I really liked this.

  1. It really is pretty good cheese. Seems like it just popped up one day at the market and it's been a go to ever since

  2. loveeee violife!!! One time while on vacation my self described ‘carnivore’ cousin ate it all week long without realizing it was vegan (granted he was drunk all week) but definitely an attestment to its taste in my opinion

  3. I usually find the Mexican style shreds on sale and it’s probably my all time favorite for when I’m craving a quesadilla or cheeeesy taco 🤤 Good enough that I’m definitely buying it at full price next time!

  4. I am 3 weeks into my vegan conversion and I am really struggling finding cheese that hits the craving. Thank you for the recommendation. I will give it a try. 🙏

  5. The slices last a really long time. We are talking weeks. The shreds on the other hand have a very short lifespan once opened. I generally find mold after a week. But it’ll stay for months unopened. I’ve frozen shreds before. It’s fine if you’re using it to make a sauce or something

  6. You can make an easy potato/carrot cheese sauce for your everyday needs and leave stuff like this for special occasions :)

  7. Me, too! I love the shredded mozzarella for pizzas, and the smoked provolone (or something like that) for grilled cheese sandwiches. Violife makes excellent cheese!! I was so happy to discover it after being horrified by Daiya (although for some strange reason, Daiya tastes fine on the v. pizza at my local pizza place 🤔). I had stopped looking for any sort of cheZ (that’s what I call non-dairy cheese). But then Violife came along 😍 yum yum

  8. I used to love Violife but started not liking it recently. The taste just seemed off. I've tried shreds and blocks. Slices are okay.

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