RED Komodo VS GH5

  1. Bottom is Komodo. I can tell from the highlight roll-off on the face, more natural skin tone & overall image color tinge (Reds tend to be a bit greener & the top image is a bit more blue). Also, it’s harder to get wide shots with GH5 cuz of the smaller sensor, so the wider shot is probably not the GH5. And finally, you most likely used the Komodo as the main camera & the GH5 as the 2nd cam.

  2. The top one has better skintones. The bottom is way too green. The comparison would make a lot more sense if they evened out the color balance.

  3. We just had a multi-cam shoot in a studio environment with an Arri Amira, 2x Ursa Mini 4.6K's, and a Canon R5 and they cut together pretty seamlessly.

  4. GH5 is a dead giveaway because of the lens, then. The Jena Zeiss lenses have a lot of softness and fringing and that’s easily visible compared to the more clinically sharp Canon cine lenses.

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