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  1. How the fuck is the left the anti-freedom side? Conservatives are anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, against easier voting rights, against economic freedom of the working class... How the fuck are they the pro-freedom side?

  2. What a brain dead take. The people who protest against environmental regulations for the freedom to pollute their local rivers are not on the right side of history. The people who protest the civil rights act for the freedom to discriminate against people of color and LGBT people are not on the right side of history.

  3. I'm from aboard but I know from shows like "Hoarders" that in the US, there are code enforcement that de-facto allows them to seize stuff from hoarders.

  4. There are a legitimate reasons why some people label AOC anti-Semitic. I just got finished reading an interview with her in the New Yorker where she claims that Marc Lamont Hill was canceled for bringing up the plight of the Palestinians in a discussion. This is untrue. He had posted the day before he got fired a long rambling tirade about how sick he is of his support of Louis Farrakhan being criticized. The content of that in itself was worthy of getting him fired. Then he supported Rasmea Odeh, a Muslim woman who killed two Jewish teenagers. And the rhetoric about Palestine that is in question was he said "from the river to the sea free Palestine" which is a call to annihilate Israel. It's kind of like the phrase "France for the French" being called a xenophobic statement because there's a subtext.

  5. The lockdowns and mandates are meant to help with ushering in the World Economic Forum's "Great Reset", which even leftists tend to be against if they really look into it.

  6. If republicans want to be taken seriously they should be more vocal in criticising their racist, terrorist supporters.

  7. This isn't a political opinion. Unless geologists is supposed to be analogized to some kind of "politics expert" which isn't a thing that it's clear exists.

  8. Just because a person is supportive of Ukrainian independence doesn't necessarily mean said support is also for a democratic Ukraine. "Hope for democracy"?

  9. given major parts of that history are aggression, famine, and genocide, i sure don’t trust russia to seek what’s best for ukraine, regardless of whether they know it or not ! this is really bad logic

  10. na. if there is a threat of force and Ukraine joins NATO there won't be war. Russia will just go back to square one and that is just subverting elections and propping up far right leaders across Europe and America more amicable to their material interest.

  11. Most companies don't care about their customers wellfare, money problems, etc. Their number one focus is making money. There are reasons why many food products have tons of sugar in them, why phones and laptops break easily these days. Companies want their customers to be adicted to their food and drinks so people keep buying them. And tech companies want their customers to keep buying new phones other tech so the money keeps coming in.

  12. The queen should seize full control over the UK government again for a while after partygate, do her magic, and get our respect back; this once great land is going down the sink drain, and frankly - we can do better than this

  13. Nah, having an unaccountable and frankly speaking out of touch monarch whose sole qualification is that her ancestor was pretty good at stabbing pointy sticks into other people is a bad idea.

  14. I find US' conservatives inclination to show tepid support of Putin's position that NATO should mind their own business with regards to the region disturbing. I heard a saying spoken once by an Eastern European: "If we ask for Russia, Russia comes, if we ask for NATO, NATO comes, if we ask for no one Russia comes." Well, Russia's coming... for like the 3rd time at least: There was the Georgian issue in 2008, then Crimea in 2014. Now this. Straight up imperialist BS.

  15. The dumbest part of the conversation is the lie of "NATO is aggressively expanding too much East so Russia must invade and annex a sovereign state" in order to counter a largely defensive military pact.

  16. This is my speculation on what Russia is up to. On February 23rd, one of their national holidays, they will invade Ukraine. After which they will probably spend a year, maybe a few and reassemble all of their forces and develop a game plan for... Drum roll... The invasion of Europe. By this time, they have already allied with China. And North Korea. And possibly Iran. After which, the United States and most likely every single other Allied Force will respond accordingly and there will be a long drawn-out battle between Russia and them. It wouldn't be out of the realm to see near the end of the battle, assuming heavy losses are occurred on both sides, for nukes to start to come into play. The extinction of the human species will then happen. I don't see a single person living by the year 2040.

  17. It’s impossible to be “neutral” when teaching in school. Even a map of the world is taking a political position. I doubt one could even find a map of the USA that isn’t taking a political position.

  18. Most news stories about the former Cheeto in chief hiding or destroying documents frame the story as Republicans staying silent. However, the same people outraged had no problem with Queen Pantsuit having a secret email server with classified information at her home. When it was discovered, she destroyed the evidence and continues to fundraise selling cups and hats mocking her crime.

  19. the 14 Points of Fascism is a shitty way of indentifying Fascism, Most of those points fits your generic dictatorship quite often, and even communist states in some cases

  20. You're right. the better method is to trace historical continuities. First ask "where did Fascists and their fellow travelers tend to end up in positions of influence after the war?" and then trace the lineage from those "postfascist" influences down the years.

  21. Yes, because dictatorships and “communist” (state capitalist) regimes are usually fascistic. I’m not seeing the issue.

  22. is that an issue? like oh no dictatorships act in fascistic ways. the point of the 14 points is to help recognize fascistic behaviors and tendencies not to just label a certain country fascist. so yes there will be states, organizations, people that are otherwise not fascist that will exhibit those tendencies.

  23. Absolutely not true. If you make more money, you should pay more in taxes. And the people at the top should pay the most in taxes.

  24. I would say that progressive taxes are fair, because we have a system where income and wealth is distributed unfairly, so in that way progressive taxation exists as a way to balance the unfairness of income distribution.

  25. When words like heroes and villains, good vs. evil, start to be bandied about - that's when it's time to go home and take a break.

  26. Fascism is the equivalent of a religious schism from Marxism. Either they are both left wing or both right wing depending on how you use right/left but they are on the same side. The creation of fascism is to account for how Marxism was too globalist for hardcore nationalists like Mussolini and Hitler. Mussolini just created a new style of socialism in fascism to suit his nationalistic views.

  27. Fascists self-conceived as rightwing. Everyone around them contemporaneously conceived of them as right-wing (Churchill and other conservatives thought they were great because of their anti-communism). They achieved power by coordination with traditional right-wing formations (religious conservatives, laizzes-faire style liberals) against first the most leftwing movement (Communism) and eventually against all socialists. The nazis invented the concept of privatization, the cure all of libertarians and movement conservatives.

  28. hardcore religious groups generally degree on matters of reality. was jesus the son of god, or was he not? did the prophet receive a message from the archangel gabriel, or did he not? further, the answers to this question are based on faith, not empiricism. scientific evidence doesn't really support one religion over the other.

  29. Justin Trudeau looks more like Pierre Trudeau than Fidel Castro. Not sure if that counts as an unpopular opinion or not, but hey, it's a comment thread.

  30. It is 100% okay and reasonable to write off Trump supporters as unhinged idiots with no morals. He is a sexual predator, a swindler, an enemy of democracy, and a sociopathic egomaniac.

  31. As much as I hate Trump and his supporters, if we started imprisoning people for any vague associations they might have to January 6th, I guarantee that wouldn’t go over well.

  32. Gentrification is actually a good thing and most people know it, we just live in an era where it’s not PC to say it.

  33. If you can't argue both sides of an topic then your opinion is biased and you are brain washed. The art of Debate is dead in western society, even presidential debates are just verbal vomit and who can get the best zinger. Teaching kids to study a topic and having them be able to Debate both sides of that argument would make our society alot less ignorant and easy to manipulate.

  34. When we covered Debate in social studies, our teacher presented the topic to be debated and had the class choose which side they wanted to argue for.

  35. You people in the U.K. are better off with Boris Johnson than you ever would’ve been with Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn is a communist and an ant-Semite. He got his ass kicked because people didn’t want him, and even his own party wants nothing to do with his bigoted ass.

  36. anti-semitic because he don't support the apartheid stat Isreal? (Read a The same country that anti-semitic to jews in Africa and selling weapons to nazis in Ukraine. Then Isreal killing and oppressing Palestinian jews.

  37. if you are against the Ottawa protests, you must be against the BLM-protests as well, considering both caused major harm to their surroundings frequently.

  38. Different between people who protest with nazi and far rigth symbol against vaccine mandate. Then you have BLM that fight against a racist police stat. (Very little has changed since MLK time and they was riots back then to)

  39. The far right is against both. This new american neocon is a dead end and you know it. They have nothing of value to offer. No higher education, no higher leadership, no higher virtues, no wealth. What do they have to offer except gobbling up populist sentiments and spewing unfounded prejudice.

  40. Then shouldn't those pro one be pro the other and if you're just going to automatically disregard that side via gotcha, you're the one being biased

  41. lol that's not how it works. your support of a protest is contingent of their cause. if you support a protest to outlaw slavery that doesn't mean you then have to support a protest organized by the KKK to keep things segregated.

  42. I haven't been following the trucker convoy/protest much, but to my knowledge, they haven't done any property damage and they haven't had anyone killed during the protest.

  43. I’ve gotten a lot of flak in these threads for saying Republicans are anti human rights because of their position of LGBT issues. I’m consistently told it’s not all republicans, but where is the Republican opposition to the “Don’t Say Gay” bill? Republicans are voting along party lines and there has been almost no pushback from their supporters. Can someone explain to me how you can defend this?

  44. Forcing wokeism on kids is the equivalent of forcing a religion on them at this point. If parents want to teach their kids there are 80 genders they can do it in their own time, and I support school choice allowing there them to go to their own woke schools in Florida if they want. The rules for this and CRT are to protect non woke parents kids from being indoctrinated into a cult.

  45. I'd argue that the crunchy granola people were always somewhat to the right and just became increasingly so even before Qanon. I think Q brought it to more people's attention that that had been happening but the like new age hippie stuff has been shot through with some very conservative ideas for a long time, as well as conspiracism and straight up bigotry in the mix. The granola comes in different flavors though I guess. The lines then just started to bleed and people whose main kind of social and cultural orientation was as relatively average conservative Americans started getting into the alternative medicine and antivaxx stuff, and that honestly began before Q as well. Q rocketed this once just kinda quasi-political cultural milieu and those adjacent to it into the political spotlight and the consciousness of everybody who had been outside of it.

  46. I don't consider them to have the same view on Q. The non-Q right's view on them is that they were gullible/stupid, and had a negative impact by making the entire right look more crazy. However at the end of the day they'd still take a Q supporting Trump supporter every day of the week over a woke person. They feel about them the same way a center left person feels about a far leftist who believes in Blueanon conspiracy theories like Russiagate. Many of them would also take a gullible Russiagate believer over a Trump supporter. Personally as someone on the right I consider anyone who believes freedom is important right now as an ally. The Q stuff was an overreaction to me in response to the correct take that real news is dead in the US and replaced by propaganda and that there is globalists who think the government needs more power to solve issues like poverty and climate change. Q went too far when they believed these are also pedos who drink baby blood, but people who believe something that crazy are never going to be the real threat, it's just going to be too niche.

  47. Let's talk about Canada. We just had a election that most felt was unnecessary but all the major parties represented vaccine mandates except 5% of the vote that went to the splinter Conservative party.

  48. Fuck the death penalty. It’s a useless deterrent, costs way too much taxpayer money, and the government shouldn’t have the right to take away life in the first place. If prison is truly about rehabilitation (which I know it isn’t in practice, but it nonetheless should be) people should always be given a chance to change. Not to mention the possibilty of innocents being convicted

  49. Not only is it useless as a deterrent and costs a lot of taxpayer money, but many people put on death row by the state are proven innocent after the fact. The number of innocent people on death row is

  50. Politics are unbelievably idiotic. No matter who is put in office, they fuck the people in the ass. Every president has been a piece of shit. Stop delaying progress by hoping the next election will give you a perfect representative in office. If you want change in your communities start working towards that today. Politicians are pieces of shit that do not care for you at all. This system is broken beyond repair.

  51. It's so much a very human thing it's not funny. Certain types of jobs including politics, media and top business positions always attract more psychopaths than others.

  52. It’s more reasonable to vote for somebody you actually do like. There’s plenty of third party candidates. I’m sure you’ll like one of them.

  53. Minorities should be furious and disgusted with the Biden Administration for funding $30 million worth of crack pipes in the name of "Racial equity"

  54. Nah, I'm OK with $30 mil of "crack" pipes for drug addicts over the $120 billion loss from incarcerating addicts and operating the corrupt and bloated law enforcement systems that has failed to curb drug abuse since forever.

  55. Most people who have different ideologies than you aren't evil or stupid, they're just normal people with different opinions

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