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  1. Question what is your dividing line from who can and cannot vote? Is it someone who is regiestered under a work visa, student visa, Or another non tourist/diplomat visa?

  2. "I do not imply, for instance, that we should always suppress the utterance of intolerant philosophies; as long as we can counter them by rational argument and keep them in check by public opinion, suppression would certainly be unwise."

  3. I see it this way as well. Free speech is a way to challenge yourself and others, it is a tool for growth. The concept of free speech - to me at least - is the extension of thought itself, it is a system that helps people correct others and themselves.

  4. I completely agree on the country level. On the smaller government level Republicans have gotten things like better education, welfare, and infrastructure. The problem is that none of those Republicans keep those views when they get past the state level or don't make it past the state level.

  5. When your only argument in a political debate is "but other side did this bad" you are not contributing with anything and I will never see why I should side with you.

  6. the actual left (ie not biden and democrats) wants to proactively do things but it’s too unpopular to get traction in mainstream discourse

  7. Too late, American politicophiles have lost all braincells a long time ago. They should all be put into an insane asylum and leave the few sane people in the world live in peace.

  8. This - in my view - is exactly how everyone should act. This shouldn’t be an “enlightened centrist” perspective, this should be a perspective regardless of the views someone has.

  9. i'm a bit confused at the trajectory of this conversation. like, as written, this sure reads like marxism/communism. you claim class struggle defines politics, the working class must unite, the moneyed class must be destroyed, all that. except marxist thought eventually wants to abolish countries ("the state"), and you're calling people to act specifically as americans.

  10. BLM and The Trucker Convoys are good examples of the "It's ok when my side protests, it's not ok if the other side does" shit political takes.

  11. Everyone should have that opinion, if you don’t I would be worried. For example A coup attempting to overthrow a tyrant is good, a coup attempting to install a tyrant is bad. It is rarely the actual action that is the problem, but the intent and goal behind that action.

  12. You can be liberal or conservative on almost any issue, it makes no difference; but if you still identify with the Left, there is something deeply wrong with your moral character.

  13. So in other words "You can be a status-quo capitalist on any issue but if you actually want to reform or abolish capitalism and worker exploitation, there's something deeply wrong with your moral character."

  14. The fix for a divided populous isn’t to split the country up it’s way simpler than that, we just need to reduce the scope of government to just the things that we all agree on instead of taking turns adding and removing things every 4-8 years.

  15. what exactly do we “all agree on”? given how many people supported or condoned jan6, “election democracy” doesn’t even seem to be on the list. gay marriage, abortion, and welfare are on the chopping block too, as is acknowledging anthropogenic climate change.

  16. After another sleeping black person was just executed by police in Minneapolis, do centrists and right wingers finally accept that massive police reform is a necessity? Or are we just going to continue saying it’s just a couple bad apples?

  17. I've been for police reform since 2020. I'm just not going to join the anti cop/law bandwagon because it's ignorant and flawed.

  18. To correct your statement, he was not sleeping. Do I believe the officers should have shot? I don't believe the officers should have done a no knock warrent. No knock warrants create unnecessary danger for both the police and the civilians. They shouldn't have even been there.

  19. just waiting for it to collapse from "police is overall fine" to "police reform is essential for the sake of all races, and specifying black people is racist"

  20. I just think it’s funny that leftists are appalled by the book burnings but fully support censoring misinformation. Both are bad.

  21. If you don't understand the difference between censoring information about hard, painful truths and censoring intentionally inaccurate misinformation designed to incite, well.....

  22. Nobody is "burning books". No books are even being banned. Simply, books are being removed from the public school K-12 curriculum, after being determined to be inappropriate for certain ages.

  23. for the book burning, the claims of societal harm are dumb, but for vax misinfo, they’re valid. the default leftist perspective is to weigh the societal harm of the content versus the societal harm of chilling speech, and that balance gives different answers for book burning and vax misinfo. i dont get the supposed hypocrisy

  24. Fuck all street protest. Let's block the road! Let's shut down a freeway! Let's stop people from living their normal lives! Fuck that, you look like an idiot if you partake and it makes your position look even worse.

  25. Whatever your political outlook, you should know the trucker protest is deeply unpopular with most people in Canada. They won't achieve anything and if they do it won't be recieved well.

  26. The only thing I am very much against is the generalizations and demonizing of the truckers as “fascists,” “racists,” or any other buzzword.

  27. As an Asian when I see American Democrats and Republicans calling each other 'fascist' I laugh so hard. You Americans are so spoiled that whenever you guys get a little uncomfortable and see the other party win, all you can scream is 'FASCISM'. You guys have never in your lives seen true fascism or even authoritarianism. Democrat supporters can go on TV and talk about Trump's dick size and Republican supporters can go on the internet and talk about Kamala Harris sleeping around and nobody gets arrested. Yet, everything is 'Fascism' according to Americans lol.

  28. Just because you can talk shit about people doesn’t mean they aren’t fascist. You can find tons German, Italian, and Spanish media talking shit about the fascists. Hell we can talk shit about the American Nazi party right now, that doesn’t mean they aren’t Fascist.

  29. I want to know where all the “The SCOTUS pick should be the best candidate no matter what, and not limited based on a desire to appoint a specific demographic” people were when, on the day after RBG died, Trump said:

  30. It’s funny how none of these people have any way to solve the clear racism and sexism problem of the Supreme Court, but they know for a fact that nominating a black woman would only make things worse!

  31. Everyone says that you should just be able to buy hot food with food stamps as if denying poor people hot food is somehow taking away their rights or something. It's not, but there's been a recent trend of progressive idealogy that seeks to provide comfort in situations as a fuck-you to the right, and this is one of them.

  32. Honestly we should just replace in-kind benefits like food stamps and TANF with an equally-sized cash benefit like an NIT or UBI. Contrary to popular belief, poor people don't spend their money stupidly, and this paternalistic idea of deciding what food they're allowed to have is pretty weird

  33. from looking it up, it seems like food stamps go out of their way to stop you from buying hot food and there doesn't seem to be a clear answer why. i think it's reasonable to say that, if benefit programs go out of their way to deny a benefit, there should be some kind of good reason for it and not just an arbitrary restriction.

  34. I don’t know a single person of the left side of the American political spectrum that would say “I trust and rely on (single news source)”.

  35. Someone please invent the holodeck or perfect the metaverse already. If it means people can get to live their power fantasies in a fake- but so convincing it looks real- world, without the need to directly harm or kill others, the better they make such an invention.

  36. INB4 simulation theorists claim we're already there and that's why the world sucks and we can't do shit about it, either that or to be realistic enough the NPCs might as well be sentient and then they might as well be harming us

  37. There is no such thing as a medical exemption for not having to wear a mask. It doesnt exsist. I've asked all 5 doctors I've seen since the start of the pandemic. Not your asthma, lung cancer, anxiety or ptsd qualify as medical exemptions to not wear a mask.

  38. It’s no surprise that we are starting to see a rise in politicians claiming they are pro law and order and using scare tactics about crimes. This happened after the civil rights movement and it will continue to happen every time minority groups begin to fight against oppression. We know that the war on drugs and the war on crime were specifically designed to arrest black people and to court racist white voters.

  39. Also the war on guns was created to stop minorities from exercising their rights. Now that we see a larger progun movement the antigun community won't be able to keep firearms out of minorities hands.

  40. The real 4 political quadrants are Neo-Lib, Woke, QAnon and RINO and no one wants to admit who they really are.

  41. There was not a prehistoric man several million years ago who owned land and invaded his neighbors land because it was nicer. That is just flat out false. The first civilizations were under 10,000 years ago, the first countries would come along much after that.

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