Freelancers, where the hell can I find you?

  1. This. I’m currently working a full time gig, but when I was freelancing I would never respond to an hourly rate ad. Its a huge red flag. When you’re shooting with your own gear theres no such thing as an hourly rate, you’re committing to a gig and forgoing and other work that might come up that day as well as potentially rental income.

  2. This is huge for getting someone to actually click on an ad. And being clear that you're just hiring them to operate the gear.

  3. Can you copy the text of a recent post here, or the rates you think are fair? My bet is that it either sounds like a scam because of the way that it’s been worded, or the pay isn’t nearly as fair as you think it is. Pay should be a daily rate, or maybe a half day rate, not hourly. Additional consideration for gear if they must provide it.

  4. Yeah this. I don’t know anyone who works for an hourly rate. Some one I do a lot of work with says “I don’t have an hourly rate, I’m not a whore”.

  5. There maybe some red flags in your ad that you're unaware of. How about posting it here so we can rip you to shreds give you some constructive feedback?

  6. A lot of people think (random number) "Oh, $25.00 an hour is decent money". Well, it's almost OK if all you have to do is show up and do as instructed for 40 hours a week, but that's now what this job is. AT LEAST $20,000 in equipment, that's a bare minimum, plus years of school, years of experience, travel to and from, loading and unloading equipment, a vehicle appropriate for said equipment, gasoline, insurance, income taxes, an accountant and probably a lawyer. Now, at $25.00 an hour you *might* be able to get a school kid with a camcorder to show up, but that's the quality that you'll get. Kid with a camcorder quality.

  7. Ya. I get that. Do you think it makes a difference if they’re using all my own gear. Just need someone to setup, run the show, tear down.

  8. I’m relatively new to this from the business side (less than a year), but I charge $75/hr and from what I’ve been told by other friends in the industry that’s still below standard.

  9. Is that with your equipment or and everything included? Or simply operating somebody else's equipment? Curios how the prices are in the US. I'm in the EU.

  10. ProductionHub, Staff Me Up, Google are good option as good freelancers will have website/reels for consideration, easily available.

  11. In utah, there is a fairly large facebook group "Utah Filmakers" that has a wide enough swath of people in the industry even recommendations can be made. Is there a similar page in Colorado?

  12. Second the Facebook groups for production freelancers. This is how I first got started when I moved to a new city.

  13. The one in Utah is particularly massive. Our industry is not really like Denver or other surrounding states. We have a huge independent scene that's bigger than anywhere other than LA / NY / Atlanta etc. I'm not sure why there's so so many independent and small production companies here but I've also wondered... where the hell is everyone when I go outside of Utah

  14. As Gibslayer said before, raise the pay. there is no shortage of freelancers or videographers, no one wants to work for the money/project/time/requirements you are offering. There's a church that's trying to make a documentary near me that said their $12/hr was "fair and competitive" but I've seen it on job boards for months and I think they are getting close to $20/hr at this point. I've even been reached out to by them asking if I'd apply. Still not at the right amount yet.

  15. This industry is full of people willing to work for free. OP's posted rate of $40/hour is great and most guys in my city would jump at that. Most posted jobs are slave wage "honorariums".

  16. I appreciate your comment. some things just aren’t obvious to me. What do you mean more direct? My previous contractors all took jobs when the pandemic wiped out their work load and I’m hurting for connections.

  17. You’re gonna find a lot of amateurs on Craigslist, Facebook, Upwork or Thumbtack cuz you’re probably not paying a lot. If you want professional work, try ProductionHub. But you better pay their rates or you won’t get any responses on there.

  18. I live in Denver and do both Photography and Videography. The prices that people want to pay freelancers is cringe for someone with experience to say NO if they value their worth. Have had to say NO plenty of times if the pay is low in comparison to the work needed.

  19. I would think about hiring some sort of production company, or solo producer to put the job together for you. They'll have relationships with freelancers. Hiring people cold off the internet is a recipe for trouble.

  20. I’m based in Boston but I charge $100/hr for editing, but I own my own company. The talent pool I’ve seen for freelancers is basically I can get someone to do a good job of culling my footage for $20/hr but can’t do a story, someone just starting out who is competent is closer to $50 and everyone else is in my range of $80-100.

  21. Ignore this sub when it comes to pay, I think everyone is salty from years of free work to break into the industry and they way overcharge, probably because they need to overcharge with less work

  22. In Denver, contact CU Denver school of Film and Television, they have a Facebook page with Alumni, and many professors that can hook you up with very competent and professional students.

  23. I'm in Longmont and Craigslist works best for me. I have found some really great people, make sure you put it in the Gigs section. Sharegrid also has the place to list gigs.

  24. i'm right here! lol i freelance edit remotely back in michigan if you're looking to just have someone to contact for a quick turnaround on something. DM if you'd like my info.

  25. You really need to make some personal connections to work with talented people in this industry. Go to a local rental house and chat up the tech there about recommending a DP, gaffer, sound guy, etc.

  26. Checkout Majority of the gigs posted on there are in the IT/AV install category but you should be able to find camera ops too. Just make sure to vet them a little bit and look at their previously completed jobs. Can be hit or miss if you gamble on a tech with little experience

  27. Right here but Im located in Georgia so not convenient to your location. Day rates are fine but hourly is good if it is consistent and not just a few hours here and there.

  28. In-person networking, word of mouth, and friends of friends. I’ve subcontracted numerous people from online sources this past year who have been flakes or unprofessional. When I need someone, the best ones come from asking my established network for references.

  29. I would recommend doing a minimum guaranteed hours of pay with hourly after vs a straight hourly rate. I have a 4 hour minimum for anything where I am not using my equipment so I know the job with be worth my time. If your stream is only an hour and takes 2 hours total, it's not worth $80 pretax to disrupt my day for 3 hours once I factor in travel time. For $160, I would feel better about blocking out a few hours on my day off.

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