How do you guys study so efficiently?

  1. I go to a place where it's (almost) completely silent and put my phone away and study without music and do Pomodoro It took a while for me to learn that getting rid of all distractions, and incorporating small breaks helps me study best.

  2. Do you do your work in 25 minute intervals with Pomodoro? I've found that 25 mins feels too short and I'm taking too much time with breaks. But then again I used to never take breaks when studying lol

  3. I wake up. I tell myself I will study X for Y hours. I go to e7. I hide my phone. I study X for Y hours with a couple 10 minute breaks. I leave.

  4. Focusing on one thing at a time. Treat it like a game where you’re trying to get Point A ( say be ready for a test) and find out what objectives you need to do to get to that point ( In our example, it might be that you first need to review the lectures you missed, do some exercises in the textbook, and do the sample tests) I recommend Wolczuck’s lecture series on learning how to learn.

  5. with your textbook, first read the first and last paragraph of each block of text. write down these important details. write down any bolded definitions or anything that is in a text box. at this point you know any new terms, and you have a general idea of the concepts. then, go through the whole chapter, and add in anything else that seems important. transfer to a new document and separate everything with your own subtitles, it is better for memory if you re-type each thing instead of copy and pasting it. transfer your lecture notes into your new study document by classifying them under your subtitles and adding more.

  6. Try and make sure you're more or less understanding the main course outcomes throughout the term rather than trying to understand it all before the final.

  7. It is simple, really. Do the assignments. Make sure you only do few questions on the same topic at a time, then you check to see if you answered correctly. If you are not sure on how to do the questions, check notes or text immediately. If you got the question wrong, figure out exactly why you got it wrong. When looking at answers, actively try to figure out the logic flow of the solution.

  8. I can never study at home, my brain just doesn’t work when I’m home. I always go to a library or common space to study and once I get tired I just move to another location

  9. Time management. Plan literally everything (from study time to recreation) in your calendar and stick to the plan. Success almost guaranteed.

  10. You need a calm psyche. I suggest building a strong group of friends. Then manage your relationships well… in turn you feel really calm and have good concentration.

  11. You are an evolutionary failure. Your parents should shoot you out back and use your remains as compost for the rice crops

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