a word about 2 syllables too long for Raab to even understand, I reckon he'll stay for the chance of being PM for a month if Johnson decides to resign immediately.

  8. This only gives me a semi. I won't be full mast til the Tories aren't in power. If this entire cabinet was handed a prison sentence and actually served then I'd be erect long enough to get a dick draining needle.

  9. I think it is because it is the first scandal that Sajid and Rishi can reasonably claim that they had absolutely no part in. If they left earlier it would be easier to pin "hypocrite" onto them. But this was basically a free escape ticket and both of them have taken it. After Dominic's horrific interview on GMB this morning I think he has thrown his lot in with Boris and there is no escape now for him, at least until the next scandal happens in about a week.

  10. You forgot about the billions of our own cash given to their mates for bogus COVID contracts, writing of £5 billion of COVID fraud and then asking us to pay record taxes to make up for it.

  11. In French we have the expression "filer a l'anglaise" which roughly translates to "running away discreetly by de backdoor like an Englishman".

  12. Literally might actually happen. Why the fuck do they keep voting confidence in people that they immediately after want to get rid of.

  13. Sadly he has minions like JRM, Dorries and god awful back benchers like Gullis that will support him to the death because without him, they'd be fuck all.

  14. I don’t doubt he will try and carry on, but if he can’t find someone within 24 hours even slightly capable of being chancellor who will accept the job, that must surely be it.

  15. If I were Sunak, I would be looking for any excuse to get out. Leading the country into a recession is going to end his career.

  16. I’m sure he is crying into his billionaire wife and their dozens of yachts and penthouses across the globe. 😭

  17. Said same to someone earlier. Economy's going to shit, it's someone else's problem now he's washed his hands of it

  18. How do you think she got the job? It's not like she's remotely competent or qualified, so what other explanation is there?

  19. She'll be Chancellor, you watch. Then the whole farce will be complete and I will laugh my head off as we descend in to a barter economy.

  20. WOAH this is huge. Rishi Sunak said that he's often disagreed with Boris Johnson privately but defended him publicly. Proof that they'll happily defend Johnson's lies until they finally have the decency to resign themselves.

  21. Hasn't this always been the bargain of being in the Cabinet? They're obliged to defend the current PM as long as they're in it.

  22. More like he wants an out from being held responsible for the UK royally going down the shitter over the next 12 months. He doesn't really give a shit, he's using it as an excuse to quit so he can go back to one his million dollar penthouses and boats and wait the impending recession out.

  23. The PM quickly announces the replacement Chancellor, Joris Bohnson, a newcomer up the ranks of the Tories, and recently arrived Jarrie Cohnson to be made Secretary of State of Health etc etc

  24. Perhaps one of Rishi's plugged-in Spads told him "The Saj has gone!!" and he pretty quickly printed off his pre-typed oven-ready resignation letter.

  25. Unless the 1922 committee change the rules. Which I assume they’ll do to keep any hold on the country.

  26. IIRC they only need a simple majority vote to change the party rules. If they want him gone they can just vote to remove the safety period after a VONC, then hold a VONC.

  27. Even with the chancellor of the exchequer resigning alongside the minister for health, I can still imagine Boris carrying on as if nothings changed. Surely this is it though…

  28. He will simply say he's sorry to hear about their resignation but he's got a job to do and will carry on delivering.

  29. Presumably they've planned this together then? Taking the gamble on a libertarian takeover of the party at some future point.

  30. The rumours are that Sunak didn't know that Javid had already resigned. Perhaps they would have both preferred to be the first.

  31. The Health Secretary resigning in the middle of another disruptive Covid wave and the Chancellor resigning on the brink of a stagflation recession is great for the country!

  32. This is massive news...however if recent history is anything to go by strongly suspect Bojo will just plod on weathering the storm and make an apologetic speech about how they need to be unified in "getting the job done" and that we should be thankful we don't have a labor government which is what the general public only care about. This conservative government is an absolute disgrace and Bojo and his front benchers are all rotten to the core. Ideally the public should inform themselves and protest more.

  33. Sunak and Javid had every opportunity over the past 2 years to stand up for what is right. All they have done is be sycophantic and lie for the PM. If they stand for leadership then I hope they fail. They have been enablers.

  34. I actually liked Sunak and I theorise that his policies got progressively worse due to clashes with Boris Johnson's vision.

  35. Eat out to help out and stamp duty cuts were objectively terrible decisions. And that wasn't with hindsight, it was totally foreseeable.

  36. Is this a government collapse or a few of the smarter rats leaving the sinking ship?

  37. Isn’t it amazing that politicians can fuck a whole country up, then just simply quit without facing any consequences what’s so ever.

  38. No, but of the two, I'd say the right are more damaging overall. The past 12 years have been extremely tough for everybody below middle class and it needs to change.

  39. boris is finished - this is great for the conservatives because it means they can get in a better leader but fuck knows who. ironically this'll be bad news for labour

  40. BREAKING NEWS: Nadine Dorries declares that she backs Boris 100% because he gets the big things right. This marks the 73924th time she's done it in the past few weeks

  41. I want to be able to celebrate this, and I guess a part of me does, but if Boris gets hurled from the ship who do we have left to take his place? Could you imagine the damage a cold, religiously zealous toff like Rees-Mog could do as PM? We need basic accountability in our government of course, but until the Tories are no longer in power I can't see this getting much better for us regardless of which silver spooned despot is at the helm

  42. This must be the end for Johnson. Thank you for your service. The dishonesty and distrust has been exceptional. The handling of the pandemic woeful. It would've been better if the chair of prime minister was empty.

  43. Armando Iannucci best be on his way to the writer’s room as we speak. I need the satire of this satire-like catastrophe

  44. To lose a junior minister is something the a PM can dust off but to lose 2 of the most senior cabinet ministers on the same day has got to be the end for Johnson. I wouldn't be surprised if he pushes for a GE as soon as the summer recess is over. because he knows that his time is up and he is the type of person that will go down with a sinking ship and makes sure he takes everyone with him.

  45. When the guy who neglected to mention his wife’s 400 million pound share holding in a materially relevant company whilst holding the office of Chancellor resigned on grounds of ethics, you know you must really be a cunt.

  46. FFS. The tories will spin this as a “he’s gone now things have changed” and they’ll end up getting re-elected.

  47. The point to push if Johnson goes is that the Tory party will have had more leaders than the other parties, despite winning every election since 2010.

  48. Nadine Dorries mysteriously seen leaving Number 10 with dirt on her knees after being promoted to chancellor and health secretary

  49. Reading Sunak's resignation letter, it basically reads like a man that decided to resign because he wanted extreme austerity, and didn't get what he wanted.

  50. Sunak's resignation worries me quite a lot because it feels like such a political move (obviously). But that makes me think that he knows the cost of living crisis is about to get substantially worse, and there's nothing the government can or will do about it. So instead he's resigning now, claiming the moral high ground, knowing that whoever the chancellor is during a major cost of living crisis will be blamed and never stand a chance at a leadership run (thinking like £5 a litre of petrol, empty shelves, 12% unemployment sort of bad times coming)

  51. Gentle reminder that the current prime minister of the United Kingdom is actually called Alexander.

  52. The Rats are leaving, the ship must be taking on too much water, we'll be the one to break the camels back? when the needles eye winks and vultures circle, who will be the last one standing?....This is a total cliche fest...let's all join in, you just know BoJo the cunning linguist ain't going down, now....

  53. I believe Boris will continue on as PM. Not that he should be, mind, but that he will as long as he physically can before he is dragged out of office kicking and screaming in 2024 when the tories will have suffered so many scandals they might not end up as the 2nd or even 3rd largest party if he stays leader. If he had any intention of leaving he would have done it a long time ago, and he’s so obtuse that I’m not sure any amount of pressure will shift him.

  54. I'd love for one Government to explain to me what MENSA level artists we have in politics that they can just switch from education to health to the economy and be the experts and be all, end all in all fields to make these decisions.

  55. I'm glad that this will finally put an end to Boris as PM (what a circus that has been), but I'm not celebrating, because we're in a bleak spot even if Boris goes.

  56. If these are the only two resignations there's a non-zero chance he survives even this. But if some others go then maybe not.

  57. Aren’t these 2 the only halfway competent ministers in this government? Looks like it really is a government of toadies now.

  58. There is going to be a big recession. A recession means the coffers will be dry. You can't rob what isn't there, that's why he's off.

  59. Don't worry bojo, you still have Dorries and Patel, plus some other freaks like the nannies marmalade twat.

  60. “Voters everywhere, I tried to be better but Boris wouldn’t let me, please accept this lie as fact and vote for me in the next election”.

  61. Side note: it's fucking hilarious how badly Sunak and Javid have hung that utter fuckwit Raab out to dry after his simpering defence of Arse Pincher on TV this morning.

  62. Does he not say in his resignation letter it's because of the economic plan being revealed by the PM?

  63. I think Sunak is a bit of a fraud, speaks well though. Savid will sell the NHS off in a flash given his supposed past interest in private health care with JP Morgan.

  64. Boris has absolutely no reason to quit. He's immune to a no confidence vote for almost a year and will take that chance to try and claw his way back.

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