Don't hoard At-Home COVID tests if you aren't vaccinated, don't believe COVID is real, or COVID isn't at a pandemic level. I'm mean this should go without saying, if you do this you are the worst type of person and I'm being so damn gentle with this post right now despite the utter rage I feel.

  1. I agree with you generally. I also sympathize with OP. 2020 should have been a moment for the world to unite against the virus but instead we've made it political. When you've had family and friends pass from it, I get that rage.

  2. I completely agree. Why are people so angry at each other. What ever happened to just moving through life without much observation of what others are doing? Crazy to me how so many allow people they don’t even know to upset them in such a large way.

  3. florida man governor let a million tests expire in a warehouse because he's anti vaccine and or an idiot.

  4. It is pretty logical if you operate in a society. They have to test. It isn’t like they can exempt themselves. I don’t know why everyone has a hard time lo giving through this just because they don’t like unvaccinated people. Their kids still go to school for example, which requires tests. They might still have to test for work.

  5. The real problem here is that there should be enough tests for everyone. And literally nobody vaccinated or not should be hoarding tests. Keeping tests from people because you don’t agree with their beliefs is not going to help anyone. That will only increase the chances of them spreading covid. Assuming that most of these people would either isolate or at least take better precaution if they tested positive.

  6. That's a very bold assumption, considering these people think, after ALL OF THIS, that is still just a bad case of the flu

  7. Florida's governor bought an entire warehouse of tests just to let them go bad so people couldn't test. So no, they aren't testing, but they're making sure others can't as well.

  8. This should be upvoted 100%. Covid is here to stay. Why should I care if you take the shot or not? The extremists are terrible on both sides. Let people do what they want. Our body our choice!

  9. They can regularly schedule to go to the doctor for a free test and enjoy the "greatest healthcare system in the world" /s instead of using up the convenient at home tests for those of us that want to take a rapid test at the onset of symptoms so we don't spread it to our family, friends, coworkers, and communities.

  10. Theyre so bloody expensive here too. Like the government gave some away, massive fucking lines and only a handful received them. Now they're selling for $45 CAD in pharmacies.

  11. Meanwhile in Belgium, they're sold for 5€ wich is roughly 5,50$ and they're even sold in supermarket... Must be a hard time for you guys, hang in there, I hope we'll get through this soon!

  12. This is the first I've heard of such a thing. Id say most of us who acknowledge such low numbers for a pandemic don't care to stockpile a test that is also incorrect half the time. I'm not saying covid isn't real, it's very real just like the flu that disappeared the last couple years.

  13. I haven't been vaccinated yet. Mostly because i actually wanted to wait for more studies but when I went to get vaccinated finally, they didn't allow me because of medical reasons.

  14. I get what you mean people Say that to me a person who lost their father to covid respectfully fuck them I pray to god they don’t have to go through what I went through when he passed. People like this frustrate me to no end all I have to say to them is you don’t have to get vaccinated but believe it’s really and we lost many people to it

  15. Since you clearly haven’t bothered to learn anything about Covid or the vaccine let me educate you: Covid, like most viruses, mutates, which results in a moving target for the vaccine. It’s pretty simple.

  16. So you’re the type of person that I assume wants all the unvaccinated to never get tested? Brainwashed idiot.

  17. A lot of them realize they really should be getting the vaccine, but after denying it for so long they are too embarrassed to admit that they should get it. So now they are scared and hoarding all the tests. Fuck you hypocritical dicksplatts

  18. Governor Abbott of Texas is crying for federal assistance after whipping his constituents into an antivax/anti mask frenzy. Now he's crying for monoclonal antibodies, attempting to claim the Biden administration is hoarding them from Texas (they're not)

  19. You're enraged that people own covid test kits? Seems like you don't care about the pandemic, you care about your political narrative.

  20. How did you not understand that I'm irritated that people that don't believe in this pandemic are taking up supplies from the people that actually do. I absolutely do believe and care about this pandemic having done everything I can to prevent from getting it, and I'm irritated that people that aren't vaxxed, aren't wearing masks, and don't believe this is a pandemic are actually taking testing supplies from people that do. I spelled it out clearly in the post

  21. I’m as enraged as you are. Unvaccinated Covidiots are taking up hospital beds that could be given to vaccinated patients who have other life threatening injuries and illnesses that require care. I’m so done with the hypocrisy.

  22. Because we have children too young to be vaccinated. Some of us have cancer. Just because we’re vaccinated does not mean it’s over for all of us.

  23. For me I get seasonal allergies similar to Covid. If I’m going to the chiropractor and I’ve got symptoms and I can’t be positive it’s allergies. I’ll use a rapid test. While yes I am more protected than others it dosent mean that I can’t transmit it to someone else. Potentially someone who is unvaccinated and less protected

  24. Because we work with people? And live with people who can give it to us. Vaccinated still means u can get it just less likely to die. At my job i deal with hundreds of people a day. My roomie stupidly believes that people who got covid from the original strain can never get covid again. No mutations nothing hes immune from covid for the rest of his life Suposibly.🙄Him and his wife wont vaccinate because they are “immune from covid” due to having the first strain. He also said he wont test himself due to that. If he gets sick and what seems like covid symptoms he wont test. So i have to test because i can still get it just not as bad with the vaccine and if i get it i can pass it off to the hundreds of people i deal with on a daily basis. Because he thinks that stupid idea. Thats why i need tests i deal with people who might not be vaccinated kids old people. Id rather not them die.

  25. I feel your rage. My friend has been waiting for over a week for her test results because she couldn’t afford a rapid test. Guess she will be fine no matter her results when she gets them

  26. If someone believes COVID isn't real or isn't vaccinated they should be able to opt out of medical treatment and should be paid back portion of taxes that are used for pandemic related treatment.

  27. Where do you live that tests aren't widely available? Almost everyone here has at least a few at home, available in every store but most employers also give them out for free. Hoarding is always wrong by the way, especially with something this important.

  28. I live in Florida and am sick with covid right now. I need to test negative to go back to work and my boyfriend has been running to 4-8 stores each day for almost a week now. There is nothing left. Testing sites are backed up for weeks. It is bad here. Nearly every person I know has gotten sick in the last two months (both vaccinated and unvaccinated). We need serious help.

  29. Not going to lie when I had to buy covid test I would need five boxes. (Two tests in the box) I got 5 people living with me and my kids going to school so if they are coughing of course I and going to test them. Go to your state web site. They can send a free test in the mail. Or at least in my state they can.

  30. Why would they hoard tests? Aren’t they the same people that don’t believe in vaccines and think Covid is a government scam?

  31. That's why they're doing it. They're taking a note from the FL governor and either keeping them until they expire or destroying them so other people can't have them. They are under the false impression that this will keep the numbers from going up and they can prove once and for all that they were right all along. This started with "We're testing too many people. If we stop testing the numbers will go down" and it's kind of in line with that kind of backward thinking. "I think I'm right but if there's a chance I'm wrong, I'm taking THEM with me."

  32. My husband got it, very mild symptoms bc we are vaxxed. We ended up standing at a pop up for 2 hours bc there were no tests available for 2 weeks. I luckily fell upon boxes of rapids at a pharmacy, which yes, I’m keeping. It’s fucked up people who are actually symptomatic have almost no chance of a test until they most likely won’t have it any more. R/Hermancainaward

  33. Yes the wait times for testing and the additional waits for results are frustrating. Tests should be available to all and within a timely fashion. Unfortunately, like many things, we have been unprepared for what would happen as time progressed. I’ve heard varying reasons as to why there are limited numbers of tests but I would suggest that it probably is a number of factors. I read that in the UK each citizen receives 7 rapid tests- but again that’s from a news article. I think that people want to blame each other individually for the issues around the pandemic, but it’s really a lot of things. Everyone is really divided, things have become politicized, information has changed a lot, and our country was really ill prepared. It sucks. But blaming someone based on their beliefs or individual choices isn’t helpful. I find it difficult that there’s not more pressure put on the federal government to provide tests, or put on companies that produce rapid tests. What about the fact that Kroger and Walmart increased the prices on their rapid tests from $14 to $24? They’re not limiting amounts, just increasing their profit margins. Where’s your outrage towards those with more influence and power?

  34. Who is hoarding tests? Is there a black market growing for them or something else I don't know about? I think your rage is at something you're imagining.

  35. Im not anti vaccine but this one was made differently. It is made with CRISPR and that can cause off-target effects so I'd rather someone figured out a vaccine the old way

  36. No. It isn't. mRNA vaccines have been under development for the past ten years. We should be grateful that the timing was right that we could come out with something in a timely manner. 5 years ago we may not have been able to and there would be even more doubt in it's efficacy.

  37. Now you're involving smokers and Jews, seems to me you're grasping at straws to justify your ignorance. I thought we were talking about covid, or did I miss something? I have more pity than anger. How can I be mad at someone for not knowing any better? Don't forget that you don't have polio, measles, scarlet fever, mumps, and dozens more diseases because of vaccines. They were as experimental as the covid vaccine back then, but thanks to scientists and people believing in medicine we have irradicated those illnesses. So if you're healthy today, maybe you should be thankful for people not like you. Now I know deep down you know you should be vaccinated, but you've been so verbal to everyone you know , that it would be embarrassing to make a 360 and have to eat crow. Anyway, you should get on your knees and thank everyone that came before you and gave you the opportunity to live a healthy life.

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