"O.O" is JYP's best GG debut song

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  2. I absolutely love O.O but Like Ooh Ahh and Dalla Dalla feels "culturally significant" and are just good songs in there own right. So i would disagree but maybe O.O would cement a new era of gg experimental music. who knows

  3. Yep and I actually like the song as well. O.O actually reminds me of the end of a musical where they combine elements of all their previous songs into one grand finale. But I can see why others have issues with the song and it's definitely not JYP's best debut song. Like, not even close.

  4. LMAO, just to give you one I hate Tomboy by gidle, like, honestly I think that's the worst kpop song out there

  5. O.O was so bad it made me stop listening to KPop for a solid month and a half because I was so disheartened that the song existed

  6. Same, it made question whether its appropriate for me to listen to kpop anymore when that song is clearly for people under the age of 12. But it grew on me a little

  7. I'm still wearing my straight jacket lmao, but yeah, I kinda want the girls to stick with the experimental sound ! not many groups do it

  8. another unpopular opinion just because, I know this isn't the part you're talking about, but the superhero part is my least favorite part of the song, and I think the song would be bad if it sounded just like the 2nd and 3rd parts, I think the beginning is needed to make the song unique

  9. I get it, I don't see anyone talk about irony tbh, and I will definitely say it's not the go to wonder girls song of mine

  10. While I love O.O, I'm gonna have to give it up to Dalla Dalla. Totally not expecting to like it, but it lit up my world, there's literally nothing I would change about it.

  11. best JYP debut, I think a lot of people are thinking I'm saying it's the best girl group debut out there (hello no that goes to Pixy !) but for JYP I think it's the best

  12. NO LMAOOOO haha, I will say I don't really have good tastes though, most of my favorite songs are some of the most hated in the community

  13. Personally not a fan of O.O because it is messy, but I do appreciate another opinion, and it is nice to see a genuine unpopular opinion on this subreddit ever now and then.

  14. I loveeee the song but the best…..that’s a stretch lmao I’m excited for their comeback tho Claps for unpopular 👏🏽👏🏽

  15. I'm sorry but the 1st time i heard OO, i was confused af haha i didnt know what i was listening to so maybe thats the experimental music ? But i was so confused i didnt listen to it again 😅

  16. I love O.O so much don’t get me wrong but it is an objectively bad song. The switch between the dark theme music with rap to the light pop music back and forth makes the song sound weird and unpleasant at first listen; it’s definitely not a song you would show your friend to try and get them into KPop which says all that needs to be said imo.

  17. I don't think I've ever read a post on here that I actually truly out and out went cross-eyed reading with my very being. Congrats.

  18. i couldn't possibly disagree more. o.o actually turned me off of nmixx so much i really don't want to check out anything else they're doing until i see some proof that it's nothing like o.o because i hated it so much. that's pretty much the worst thing a debut song can do.

  19. see from the ratio I got I can see that but I understand why some people disagree !!! there's a lot of songs here, I can't expect everyone to like O.O, but I also think it's fair to say it's not as bad as some people say

  20. yall are trying too hard. stop. jyp had great debuts but nmixx kinda failed. its a fact. itzy, twice, miss a, wonder girls debutes were iconic and success since the day 1. but o.o couldn't live up to any of these iconic debuts.

  21. O.o is the worst JYP GG debut song. People hated on Dallas Dallas but its a masterpiece in comparison to O.o....the amount of people who roasted them and the song was .....uncountable . This opinion is so unpopular that's its almost sacrilege....

  22. now people saying stuff like that really gets on my nerves. It's not about being different, I'm just giving my opinion, I used to hate o.o but overtime I really fell for the group and stuff, I'm sorry ig

  23. If I wanted to be objective, I definitely wouldn't put O.O at first, JYP has too great of a debut track record for that. But personally, I've never been this obsessed with any of the others, or probably any gg song in general. O.O is now my top track of this year on Spotify, even beating out the groups I actually stan and it made it all the way into my top 5 of all time.

  24. High disagree, to me bad girl good girl is the best one... O.O is just idk...i like it but i still think it's extremely messy lol

  25. Where’s the “Like Oh-Ahh” slander coming from lmao? Now that nmixx had their debut so many people are ranking twice low. Even on youtube people are making shorts ranking twice low.

  26. i genuinely think it comes from this new generation of kpop stans not being sentient when twice debuted LOL. that was 7 years ago, most of the people making kpop shorts are probably around 13-16

  27. Upvoted for a very unpopular opinion. Ooh-Ahh and bad girl good girl are miles better. At the time, I took a break from kpop when dalla dalla was released but in retrospect it's a great debut as well. Also, Irony cannot be compared with O.O, that song is a classic. There are also other better executed songs when it comes to genre bending. I think JYP have their reasons for producing O.O but it's not for me to understand.

  28. honestly I can see that too !!! it was also kinda neck and neck BGGG and dallax2 itzy is just the group I hype myself up to lmao "KEEP YOUR CHIN UP, WE GOT YOUR BACK!"

  29. Lol you made this up for a post. I know damn well u don’t believe O.O is JYP’s ‘BEST DEBUT SONG’ 😂

  30. See, the title alone is unpopular. But then you went ahead and slandered Like Ooh Ahh. We're reaching new levels of unpopularity.

  31. personally I 100% agree. considering the impression that each track you mentioned gave me at first listen and how many times I've replayed them ever since, O.O is easily my pick for best jyp gg debut song.

  32. I love the song and I'm obsessed with it but I wouldn't say it's the best gg debut song. I prefer a lot of the other debut songs much more

  33. OP took the word "unpopular" to its highest level. Mine would be BGGG> Like Ooh Ahh> Dalla Dalla> O.O> Irony (only bcs I haven't heard it yet).

  34. Yeah I agree. Also I don't really get why people always say JYP debuts are really good, personally the only one I like is Dalla Dalla and it's kinda got old for me. It's not bad though. Like Ooh Aah is just meh for me and I've literally never heard anyone talk about anything before that so I'll just not comment.

  35. I don't really think it's that big of a deal giving my opinion, luckily I don't think I'd get doxxed or anything for saying Twice's debut was bad

  36. O.O was my favorite but i think either Dalla Dalla or Like Ooh Ahh are the “best” considering the success is brought to the groups (especially Itzy)

  37. i've been afraid to say it but tbh i agree. i used to pretend to hate o.o because everyone else hated it but i always secretly liked it. i love messy songs.

  38. Wtf, is it THAT hard for people to believe some of us genuinely love O.O ?! Lol Anyway,.... I still disagree with OP cuz Dallax2 and Like Ooh-Ahh exist, upvoted and thanks for an actual unpopular opinion 💫

  39. I AGRE 100% BEST DEBUT SONG FKING EVER.. I HAVE NOT LOVED A DEBUT SONG FROM JYP OR ANYOTHER COMPANY AS MUCH AS I LOVE O.O smthing about that song just tickles the good parts of my brain and make me have a braingasm

  40. o.o is going to be goated in kpop one day.a new fresh girl group making a song like that right out debut.but no,it’s no where near the best debuts in jyp

  41. I actually agree with you, O.O sounds fresh. Dalla Dalla, did not impress me. I don't like Like Ooh Ahh, and BGGD is also pretty plain. O.O is on top because it is refreshing after so many cliche songs sounding the same.

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  43. unless there’s another version of O.O. that only you know of, then naahh. but this truly is an unpopular opinion so i’ll give you that.

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  45. I disagree, but I LOVE O.O SO MUCH I THINK IT'S MY #1 most listened song on Spotify. But LOA, DALLA DALLA, AND BGGG are better :))

  46. O.O sounds pretty good, but it makes no sense lyrically. I enjoy listening to the 2nd verse and bridge more than anything, if the whole song was stylistically inspired that way I would’ve loved it. I just can’t get over the “shoog shoog shoog” and “ zip zap zoom come on, come on.” I’ve listened to it more than 5 times and it still rubs me the wrong way.

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