Race related issues Mega Thread

  1. Not All Cops Are Bastards, and they shouldn't be defunded. I am a supporter of the BLM movement, but that doesn't mean I have to rope all cops into the same boat. There are plenty of cops who are good-natured and only want to help protect people. Catching actual criminals and helping keep the streets safe.

  2. And also ACAB doesn't apply to fictional cops especially when they're actively working for a better system (like at least some if not all of the main B99 people) or exist in a different world (like how people think Toph from ATLA's too chaotic to have become a cop in LOK) or at least different country (like how even though they're just cosmetics the Officer

  3. Half agree. People who refuse to change their viewpoints and continue to be no matter what, absolutely. But sometimes, racism and other forms of bigotry come out of simply not knowing better rather than malice. If you grow up with racist parents, you're likely gonna turn out racist yourself, after all. Those who are able to realize their faults and change are fine.

  4. There is no point in discussing racism with most white people. Unfortunately most white people get uncomfortable when racism is a topic and resort to whataboutism. No one can change someone's beliefs so minorities are just going to have to learn that most white people are not really their friends.

  5. Critical race theory is not hard to understand, it's just race Marxism with white people in the role of bourgeoise and black people instead of proletariat. It's easy to see why it was created when in 1900s you would have had some communists who were also interested in the subject of race and white/black and oppressor/oppressed relationship in their eyes, which fit perfectly as the modern version of Marx's class theory.

  6. The only thing they have in common is a group of people with power and a group of people without power. That could be applied to pretty much any problem. Men have more representation in Congress than women? Pointing that out is marxism. There are more Republican voters than libertarian voters? Marxism. There aren't many Shirley Temple (drink) enjoyers on the Supreme Court? Marxism.

  7. critical race doesn't think black people are a majority that must violently destroy their oppressors, which is a pretty important difference

  8. The thing is, a lot of people use this percieved racism against whites as a justification for being racist towards minorities. The biggest white supremacists are always the ones who make-up victimizing theories about "white-genocide".

  9. People who focus too much on race are dumb. Also, people who never focus on race are dumb. The reality is that minorities do indeed face difficulties and hardships relative to white people, and it's important try and improve the situation. At the same time, there are those who will go out of their way to appear "oppressed". People are so afraid of being wrong that they will hold on to their narrative until death.

  10. No progressive said that. Voter ID laws are meant to target Black people not because they’re black but because they tend to vote Democrat in large numbers.

  11. I see on reddit a lot and I mean A LOT of videos in which after a racist guy says the n-word the POC starts punching him, sometimes even after the guy is unconscious on the ground. While I do not condone the use of racial slurs the violent reaction for me is far more of a serious "crime".

  12. If someone can't deal with the consequences, they shouldn't have said the racial slur to begin with. Zero sympathy for racists.

  13. The Democrat party and their woke stooges have adopted a strategy of attaching race to everything in order to pass it through guilt/shaming. Don't like what your political opponents are doing? Call them racist, Want to pass this unpopular bill? Say it's a civil rights bill. Etc.

  14. Anyone who uses the term “woke” automatically loses the argument. It’s the right’s “literally Hitler” but stupider.

  15. I agree, everything is about race including what political party people have to belong to. People get surprised and even angry when they find out I’m a Mexican American who’s also a Republican (yes I voted for Trump), because apparently Mexicans have to be democrats. They scream racism yet are racist themselves. Race shouldn’t be included in politics.

  16. As a white man who has lived a chaotic and difficult life full of adversity and abuse; I get really tired of being told I couldn't possibly understand the POC experience because of how "sheltered" I am in my white male bubble of privilege. Funny enough; it's always said by people who have barely struggled for anything in life and aren't doing a thing for the world around them.

  17. So you're saying because you've had a "chaotic life" and have been abused or experienced it that you now understand the "POC experience?" You really need to check your racism and biases. What do your hardships have to do with being a person of color? Not all of us experience hardships and "chaotic" lives.

  18. My question for you is what do you consider the POC experience? I don't know what you've been through in life, but some things just can't be compared.

  19. Thankfully this issue has gotten a lot more recognition in recent years, but a lot still needs to be done. I've actually been working on trying to get better funding to the tribes!

  20. Its unfortunate they are forgotten even though their a big part of American History that's taught in schools. I really think there needs to be more awareness here

  21. A lot of people are using this Kanye West situation as an excuse to try out all the racism that they've been waiting to try out (including liberal types) it's like an animal feeling within white people, like walking around the house naked when no one's home. They get to criticize a black man and feel good about themselves because everyone else is doing it. But it's always so transparent where it's coming from. No one had this kind of animosity towards Amber Heard who was actually abusive. But since she's a blonde white girl she got away with everything.

  22. They had plenty of animosity towards johnny depp who was white. Did you not see how much he lost because of her? So please explain how this is a situation of race?

  23. Nothing bigots love more than when a minority member behaves poorly and they can break out all the hateful shit and nobody will call them out because they don’t want to be seen as defending the behavior.

  24. biracials shouldn’t be cast in roles not meant for biracial characters. this is a form of whitewashing if it’s a half-white actor who appears racially ambiguous. actors need to stop treading on people’s experiences and realize there are boundaries to what they should portray and what they shouldn’t. i do not want to see henry golding in a role for a fully asian character or naomi scott playing jasmine tyvm

  25. So no African American (who are all mixed) should be allowed to play a black character (non-mixed) born in Africa? African Americans shouldn't even be allowed to play slaves in a movie about the Trans-atlantic slave trade, because those people were all fully African, while their descendants have European admixture?

  26. Nothing says you're oppressed more than being able to blame all of your problems on one race and being able to denigrate them without consequence.

  27. It's okay to use some amount of physical violence against someone using racial slurs, because the person using the slurs does not see the other person as an equal human, a viewpoint which if not addressed and shut down immediately is more dangerous than a momentary welt.

  28. So you think racists will be more accepting of other races if they get assulted? If anything this will make people more racist.

  29. I hate it when people admire and applaud immigrants and certain races for simply keeping their head down and doing their own thing rather than fighting a problem or injustice. Like those people admiring them for not protesting or fighting for equality or civil rights, they just mind their own business and work hard quietly trying to get ahead. Why is it so wrong to be loud and determined and fight against issues and injustices they face?

  30. My personal opinion I guess depends on how much/what is happening. Making a big deal out of small issues is "disruptive" or not the biggest problem.

  31. i disagree with the idea that a word is only reclaimed when it doesn’t matter who says it. why can’t a word be reclaimed, but just reclaimed specifically in certain contexts and not others?

  32. While I kinda agree I really don’t think it matters. The whole debate around is absurd. The n-word just sounds cringey when said by a white person with some very rare exceptions.

  33. No, the best part is watching Bubba with the confederate flag tattoo tumble down the bleachers and knock himself out after the sixth beer, thus confirming the flag is for losers.

  34. I think the debate over whether the N-word should be for everyone/nobody or just for Black people is the stupidest debate ever and it amazes me how much people care.

  35. The debate is dumb, but not when people are getting "canceled" or punished for saying it while others aren't. Making it taboo is dumb.

  36. There is no reason to believe that black people commit more crimes (in the US) than non black people. People like to say things like that but there is literally zero evidence showing it to be true and if there's no evidence showing it to be true there's no reason to hold a belief in it. Ergo people that think "black people commit more crimes" are illogical because they hold that belief without empirical evidence showing it to be true.

  37. Race is made up non-sense but genetic ethnicities are valid & beneficial once you learn about your own/them.

  38. Race is a social construct that describes a lot of stuff about our society. Talking about race isn't useless.

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