Where do you get most of your clients?

  1. In the short-term, I suggest reaching out to all of your existing clients and thanking them for working with you in the past, and let them know you would love to work with them again in the new year. You can also tactfully ask them to please refer to you others who they may know who may also need video services. You can do this via personalized emails and/or following up with a simple letter in the mail.

  2. Reaching out to old clients is great. You want to be familiar enough so they can think of you when it comes to anything marketing related.

  3. I have a spreadsheet with every client and potential client I've had some sort of back and forth with since I went freelance 3 years ago. I use this list and send out a Mail Merge once every 3 or 4 months just to touch base. It's surprising how some clients that have never replied to you suddenly come back wanting your services and whenever I send out a mail merge I nearly always get new work out of it.

  4. If it’s that urgent I’d recommend side gigging, like food delivery or something. I’ve worked several odd jobs to get enough clientele where i didn’t have to anymore. Video turn around is often long, so finding the clients, booking the shoot, doing the job and getting paid out…well that’s a lot to happen in two weeks.

  5. This, doordash or something. Building a new relationship or trying to find someone who needs video immediately is tough. Plus what if they don't pay on time- or do net30 like every company.

  6. Can you offer any creative solutions to your clients that workaround why they cancelled due to Covid? For example we’ve helped some of our corporate clients pivot to prerecorded greenscreen presentations when live presentations got cancelled.

  7. I think the key would be to develop mock/spec spots to open up your ability to tackle different markets. Make a killer real estate property video and pitch that to big property realtors, etc.

  8. Reach out to old clients for sure. Depending on your business you could run a special for something easy to do and blast it on social media. For example my community is mainly old people and I do pretty well interviewing them and making videos for their children about all the stories they have.

  9. I just set my rate on upwork at $100 an hour and usually end up with one 20-30 hour job a year. Fills in the gap month where things are slow in February

  10. I cheat. Mostly from selling to my wife's digital marketing agency's clients. I have never done a wedding, only company ethos promotion and product promotional videos.

  11. I had some success through Upwork. But when it’s a slow month I find myself in the same situation so I understand. This month has been rough!

  12. I’m getting repeat work with a local school system. Email the superintendent and say “Could you use a video to email to parents about the latest Covid protocols?”

  13. I'm in NYC and I use Thumbtack to fill in my calendar for photo and video work. I have a love/hate relationship with it, but looking back at my net profit from 2021 from Thumbtack alone, I made about 60k doing ~100 gigs. Weddings, corporate stuff, music videos, etc.

  14. That’s pretty impressive for thumbtack. I used thumbtack when I first started. Definitely landed some jobs off of it. Kind of forgot about thumbtack.

  15. I have no experiences making videos commercially so I don't really know the challenges people face in gaining clients, but I hope this helps!

  16. In my experience with those sites, it is not worth it. It's not about being "too good for it" it's about the fact that when a potential client does a fiverr search for "videographer" or "video editor" or whatever, you will be at the very bottom of the list for a loooong time, until you get tons of reviews and verifications on fiverr. It would take months of going above and beyond for $5/hr before you finally get to the top of the search, where you will be competing with people charging $20/hr. If that's your goal, then great, but I would rather doordash for a couple weeks for much more than $5/hr rather than hustle my ass off just to get to a point where I'm making $20/hr, which is not much more than you make on doordash and is still a fraciton of what I want to charge for video.

  17. Ignore the downvote, people sh*t on that stuff on this sub because too many think they're too good for it.

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