Abortion Mega Thread

  1. Who decided body integrity trumps over right to life. Personally. I believe roe v wade should have never been carried into the justice system to begin with. This whole thing started as a crumbling marriage disput.

  2. Somebody's right to life shouldn't interfere with someone else's right to bodily integrity. Your rights end where mine begin. You can argue that a fetus is a person with all the rights, and they still don't have the right to use someone else's body without permission.

  3. While I agree that abortion is immoral (with some exceptions) it should not be illegal. All that does is put women at risk. Making abortion illegal won't stop anyone from getting an abortion. All it does is put women at risk and so it wouldn't even protect the fetus. The most effective method to stop abortion is teaching safe sex.

  4. Banning abortion isn’t going to stop abortion, it’s going to stop safe abortions. I promise you, if I get pregnant and I don’t want it that baby is coming out one way or another whether white republicans like it or not.

  5. I’m not a Republican or a Conservative just so we are clear, but your argument here is nearly exactly word for word what they say about gun rights. Obviously substituting the necessary words. Funny how that works.

  6. The Conservative party is denying proper sex education in their states, and trying to ban abortions. Proper sex education and free birth control would be much more effective.

  7. Abortion is always ethically 100% not wrong. Even at a would-be delivery, it's ok to terminate the pregnancy. Immediately after delivering the baby, though, it's murder. There's no grey area.

  8. It really pretty simple in that medical providers in the US are already bound by a system of professional ethics, and further governmental control is both unnecessary and inappropriate.

  9. It's a human the whole time. Not even butterflies cease to be their species when they go from caterpillar to butterfly. Same thing for humans in their development process.

  10. Plenty of reasons, women can die in childbirth, contraceptives fail, the foster system in the US is a mess. The baby can die during pregnancy and harm the women. A women could get raped and wont want to bring a child in a world from rape. My mom would have died if she couldn't get an abortion and my sister and I wouldnt exist. No women ever wants get an abortion but it should always be available.

  11. Contrary to popular belief, Roe v Wade does not grant women the right to an abortion. Roe v Wade declared that women should not be subject to excessive government restrictions to have an abortion. Doctors and private hospitals have the right to refuse to perform the procedure, and they can certainly deny an abortion if they can't pay for it.

  12. How is ANYONE downvoting this lol?? Who doesn’t love a juicyPlus it’s not even finished in this part! it’s literally a real story about a real event. How do ppl downvote the truth?

  13. So no matter if you morally agree with abortion or not the government should not be able to pass laws banning it. Government should have zero say what someone does with their body.

  14. If someone has an organ you need to use in order to live, should they be required to give it to you?

  15. Its not clear under what circumstances you think abortion is considered a human right, but I will assume you mean for any reason, at pretty much any point along the pregnancy.

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