Morwood Toad demo

  1. I'll be doing more of these in the future for sure, but I wanted to get my first impressions out on this incredibly beautiful vaporizer.

  2. what heater are you using there? i've got the v1 nomad and i'm thinking about getting the new quick heater... thoughts?

  3. Can someone explain why this appears to need no technique (even though it's unregulated) and yet 510s seem to be so hit and miss (for me at least, more miss than any hits)?

  4. If you run a 510 attachment in wattage mode vs temp-control (which is notoriously finicky), it will behave much like this unregulated vape. However, most 510s don't have the coil and airflow situation worked out to this degree.

  5. I have a waitlist, right now It's quite long... but it's free to join and I'm hoping to speed up production a lot this year. You can dm me here, on FC, or my IG, morwoodco.

  6. I have one of the first edition nomads, and boy, does that thing rock my socks. I absolutely love it but haven’t used it due to having lost my battery charger. Consider this my immediate realization I need to get on Amazon and get one

  7. I've been busy in the shop, but all messages everywhere will be answered and kept in chronological order for waitlist spots. Sometimes it takes me a few days to get through em. Thanks!

  8. Nearly all convection vapes will hotspot if you rip them this hard. If you take things a bit slower, the spotting is truly negligible. Besides, if you see the dumped-out AVB from this hit I shared in another comment, you'll see that looks can be deceiving....

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