3 Mt. Zion Seed Cooperative giveaways starting tomorrow through the 27th in VA. Come get some free seed if you missed us at genetraders VA beach or homegrown! Give my seeds a good home.

  1. So I’m just curious and not trying to shit post. The va law specifically forbids any type of business from distributing marijuana in anyway, and since the laws don’t distinguish between buds and seeds are you all worried at all about these public giveaways? Or have you found a loophole that actually exists? Or are you just banking on them not enforcing it since full legalization is so near?

  2. Find me a venue, set it up and I'll dump up to 5k seeds on Charlottesville. I dont know the area and have a couple contacts there.

  3. Man I would love to have come and picked up from any of your recent giveaways but you seem to be everywhere but Fredericksburg...😔 Paid shipping for a pack of beans almost a month ago.... still hoping they arrive 🤞

  4. They will. I'm sorry for the delay, hopefully they went out today but we are backordered by at least two weeks. Unfortunately when things get tight the freebies that were only shipping paid fall to the bottom of the list but that's no excuse and I am absolutely going to make up for the delay in quantity of beans etc. Sorry again.

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