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  1. Honestly not sure how unpopular this is, but the Catholicism sub removed my comment faster than I could make a joke about priests and pedophilia. So here I am.

  2. Atheists who declare the non-existence of a God every second are just as annoying as overly religious, bible-thumping people. There's this dude I know who loves making fun of people that believe in a God and telling them they're backward for doing so. I find it quite ironic how he complains about religion being shoved down his throat when he goes around imposing his beliefs onto others and dismiss everyone who disagrees with him. It's not just atheists though, those who pride themselves on being "more rational/logical" than the rest for not believing in astrology, supernatural, witchcraft, etc are annoying as well. This is the reason I personally just express my apathy towards religion when asked because calling myself an atheist seems pretentious as hell now.

  3. Just a clarifying question do you believe there are no beliefs that can be subjected to ridicule? Flat earthers for example?

  4. a true Christian wont judge you for being gay. those guys on twitter that say LGBTQ is disgusting and post some Bible quote haven't read the full Bible to know that God says not to judge someone for their actions. but to look at your own actions and act upon them.

  5. What about Deuteronomy 22:28-29, or the passages about slavery in Leviticus and exodus? Their are still plenty of awful things to be found in the Bible.

  6. Even if there was solid proof that god exists I wouldn’t believe in him. I don’t believe in god, he doesn’t have my faith. Just because I knew he exist doesn’t mean I’m going to believe in him. I’m not going to put my trust in him. The definition of belief in religious context is to have faith, and even if I knew a good existed existed he wouldn’t have my faith. I hope this makes sense to someone other than me.

  7. Reminder: Freedom of religion, to practice in private or in public, in solitude or in association with others, is a fundamental human right. And like all human rights, it cannot be used to justify restricting other HRs, and other HRs cannot be used to restrict it.

  8. In my country its forbiden to wear religious symbols in schools for students . Peoples who work for the state are forbiden to wear religious symbols and express beliefs in a religion while they are working .

  9. "It being used" is the questionable part of this. How do I use a moral tradition? How do I use a story of a guy on a cross? How do I use a belief in karma? How do I use a Hemingway story to gain moral foundations that influence my perception of how to run a society?

  10. had the 2018 met gala theme been about any other religion aside from Catholicism, it would’ve been insanely problematic. the 2018 met gala theme was heavenly bodies: fashion and the Catholic imagination. several celebrities were pictured wearing rosaries, fashioning their outfits to look like that of a priest's or the pope's, cross necklaces, and portraits of saints on their dresses. all of which are sacred to the Catholic religion. had the theme been about any other religion, the met gala would’ve been “cancelled” by now.

  11. (Almost) any religion on reddit gets overruled, hated, and bashed by people who live in a way that those religious people avoid living by. As in person X believes this is wrong and that is right through their religion however that looks. Then person A, B, C, D, comes and hated on person X because they feel like their actions and own beliefs are not valid anymore. I've been experiencing this a lot, expectedly, but still a lot on reddit. I can give a thesis, a quick statement of my beliefs, and people immediately downvotes and give hate messages. Very uncivil, if they care anything about what they do or believe the they will put an effort to make others appeal if not believe it to. The problem is that it has to go both ways, and that appears to be very difficult for some people.

  12. I am fine with religion. I am religious. I am against organized religion for the most part though because it becomes tainted too easily and turns into a scam pyramid scheme.

  13. I think spirituality, intimacy with a higher power, and congregating for worship are all beneficial for humans, that said be very observant of whom you congregate with, as you say some organized religions are not following godly principles. The Catholic Church taking/switching sides in WW2 for example was just showing how many religions are more for themselves than for God. Be wary of those whose leaders/clergy but themselves above their congregation as if they were superior to them. Spiritual leaders should lead by example and support their fellow believers, do the hard work with them, if they don’t, I hesitate to think they follow God as closely as they claim.

  14. Another thing is how do we know the Chriatain god is the actual creator of the universe. There are trillions of stars with quadrillion of planets. Its extremely hard to believe that the Abrahamic god is the creator of the universe. Its basically saying this god only focuses on a tiny percentage of people on one planet, out of quadrillions

  15. That doesn't really work since if god exist as Christianity describe him then he is the one to decide what good and evil is . If the christian god exist the Good is objective and its what God say it , same for evil .

  16. All religions are blasphemy/go against their texts. All sacred texts are meant to be studied/adopted into one's life through spiritual means.

  17. The thing is that CCP is not committing genocide against the Uighur Muslims because of Islamic terrorism. While it's undeniably true that Islamic terrorism exists within the Uighur community, the CCP are terrorising the Uighurs because they want an ethno state, and unlike the US, they are trying to complete erase Uighur Culture and religion

  18. Coming from a former Christian, even if Christianity was some how proven correct I think it would be very different from what the Bible says. After hundreds of years you can not tell me there was never a translation error, someone with malicious intentions edited it, or someone made up an entire part. It’s just so weird to me that so many people take every detail to heart and completely believe it. The Bible was written by humans. Humans are flawed creatures.

  19. I agree on the part that humans wrote the Bible and that humans are indeed flawed. As for translations, the Bible goes through a process called

  20. We could still have a God and have humans, since we wrote every single holy book and created every single faith, be 100 percent wrong about that God.

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