What’s different about Scheana’s face?

  1. No lashes, longer chin, weight loss, Botox, plus veneers. Not saying she got all of that done since we’ve seen her last (obviously), just that all of that combined makes it look like a new face.

  2. She’s wearing denim joggers, which are normally cute but these don’t suit Britney’s top heavy body shape.

  3. I noticed Kim K and Ariana Grande both suddenly have these really pointy chins. I really hope this isn’t a trend that takes off

  4. On another note why is no telling Brittany that those jeans are not it?? Do those women not support each other at all? My friends would be like girl this ain’t working for you.

  5. Not hating just saying...Brit needs higher wasted jeans. You shouldn't have to pull them up to the point they make a V. Not flattering.

  6. Mouth is growing and head is shrinking. Her mouth is LITERALLY wider than her eyes and it looks weird.

  7. She looks like she got a few sessions of mandible botox or that fat dissolver. Its a bummer, she had gorgeous bone structure.

  8. Everything… It’s so sad to see that she feels the need to change her face so much. She was and is beautiful, but I’ve been rewatching the beginning seasons of VpR and she looked so beautiful and natural. I hope she can find some confidence with these changes. She really is so beautiful!!!!!

  9. I don’t know, i cant pull my eyes away from Brittany’s…pants? Drawstring jeans? What are they and why are they trying to retreat into her groin?

  10. The more I look at this picture the more hilarious her badly photoshopped lollipop stick leg at the back looks - we know you lurk here Scheana; just hire a professional to edit your photos already you wombat, you look ridiculous 😂

  11. Her mouth looks scary huge and her nose looks fatter at the tip (maybe a weird filter that she meant to do only on her lips and fucked it up?), her chin looks almost triangular, no super thick fake eyelashes, "no make up" make up, too much filler in her cheeks which gives her that "I can almost see cat face"/approaching shocking, bad filler Brandi Glanville face look.

  12. She reminds me of a donkey I don't know why I cannot give further details do not probe as I got nothin but to me she's a fucking donkey.

  13. I think we need to move away from Scheana and discuss why Brit is wearing those pants and what exactly those pants are . They remind me of pants for a (cabbage patch) doll from 1980 that are probably somewhere in my parents basement as we speak - but the adult size version

  14. Hope for her sake she just got carried away airbrush editing her jaw! It is such a repelling look: a pointy chin with no neck tissue. Body dysmorphia anyone?

  15. Ok I’m sorry but I’m genuinely cackling at Brittany’s pants. Those are some 2010 ass fake denim joggers and they need to stay there.

  16. It looks like she over used facetoon to make her face thinner and she is terrible at it. I saw a crazy pic of her legs 😳 they were sooo long

  17. Too much filler in her cheeks, she had work done like Jax, to slim down her jawline (which it looks like Sandoval has done it too, even Stassi, even though she had a chin implant). As well as it looks like Scheanas had a chin implant.

  18. Either chin filler or a chin implant. Leaning towards chin implant simply bc she’s so weirdly obsessed with stassi

  19. Britt looks good but ugh I wish she would have ignored her idiot husband and moron mother and got breasts that actually fit her frame. These do nothing for her figure.

  20. I feel Scheana is about to say “hachachachacha!” Like Jim Carrey in Ace Venture (or maybe The Mask…or maybe both)

  21. I think she had to much filler done in her cheeks and it’s making her chin appear longer and the top half of her face look huge.

  22. It has to be FaceTuned. When zooming in it looks like the blurriest part of this pic, but I could be wrong

  23. Her face looks very thin honestly and whatever else she's got done looks a bit odd with that. Hopefully just a bad picture

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