Sleeping naked is overrated

  1. OK, woman here, I love sleeping nekkid, But mosquitoes love me and my body chemistry, on top of that I have eczema, so when we have a hot and muggy summer the mosquito population explodes, and they are on me like white on rice(white rice) the scratching of bites can easily become eczema scratching, so it's no exaggeration to say mosquitoes trigger my eczema, I almost always wear a t-shirt or similar to bed, to hopefully not get bites on my upper body, just irks the life outta me. And makes a very poor quality of life.

  2. We had some homeless guy break into our house while we were asleep. Grabbed a phone and our kid and ran out the front door to call cops. My wife was in a tank top and tiny panties. She had to stand around in the street like that while the cops got him out. I just had shorts and no shirt. Now she always sleeps in shorts. It was pretty scary. Thing like that will change you.

  3. Wow, that sucks, and you're hearing this from someone who somehow got a hornet in their pants and it somehow found the worst place to attack.

  4. I don’t sleep naked because my tits just divide like Moses parting the Red Sea, and I got two fat-sack toddlers trying to tuck into my arm pits all night. Sleep on your side, you say? Then I have one perky tit cradled on my ribs, and the other one is trying to burrow under me like a terrier.

  5. Sports bra all day long is the best, at day and at night (when I think about it, this would also be an unpopular opinion)

  6. I wore a sleep/nursing bra to sleep when my kids were babies so I didn’t leak everywhere, and I still wear them now. I also have a toddler who climbs into our bed every night so gotta keep them covered :)

  7. Feel like I have a similar issue to you, but gotta say - any sports bra I have isn't even comfortable enough for me to run well in, let alone sleep in! Is it a standard one or a special sleeping one?

  8. And I thought my testicles were awkward to handle. I have a whole new respect for managing the boobies that want to be free.

  9. No sports bra for me.. but def no tank top. Why? So I can wake up with one still in the shirt and the other in the kitchen making eggs? No.

  10. I have to sleep in one of those stretchy crop top things for this reason, it's uncomfortable for me to sleep without it. Then it feels weird to wear a top and no bottoms so i have to wear big comfy knickers, or shorts on the bottom half to balance it out.

  11. Major power move to let em hang. Highly recommend. Imagine some swinging balls and a barrel pointed in your face..don't lie you'd be impressed

  12. The cat did something at 4am and scared the shit out of us, so my fiancée sent me to check it out with the baseball bat. Just happened to be one of the few nights I was sleeping nude.

  13. If a person breaks into my house, I want them to have to wrestle a giant naked man to the ground to escape.

  14. I used to sleep with boxers on, felt pretty comfortable. But I'm just always too hot, so tried naked and never looked back. I mostly sleep on my back so the nuts and shaft are happy and free.

  15. Girl here as well, but I'm opposite! I've always hated sleeping naked! My husband asks me why I don't (he doesn't either but I think would) but it feels so weird to me. I have to have a top and bottoms on. I don't like sleeping without underwear on either. I wear a top, underwear and pj pants or shorts to bed. I can't sleep naked or with just underwear on. Just doesn't feel right to me.

  16. Also a girl here. I can’t sleep nude. For one, I still live with my parents until I’m don’t with college. For another, I don’t like sleeping under blankets knowing that by the morning I’ll have vaginal smell all over it. I’d rather just change under wear every morning than going nude and changing the sheets every 2 days. Plus, over sized shirts and pants are the comfiest shirt to sleep in. Tank tops, night gowns and tight long sleeves are literally the worst.

  17. I’m the exact same way. I hate how clothes feel when I sleep. I get choked by my shirt and my underwear feels weird. I also sleep really warm so extra stuff is no bueno.

  18. I’m a woman so. I disagree. My boyfriend has slept naked a few times and he’s never said it’s bad other than he gets cold more easily.

  19. I tried sleeping completely nude once. I definitely did not enjoy the feeling of my noodle tumbling about whenever I changed sleeping positions. But underwear and nothing else is the way to go: Body heat reflecting off the blankets makes the interior nice and warm, and you can feel the cold spots on the bed whenever you readjust. I save sleeping like this for days I know I don’t have to be up early. Usually I sleep in a t-shirt and pajama shorts.

  20. I'm a naked side sleeper and I adjust them before I fall asleep. No crushing and when I move at night never notice anything.

  21. How do you know someone sleeps naked? Don’t worry. They’ll let you know. There’s some weird bragging rights for those who sleep naked. I find it very overrated.

  22. Nah I think wearing at least underwear is much better. Boobs don't fling around as much and your sheets stay clean. Do some women just not have any discharge at all?? It's always so mind boggling to me how some could sleep naked or not wear underwear at all without staining everything

  23. Indeed. And sleeping naked is good for vaginal health, decreases risk of yeast infections and such. I used to get recurrent yeast infections and after I started sleeping naked they got waaaaay less frequent.

  24. I'm a girl and I agree, I had a fever the next day after doing it once, my body is not just used to being exposed. I'm also not into the idea of scrambling to put on my clothes in case of an emergency, like a house fire.

  25. I agree, I gotta wear a tshirt and shorts to bed otherwise my skin crawls all night regardless of how comfortable my sheets and blankets are

  26. Oh man, it’s not even an opinion for me, I’ve been sleeping fully nude for like 15 years. It’s the ONLY way I can sleep tbh. I toss and turn a lot in bed so if I wear clothes they get all turned around and they pull on me a ton. Not wearing any just allows for complete turning from side to side freedom!

  27. I think being naked in general is overrated. My SO is a very “naked person“, and goes around in the nude as much as he possibly can. I don’t mind if he does it but it’s just not for me. I hate being naked.

  28. I hate to downvote, but I truly believe this is not an unpopular opinion. Most people I know sleep wearing something. Only crazy people sleep naked. As others have pointed out, there are a myriad of reasons to sleep wearing clothing (however minimal) of some kind. From fire safety to orifice leakage to flatulence-induced sheet stains, it’s just a better idea to at least have some underwear on.

  29. I actually read an article about how we all at some point fart in our sleep. Basically it said if you don’t wear undies you are farting/shooting fecal matter onto your bed and whomever else is in it lol

  30. Woman here- I like sleeping naked alone bc it’s freeing. I don’t like sleeping naked with my partner. I feel weird complaining, but his dick is huge and it’s in the way and I wish he’d put his boxers back on.

  31. It's good for women because we have nooks and crannies that otherwise get no airflow and we're at risk of yeast and other non fun stuff.

  32. Agree. People who sleep naked are just getting their ass and crotch juice all over the bed. No thank you. Ya nasty.

  33. The first time I had to react to something at 3am buck-naked was the last time I slept naked.

  34. Random nightly boners, as well as the morning one, are often accompanied by a slight pre-cum leakage. If you're sleeping naked, you'll inevitably smear some jizz-lite on your bedsheets.

  35. You regulate your body temperature when you sleep naked or mostly naked, your testicles have a hard time regulating their own temp so when you wear underwear it actually traps heat in your groin and can affect your sperm lol you are supposed to let the areas with lots of sweat glands breathe while you sleep. Chest, armpits, groin, etc. and it helps keep you in a deeper state of REM

  36. I think it's a tragedy how we've made being naked feel unnatural. I don't care, you do you man. But I'm gonna take every chance I can get to be naked

  37. I slept naked since my teenage years. Now that I have a kid that sometimes barges in the middle of the night scared, I sleep in PJ pants/shorts. I miss sleeping naked

  38. I totally agree. I’ve had issues with sleepwalking my whole life and have never been able to sleep naked. I’d be so worried I’d get up and walk outside for everyone to see

  39. When it was just me and girlfriend, nekkid was the way to go. Then cats joined the family, and protection was optimal. Then girlfriend turns into wife, kids arrive, and still have cats, so the actual time it was just two adult Humans in bed was near zero. Now cats are dead (all natural causes, one was nearly 20yrs old), kids growing up, me and wife too old to have things hanging out without feeling weird.

  40. My neighbors house caught fire in the middle of the night. Woke up to firemen banging on my door. Wrapped up in a blanket but didn't have time to get dressed. Our houses were kinda close and the wind was blowing toward my house and they were scared my house may burn as well. Anyway I wound up outside, wrapped in a blanket in 22° weather and nothing underneath for hours until the fire was put out. The neighbors house was a total loss and it burned the siding on mine. I will never, ever sleep naked again.

  41. I sweat quite a bit pretty often from panic dreams/nightmares so sleeping naked is a good way to drench my sheets. Also, I agree with OP, having the boys flopping around everywhere or rolling over on an erection in your sleep is brutal.

  42. Personally I wear underwear when I sleep because I move a lot in my sleep and testicular torsion is a real thing.

  43. sometimes when I am on my period and have bad cramps I will take a hot bath and then fall asleep on my bed naked and always sleep so good but I rarely sleep naked because my biggest fear is having an emergency and having to be carried out naked. My mom said when she was a kid her neighbors house was on fire and the mom and dad were carried out naked.

  44. I'm with you in this. When I was in my teens I slept naked and I loved it because I felt free and whatnot but as I got older (25 now) I stopped and started sleeping in my boxers with a tank top. Not too hot, not too cold.

  45. Girl here, have to sleep totally naked with my hair in a bun, can’t stand to have my hair down and feel choked if I’m wearing clothes, sometimes just underwear if the situation calls for it.

  46. I’ve had an irrational fear of sleeping naked, I’ve always thought that spiders would crawl up inside of my vagina and lay eggs inside of me , and they would hatch and crawl out one day.

  47. This whole sub is cancer lol. I see a sleeping naked is great post this morning before clocking in then go on break and see this.

  48. Come on! Lol I guess Your cock is just to big to sleep comfortably 🤣, "it hurts". Fuckin ridiculous! Dudes are not different in anyway from women sleeping naked try sleeping with a naked women you schmuck!

  49. I think most people agree with this, on account of how few people ask why sleeping naked isn't more popular.

  50. You can actually twist a testicle while sleeping naked and that can result in your testicle getting literally amputated

  51. Whenever I try to sleep naked, in the middle of the night, my unconscious self will scramble out of bed and throw some clothes on.

  52. I hate wearing underwear socks shoes and shirts. I honestly hate clothes lmao. I sleep naked, and if I’m not at work I’m usually no shirt/shoes/undies and chillin outside

  53. I just saw an unpopular oppinion about the opposite so wich one is it? Is it overrated or not much people do that? I'm so confused

  54. If I fall asleep with clothes on I will take them off in my sleep…. My body will not physically allow me to stop sleeping nude lol

  55. Legitimately the only think I get out of sleeping naked, is needing more blankets to keep me warm and waking up freezing when someone yanks the covers off.

  56. When I say I sleep naked, I mean I am sleeping in my underwear, I am just not wearing pajamas or clothes. And on that note, I have no clue how anyone sleeps in clothes it’s the most uncomfortable thing ever, the way it rubs and clings to the sheets makes it hard to move, and the way it bunches up around and beneath you creating uncomfortable lumps, ugh!!! Plus you wake up all sweaty and gross, it’s the worst.

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