[GIVEAWAY] Mighty+ / Titanium Mouthpiece / XL CCV Caddy / CCV Sidecar Bubbler

  1. My favorite thing about the holidays is the festivities that come with it and being with loved ones (friends and family [THAT INCLUDES YOU DAN I FUCKING LOVE YOU ❤️]) to smoke all the hash rosin 🤤

  2. Since I don't see an announcement, I believe it is safe to assume I've won, so I'd like to take a moment to thank CCV for their generous prize! I have been wanting a Mighty forever! Great to have awesome vendors like this in community giving away sweet prizes like this, to me, and forgetting to mention it to the rest of the sub, but hey, we're all a little medicated so things like this can happen. Anyhoo, thanks to everyone for playing and I'll let you know what I think of the device as soon as CCV has sent it over, which will happen shortly after they announce my winning...I would guess.

  3. I love spending time with friends and family I know it’s cliche but after watching so many I love pass on without really getting a lot of time with them and just making good memories in general is fun plus there’s always good food, even if I don’t win, op this is very nice of you thank you

  4. Favorite thing about the holidays is seeing family I haven’t seen in a long time and cooking and eating the seven fishes!

  5. my favorite part about the holidays is the winter season itself. was born in it so I have a natural affinity to cold nights, cold mornings, hoodies and beanies and the like. hot cocoa and a warm body beside me are relative cherries on top.

  6. My favorite thing about the holidays is taking time to appreciate life, during the year it feels like you never have time to actually enjoy life, your always busy, off doing one thing or another, but the holidays really gives you time to slow down and enjoy life, and that’s what I like most about it, because it gives you time to appreciate everything you have.

  7. My favorite thing about the holidays is time with family and friends. The longer I live, the more important those who are close to me become.

  8. Favorite part of the holidays is good times with family I rarely see and all the delicious food that gets shared.

  9. My favorite thing about the holidays is that warm and cozy feeling you get on the weekends when you wake n bake then get back in bed. Simple but never gets old.

  10. People put their differences aside for one of the few times of the year and actually try to be decent to one another.

  11. Spending time with loved ones.. and share stories/memories of loved ones that have passed❤️..

  12. Favorite thing gotta be watching home alone, christmas story, and Grinch... That shit never gets old

  13. fall going into winter is my favorite time of year: my birthday and the best holidays of the year. I love wearing a ton of layers and enjoying the cold air while smoking or vaping outside, too.

  14. Hello there! My favorite thing about christmas is doing charity with my friends and family, I like to help my local community and bring joy to those most in need.

  15. Best thing about the holidays is recreating the family traditions year after year and remembering all of the good times. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  16. My favorite thing about the holidays is relaxing in bed with my girl, rewatching nightmare before Christmas and hitting the underdog 👌

  17. My favorite thing about the holidays is seeing my little nieces and nephews get all dressed up and excited about it, they are the best!

  18. Getting to see Christmas through my young kids eyes. It's literally like being 5 again. All the magic comes back.

  19. My favorite thing about the holidays is seeing my kids light up for about 3 months straight. It’s the best time of the year!

  20. My favorite thing about the holidays is time spent with close family and friends. Also great traditional homeland food.

  21. My fav thing about the holidays is having some time off work and just enjoying my family and seeing my kids get all excited for the big day!

  22. My favorite things are definitely family and the weather. I get to go be with my wife’s family for the first time on Christmas this year :)

  23. My favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with my wife baking (both ways) and watching classic movies!

  24. Sharing home cooked meals with the fam is my favorite. Close 2nd is the beginning of snowboard season.

  25. My favorite thing about the holidays are my friends and family that get the chance to slow down one time a year and give gifts and time.

  26. My favorite part of the holidays is that it seems that the world works together (for the most part) for a small period of the year to be cheerful and provide good spirits and times with family. It seems like everything will be okay during the holiday season. 🙂

  27. My favorite thing about the holidays is easy its the joy of seeing and being family and those who care about you love you but deep down inside we all know its the food the desserts the way the family stoners come together bring all the glass pieces and vapes and papers and new bud they have found or grown to share with one another and I really love the sports on TV and not to mention the deals at the dispos

  28. My favourite thing about the holidays is the sense of community. Holidays are a time to get together and celebrate life and your favourite people!

  29. Holidays are great because everyone whose normally busy gets to be around more. Kids are out of college and friends and family make that effort to travel.

  30. Seeing the whole family together is something I look forward to every year. When it’s time to leave I think I enjoy that even more.

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