The human condition is over diagnosed and enables and entitles people.

  1. It just keeps pointing more and more towards determinism which doesn't align with capitalism. Capitalism requires a basis of free will to be morally justified. People just as much over blame themselves for things out of their control. Some people do use their diagnosis as excuses but that's an ignorance on their part in assuming it can't change or improve. Knowledge is power. Power isn't guaranteed to be good, especially when you only have part of the knowledge.

  2. When people say "the human condition", it's often a nonsensical appeal to legitimize the exist of something. It's an appeal to some kind of innate evolutionary characteristic of man.

  3. As someone who got diagnosed late in life with a major mental illness, it made be able to better understand why I was acting as such and what type of therapy is most effective for my illness.

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