Which Vancouver restaurants would make a worthy episode on Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares?

  1. A lot of people are highlighting mice the big issue but the sanitation you should actually be worried about is cross contamination in the kitchen and staff not washing their hands properly.

  2. I got food poisoning from the Naam a few years ago.. prompted me to check out their inspection reports. Horrifying lack of standards.

  3. I'm usually not a reality TV guy but since they're all on YouTube and getting suggested, I'm all in.

  4. Oh shit, listen, I worked at Zawa for two years when I was 19 (so, over a damn decade ago) and I am shocked, SHOCKED, that place is still around.

  5. Absolutely. I love when they bring you the grossest plate of potato nachos you've ever seen and the owner comes out 5 minutes later to brag about how everything is made in house with love. I'm pretty sure it's not love it was cooked with, it's week old canola oil and a prayer

  6. Yes! I walk by that place all the time, I was so surpassed when I was walking by Saturday night and there were aoooo many people in there! I was like, how?

  7. Pretty sure Guy Fieri did an episode of DDD there on one of his trips through Vancouver so I’m surprised you would think it would qualify for kitchen nightmares

  8. I worked at Marcello’s when he was going through his big divorce settlement and getting shit faced at work. He was constantly burning documents in the pizza oven and more than once customers complained about metal staples in their pizza.

  9. Oh my, I just looked up Gold Train Express on here. Glad I stopped going. This is a very useful resource, thank you!

  10. Curious how we should read this. I looked up a few places I like and they have infractions ranging from 0 to 4. Most place I've looked at have at least one or two. What is considered bad? What is considered average, even? At what point would *you* stop going to a place?

  11. Haven’t been there for a long while so I can’t say for recently. However Bao down, they did great as a grab and go place in gastown, but I think they bit off more than they could chew trying to run a sit down place. Sucks they’ve gone down hill, missed orders, disaster of a kitchen, list goes on

  12. Interesting. I remember when they first opened and I enjoyed it. It didn't seem disgusting and the food was decent from my recollection. The missed orders and poor kitchen staff is probably the side effect of the great resignation. Restaurants are in serious trouble.

  13. I think Gordon would see how the place is fucking packed and is making money and no one's dissatisfied so he'd say maybe it's not his kind of place, and not how he'd do things, but they're doing pretty good considering the longevity and whatnot. Would be a pretty boring episode.

  14. Yes last time I went in the 00s they served me rotten eggs and asked me to pay and tip for it. I still have a soft spot but won't go myself

  15. As someone who was ripped off by him for almost 60k. I assure you it’s worst scenario most of the time with this guy and while he’s the problem, I have debt collectors calling me weekly trying to find him

  16. I'm still surprised that I made it to adulthood alive with the amount of times my parents took me there...

  17. Some friends and I were talking about it and some of us were surprised a location was still open. We went and got exactly what we expected. Didn't disappoint or thrill. Over all a positive nostalgic experience.

  18. That area is a hot spot for mice/rats. I live near by and see them all the time at night. I saw a huge rat at a pho place around the corner.

  19. The Smile Diner on Pender. I have never seen anyone in there. Heck, I don't even know if I have ever seen it open

  20. How the fuck has nobody mentioned two parrots?!? It's prank yourself bad food, and even though it's a bar they insist on pushing the food menu, and the kitchen is literally open until last call.

  21. I've always thought of it as a pseudo-dive bar and kinda liked the weird atmosphere. As far as the food goes, I used to go for wing night once in a while and found them passable, but everything else that I ever had there was in fact terrible. It's hard to understand how places can make nachos so terribly when they're so simple

  22. I hadn't been there in forever, and went a couple weeks ago after seeing a movie. Buddy ordered a poutine and I ordered chicken wings...both came out stone cold. I sent them back and then she brought fresh ones with the wrong sauce. Told them I didn't want them, and they tried to charge me for them still.

  23. Lucys Eastside Diner. I watched a waitress try and catch a bug with a glass and you can see they don’t have a night time dishwasher when you look in the kitchen. I love that place though fire milk shakes definitely a van classic and I’ll fight the health inspector for it.

  24. Oh man, Subeez before it shut down would have been perfect. Rats everywhere with no attempt to control them or protect food, disgusting fridge and freezer with unknown, ancient food. Cooks that wouldn't wash their hands even after using the bathroom. Constantly coked out and hungover staff with a revolving door of managers who have no real power because the owner was absolutely fucking delusional, just the textbook Kitchen Nightmares whacked out, out of touch, brain dead owner.

  25. Don’t hate me but Boston Pizza. I know it’s franchised but the Canadian ones are truly awful with overcooked pasta, overpriced cardboard pizza and slow af service.

  26. I had a friend who was an assistant manager at one about a decade ago. At the time, their deluxe meat lovers pizza (xtra large or w/e) was about $30-35 on the menu. My friend told me they had all the costs itemized. For that pizza to be made, it cost them just under $2 on average, and that was itemized from the ingredients to the energy using the oven and paying a staff member to put it together. Imagine going to Boston Pricey (that’s what my friends and I call it now) to get $2 pizza for $35!

  27. Ugh yes. I've only been a few times but once I ordered a pasta dish and could hardly eat it - the texture was awful and the sauce was watery and not flavourful. How do they mess up pasta so badly???

  28. I mean, you really can't get worse than Corduroy. Mediocre food with a side of nonsense faux-legal jargon, and highly elevated covid risk for dessert.

  29. And weirdest location, the way it's tucked in. Total relic of what Lonsdale used to be, just blocks of mostly run down old stores. Though the combination of Gen Sushi and Circuit Circus arcade back in the day was unbeatable.

  30. I saw their menu change a month ago and was wondering what happened… this is so sad. Been going here since I was a kid with my parents.

  31. Take that back. You millenials ruin everything with your flavours and preference for booths that aren't stained with sweat.

  32. i’m from langley and not well versed in vancouver restaurants, so i’m gonna have to nominate venetis or andrea’s out here. sad ass food and decor at both places, and it grosses me the fuck out seeing all the trash and workers smoking barely outside the kitchen door at andrea’s

  33. Everytime I've gone somewhere in the burbs I understand their love for chain restaurants. Family run places are either pretty good or the absolute fucking worst place you've ever been

  34. I would like to see Viva Mexico. I don't know why I went back, but the service is dreadfully slow and the food is just bland and unappetizing. Also the tacky misogynist shit all over the walls

  35. I went there once years ago and was underwhelmed... The waiter spilled a glass of water on me and the table, and the food was pretty generic. I was kind of hoping it would take advantage of the lack of vision/light to make the food really stand out, but no dice. It wasn't bad, just kinda boring.

  36. Woah, that place on broadway is still around? Got retched food poisoning there back in 2005, never stepped inside again since. The initial attraction? Cheap sushi! Why I'll never go back? Cheap sushi!

  37. A20 pizza... It's been replaced by Brooklyn Pizza for a few years now, but that would have been the PERFECT place. Despite being the only thing open when the bars nearby closed, and being a PIZZA PLACE it was always dead. Why?

  38. Bons off Broadway (ate rotten sunny side eggs, vomited in the bathroom) and the waiter yelled at us and ran us to the sidewalk yelling then chased us for payment on the rotten eggs yelling some more.

  39. Not in Vancouver but in Ladner - Taverna Gorgona. Based on the owner alone. The owner is a verbally abusive alcoholic who sexually preys on his staff (even though his wife co-owns the restaurant with him) and understaffs the servers to the point where large parties often walk out before getting any service.

  40. Damn. TIL. I live in South Delta. In the past, I saw that restaurant spamming the jobs section on craigslist. That explains it.

  41. The diner on 10th - I was served frozen fish and after I told them about it, the lady stood there staring at me waiting for me to finish the remade piece

  42. Buckstop on Denman.. that place constantly has health infractions. Most recent ones included rats, no washing station and unhealthy conditions...

  43. I walked by the other day and they still have all the dusty royal family memorabilia in the window. It looks like a horrible museum of colonial monarchy. I can't imagine how bad the food must have been but it looks like where you'd go if you were missing frozen Yorkshire puddings and canned peas.

  44. The food actually improved since the pandemic. They somehow merged kitchens with Devils Elbow (someone bought someone? Not sure, but Devils Elbow items are on the Cambie menu) and prices went up, but so did food quality.

  45. Bons, Wallys Burger, Fresgos, Uncle Wallys at Metro, Samarai Sushi on Fraser served me smelly warm tuna roll that was dripping and soggy (I'm not even picky about my sushi).

  46. Uncle Willy's at Metrotown the owner is also very passove agressive and rude in general so it would be fun

  47. Stay the fuck away from Bon's. It's a delicate and unique ecosystem that exists in a time bubble. Its like an old growth rainforest that has been that way since time immemorial. Last thing it needs is outside interference.

  48. I always walk by it and I got the feeling that it would be unhygienic af and it usually seems empty, not sure how they maintain business but they always film shows there tho

  49. BONS 💯. Ramsey would literally run out of swears. Them rats would chew through his pants as he tried to put the pieces of that 2.99 breakfast together

  50. Huh? I went there on Saturday and it was great. Prices are definitely upped for the location but I like it.

  51. Pacifico Pizzeria on Smithe. Went there with some friends, saw a mouse, alerted the host. He just shrugged it off and said it happens. Never went back.

  52. There are mice in literally every single restaurant here, you just don't always see them. I don't know what you expected the host to do anyway.. shut the place down immediately? Don a hunter's cap and brandish a shotgun and go looking for it?

  53. I remember going to the Davies location when I was a kid and absolutely loved it. Went to the Surrey location a few years ago on a date and it was "an experience". No more nostalgia for me.

  54. The Fringe Cafe/The New Brighton/The Yard (all the same owners/menus/drinks). While I used to LOVE the Fringe, the food was always bad, the beer always bad, the service was usually bad (they have had their fair of awesome servers over the years, but they never last), and the stories I've heard about the back have made me nervous to go in.

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