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  1. I love the strategy of having every show you google show a netflix link with a description of the show.

  2. At least the first episode had the bits about the ball, food, the cat, etc. And it better showed each robot's personality. This one was just preachy messages and all the robots agreeing with each other. It's just a CGI circle-jerk.

  3. It was too on the nose. It should've been done as if the robots had less awareness of what it takes to keep a human alive. The whole bit about a healthy biosphere felt totally unnecessary. The whole thing is evidently clear. They showed us, and then they told us. That's poor writing.

  4. Wow... I hope the rest of it is better than this. I guess it was visually kind of interesting (if not ground breaking) but SO dumb otherwise. Felt like a salty reddit thread turned into an animation.

  5. Yea. IMO, Season 1 was amazing, Season 2 was a let down, this season is going to follow the same curse as Black Mirror.

  6. The other 3 episodes they showed during the sneak peak were MUCH better imo. I wasn’t super big on the robot episode in S1 either.

  7. Guess it's like dropping a single for an album? Someone in marketing is either getting fired or promoted.

  8. This episode is a sequel to another in season 1, which was imo one of the best, and also funny, so they're trying to get people interested. There's only 10 episodes each season, and they're not long. The entire season comes out tomorrow (20th).

  9. I wish they had just made the Heavy Metal series. This show just isn't the same. A real Heavy Metal series would be so fucking awesome man

  10. I like the opposition to Netflix, but why are so many redditors in love with Disney+? They suck too.

  11. I'm surprised this has been the one recurring story throughout the series as its by far one of the weakest imo.

  12. can i ask you a question, and not in a bad way. How long does it take you to write a reply such as this? i'm neither for or against whatever is beinged argued here, I just really liked the style of your writing and was curious how long people sometimes spend making great comments with nice elegance that just dissapear into the internet catacombs, but can always be retrieved if you have the knowhow

  13. Uploading a full episode as a 'taster' isn't exclusive to Netflix, it's a somewhat recent strategy other streaming services have started doing. HBO, Paramount+ and Apple TV have all done the same thing with shows like Raised by Wolves, Lovecraft Country, Halo, Star Trek New Worlds and The Afterparty.

  14. Color me shocked that redditors would be big mad at a cartoon making fun of bunker survivalist culture and self-absorbed tech bros. That fact that real life is fucking dystopic doesn't make commentary on the dystopia of real life "cliche".

  15. Go outside. Life is a lot different when you're not experiencing most of it through the lens of the internet. Literally sensationalized shit crammed in your face around the clock, and it keeps you glued to the screen without much effort.

  16. I mean, I fully agree with the message the episode tried to convey, but it's hard to deny it was conveyed pretty badly.

  17. So true! But assholes refuse to see the writing on the wall. So we're double destined to being fucked. As for the clip, I kinda wished they'd done a flyover of the Andaman islands and had a couple of arrows flew out the tree canopy and pinged off the hull.

  18. This was one of the worst ones from the first 2 seasons IMO, so not really surprised this second episode is not very well received.. hoping the rest are solid

  19. I mean, they went with the "all us humans are dumb" theme and the "rich are evil bastards" theme too.

  20. that was the weakest and biggest let down of an ending ever ... the whole 95% was captivating and than bam !, total shit! .... literally shit ... like going to subway and salivating when they drench that marinara sub with southwest sauce .. and then as he hand is to you he wipes his forehand up his ass slides it on to your hot cheesey sub ...and ..theres bit's'a'poop to be found on the top. like ..totally going from an awesome sub experiance to a total shit one in like 3 seconds................. exact same amount of time!

  21. What do you have against left handed people?! I resent the fact that you think these people can't operate rockets. I bet your a Bluesteeltionist. Shame on you.

  22. I would think that most people at this point would be trying to escape this kind of cynical stuff.

  23. The fact that this still not released in south africa pisses me off. Can't believe I'm considering torrents again...

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