Abortion Mega Thread

  1. Only secondarily related to abortion but if women are allowed to opt out of motherhood (as I think they should be) then men should be allowed to opt out of fatherhood (i.e., should not have to pay child support). Plenty of feminist scholars have argued for this before anyone acuses me of being a deadbeat lol.

  2. I can agree with this ONLY if the men who want to opt out do so within the same window a woman has to have an abortion. For example, if a jurisdiction has a 20 week max to have an abortion during normal circumstances (barring rape, incest, and life saving), then said man will ALSO have those same 20 weeks to decide if he wants to assume responsibility.

  3. I think the comparison is inapt. The crucial burden for the woman in abortion is the burden on bodily autonomy and also the burden of health complications. A man does not face either of those burdens in the context of an abortion.

  4. Honestly, I agree. I think the father should be a decent human being and pay child support, but that doesn't mean it should be forced. I can't think of a reason they would need to opt out unless they can't afford it, but it should still be an option.

  5. I think abortions should be totally legal, however if the guy wants to raise the kid by himself I think the woman should usually give birth to the kid and give the kid to him.

  6. If the woman agrees to have the child and give it to the father, that's all and well. But there's no situation where a woman should be forced to give up 9 months of her life (plus recovery time) for a child if she doesn't want to. Pregnancy is painful and ugly and it shouldn't be forced onto anyone for any reason.

  7. If a woman kills her unborn child to save her life or health, she is a horrible person and doesn't deserve to be a mother anyway.

  8. Imagine being sexually assaulted, traumatized and then finding out that you're pregnant with the baby of the monster that ruined your mental health permanently. Then you decide that you're in a terrible place mentally to have a baby so you go to get an abortion. And then imagine being further demonized for aborting it.

  9. Would you feel this way if they did it moments after conception when there are barely any living cells? Would someone who "killed" that to save their own life be a horrible person?

  10. The idea of a fetus being human or not is completely irrelevant to the act of removing it being immoral. The reality is that nobody gets to take away you're right to use your body. Nobody can force someone to give blood, donate an organ or give up any part of your body for someone else.

  11. By prohibiting abortion you're not interfering with someones body. The conparison to forced blood or oegan donation is a false equivalency.

  12. You were on the money on the first paragraph. Which makes your second paragraph just an ad hominem assumption toward outcomes rather than the issue at hand.

  13. I consider a human to be made at the point of conception, therefore I think abortion is killing an unborn human which I think is immoral.

  14. Let’s say there’s a fire at a fertility clinic. You only have time to make it to one room. In one room there’s 10,000 fertilized eggs. In another there is a 5 year old child. You can only save one. Which one do you save, 10,000 fertilized eggs or one 5 year old child?

  15. I consider a human to be made at birth , you can't really die before being born . Without birth you simply never existed . I don't think we can call the bunch of cells you where right after you parents had sex a human .

  16. No less immoral than killing an animal. Human or not it is unable to think or do anything that would be considered being alive. Realistically they have about as much thought as a jelly fish

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