First class passengers should be given priority in an emergency

  1. You think anyone is going to care what you paid in an emergency? Emergency responders are there to save people, not be concerned who paid more

  2. First class seating should actually be reserved for disabled passengers. The idea of first class flying is kinda silly, and the idea that the rich should get medical priority for being rich is nothing short of gross. 🤮

  3. There aren't a lot of places where people are divided explicitly by class except for planes and trains. Those in the front ought to be first off usually.

  4. People in the front will be off first. That's usually reserved for first class passengers. You can sneer at them next time you're on a plane.

  5. I agree. Or at least whoever is near a door that someone trained knows how to open. Usually the attendants at the front.

  6. This is probably how it would have been a hundred years ago when Upper class people were considered to be worth saving over the lower classes. But today the employees on the airplanes would be panicking and just trying to save themselves

  7. I love this. It reminds me of every apocalypse movie where the rich all get in an ark and survive while the poors die because they think they can rebuild society with a bunch of old white people who havent done any manual labor their whole lives. Sure dude, save the first class people. I'll take the L and die. Just do me a favor and shoot me so I don't have to starve to death or whatever.

  8. I was watching Titanic on Netflix when I wrote the post! If they'd just kept those third class folks from knocking over the boats... then they'd still have 1,000 deaths

  9. I just mean flight attendants can only directly assist a portion of the total passengers. They ask coach passengers to help each other.

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