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  1. ww3 isn't gonna happen. so far a lot of countries have done sanctions against russia and aren't in support of them. unless we see other countries react in support of russia there is no way a world war could happen since world war implies the world is fighting each other, not the world is ganging up on just one country. people are so quick to jump to ww3, they do it every time north korea says something sus for example.

  2. Putin directly said that he would use nuclear weapons if Ukraine tried to join NATO. He gave a speech suggesting that he believed Russia had the right to take Finland.

  3. Germany's halt of approval of gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 is a horrible decision that will make innocent citizens in most European countries suffer. Not only Russia itself is super reliant on gas export to keep its shaky economy somewhat stable, but Europe in general (especially Hungary and Italy) are super reliant on Russia's natural gas to actually function, including Germany itself. Halting this will simply raise the prices of gas in Europe and prices on everything else in Russia, and make the already hard lives of regular people that have nothing to do with this crap even harder. A lot of people were on board with this claiming that it should be a "good lesson" for Putin and his lapdogs, while actually forgetting that those people have their golden parachutes available at any time, which means that they will not feel shit from this.

  4. When the price of oil dipped last couple of years it dipped too low in all honesty. People were so quick to say that the issues Venezuela were having was because they were socialist; what they won't tell you is that Venezuale put their entire economy based in the price of oil and when oil dropped so did they.

  5. I think people need to wake up to the scams that climate change can invite. Nobody likes pollution, but you've got the Left side of politics that use it as another exploitative pitch at getting more money.

  6. Redditors need to stop with this scaremongering with WW3 and shit because of Russia and Ukraine. It's not going to happen even if Russia does eventually invade.

  7. I really don't think many people on Reddit are qualified to say the stuff about politics/current events that they say. Looking at all the Russia/Ukraine posts in the last few days, it's been an endless circlejerk of people fear mongering and talking about World War 3. I understand that people are worried, I am too, but rambling about how we're all going to die isn't going to fix anything. I think people desperately want to sound smarter, because this whole site is built on teenagers desperately trying to sound like intellectuals.

  8. Your correct. It also doesn't help that all the media outlets are ramping up the fearmongering in order to Stoke uneccesary fear in everyone. Ofc no one wants a war. Doesn't mean that you guys need to sensationalise the situation

  9. If we can't even agree on what ideas certain political terms define, we might as well be speaking in tongues when debating politics. This creates more misunderstanding and tension, and you're not going to educate anyone by immediately putting them on the defensive.

  10. Are you referring to people throwing around terms like “racist, homophobic, transphobic, islamaphobic” for not agreeing with a certain political side? Or if you support the trucker convoy even in your head then you’re a right wing extremist?

  11. Coolio. Russia just recognized Donetsk and Luhansk regions as "independent" countries and is now moving massive amounts of armor and troops to invade and annex the Ukraine region of Donbas. /s

  12. I want to point out 2/3 of your list were presidents when the internet was already widely used. I'll let you figure out why that is important on not letting your definition of "worst" get skewed.

  13. civil war facilitator franklin pierce? trail of tears andrew jackson? eroder of democracy trump? dying after inauguration harrison? id put each of these over each of your three

  14. I'm a leftist and I fully support the Second Amendment. I trust the government a lot less than the police or the military to have a gun.

  15. Come on. It’s ok to say that NATO’s expansion is an act of western imperialism while also saying Russia’s invasion of Crimea and Ukraine is an act of an imperialist warmonger.

  16. "Atrocities done in the name of communism in the last century can be easily matched or out-shadowed by similar atrocities done in the name of capitalism during the longer period of the last 3 centuries"

  17. It seems like you have already given yourself sufficient reason to be a small "c" communist. Good for you, it's not a small thing to deprogram yourself from the hegemonic anti-Communist, anti-Left propaganda that has ruled in the United States since the "defeat" of fascism.

  18. I do have to ask, why are you calling out Elon when he is debatablely helping the human race a little while Bezos is just purely hurting it?

  19. Liberals often side with fascist, conservative and even extrem religious groups rather the left. (Same can be said for centrist, moderate and even sosial Democrats) In my opinion you should be a leftist and start read Marx, Lenin, Mao, Stalin etc. And find out what fits for you. They're also ton of leftist YouTube you could watch if you need help understand leftist ideologes. Good luck.

  20. Seeing tankies defending russia agains't "american imperialism" is hilarious considering russia is pretty much run by corporate oligarchs

  21. When you use the word "tankie" that's just proof that your argument is bad faith. Even some liberals get called "tankie" for not defending the US war economy..

  22. People are only angry when the content they like get banned. They would cheer and applaud for, and actively seeking something banned if they feel like they are offended or just don’t like the stuff.

  23. It's should be more scary among western that the west and Isreal are supplying Azon (Ukraine far right group) with weapons and other military gear. The US imprelist are active training them like they did with Islamists in Afghanistan in the 80's.

  24. I think the current protests in Canada are good. We have like 90% of the population vaccinated, why are we still having all these lockdowns and restrictions and mandates everywhere? If it’s because of the unvaxxed minority how long are we going to be kept in this position because of them? If it’s because of new variants, how are we ever going to leave when there’s a new variant every couple months? And if that’s the case why bother getting the vaccine if we are just going to stay in the exact same situation anyway and stay in lockdowns? I think the protestors are doing more good than harm, they’re putting a message out that Canadians are sick and tired of all these lockdowns wether they’re vaccinated or not. We have to actually move on and start changing shit otherwise wtf are we waiting on and when will it happen?

  25. The anti vax nazist protesters organised by the far right party in Canada and members of son of Odin? Don't sounds good to me.

  26. There's a element of risk in everything we do but the difference between gambling and stocks mainly the reason you do it. Gambeling is for entertainment while stocks are for investing. If you're doing the riskier stocks the line becomes a bit blurred but it's still a important distinction.

  27. If you're woke you're no more logical than the last thousand years of bible thumpers and fundamentalists. Its followers have embraced an ideology and its sermons for the same reasons religion is powerful, to fill a feeling of spiritual emptiness and find acceptance in a group, and because it gives them a feeling of order that everyone has to follow the dogmatic rules. A non woke person arguing with a woke person is exactly like an atheist arguing with a religious person. You will never win because the religious person starts with the conclusion that their beliefs are right and then works backwards to find any argument in favor of it. Woke atheists have become what they hate.

  28. The only illogical stereotypes I see often online are anti-SJW that usely say very problematic shit then they defend it with bad fallacy and if you criticize them they cry about "cancel culture " or "the woke mob"..

  29. Ironically, I've never met an anti-SJW that was capable of defending their positions, or even being able to formulate a coherent position on anything.

  30. Politicians voting strictly according to party lines are the most pathetic ones. I remember hearing this on House of Cards:” Vote your district, vote your conscience, and don’t surprise me(Frank Underwood)”. And like 90% of the congressman today is not surprising the party and many of them abandoning their district and conscience.

  31. Anyone else find it hilarious the same people who were all about protesting on the streets in 2020 / 2021 are saying how bad this Trucker protest is LOL. I hate all protests but if 1 is fine so is the other

  32. Logic fallacy.. supporting one protest doesn't mean you support all the protest. Like if one person support a protest about "free cookies for everyone" doesn't mean they will support a protest about "less cookies for everyone".

  33. Just like how when I offer people a plate of cake they love eating it, but when I offer them a plate of shit they hate it! Like if you like eating one why wouldn’t you like eating the other.

  34. And anyone else find it weird how the same people who were against the protests in 2020-2021 are now supporting this Trucker protest?

  35. yeah it was weird back in the day too when people would get all mad at KKK marches and protest but be all supportive of Civil Rights marches and protest and vise versa...

  36. I'm just laughing that the parties switch depending on who's team is on the field. That said it's Canada and I didn't here about a Chaz/Chop in the country.

  37. Soviet anthem is boring for communist music. Partisan's Song (and the white original), The Battle is Going Again, and Einheitsfrontlied are amazing

  38. Anybody that wants you to use emotion instead of logic when judging politics wants you to believe propaganda/lies instead of the truth. They wouldn't be resorting to trying to appeal to your emotion otherwise.

  39. Childish adults ruin politics for the rest of us. I'm talking about the extremist who use simple black and white logic to make a statement. Society is complex and you cant solve issues with half-baked ideas

  40. “extremist” and “black and white issues” are all relative though. we’re almost all extremists by 19th century standards. and some issues are black and white-slavery is bad! dictatorship is bad! racial superiority is bad! your post is really complaining that other people are far enough from your opinions that they enter your personal perception of extremism. that might be valid, you might have good opinions and deviating from them excessively might be worrisome, but you aren’t really saying anything concrete.

  41. Yaknow this is so smart it loops back around to being stupid. A track with one rail, even if it's to a destination, is likely gunna crash and cause injury/death. Meanwhile, a track going in a circle, depending on the size, actually could be useful for transport among distant groups.

  42. People who constantly call people racist and hate on America are usually the racists and idiots who know nothing about the real world and would rather get hands outs rather than actually have to contribute something useful to society

  43. People who get upset when it’s pointed out that this country was founded by racists, for racists, and uses racist institutions rarely know about the real world. People who think healthcare, housing, and food are “handouts” instead of rights that should be provided for all humans rarely know about the real world.

  44. Civilians are all liars. The only political alignments that matter are Neo-Lib, Woke, QAnon or RINO and no one wants to admit what they are.

  45. There is no reason to believe that black people commit more crimes (in the US) than non black people. People like to say things like that but there is literally zero evidence showing it to be true and if there's no evidence showing it to be true there's no reason to hold a belief in it. Ergo people that think "black people commit more crimes" are illogical because they hold that belief without empirical evidence showing it to be true.

  46. Liberal Democrats love to go on and on about how gerrymandering is wrong. But the legality of gerrymandering has been upheld by the Supreme Court, and so it would be beyond stupid for Democrats not to do it based on some kind of idiotic adherence to a moral high ground. Don't show up to a gunfight with a knife. Democrats should gerrymander the shit out of every state they control.

  47. When you start to talk about politicians in terms of good or bad, their PR reps have already successfully tricked you into thinking they have motivations outside of their own personal ones.

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