Fear factor: Study shows virtual reality can cure phobias

  1. Unfortunately it also appears to cure useful phobias, like the fear of falling off a cliff or the fear of walking into traffic.

  2. This is also kind of true in a weird way. I got an electric scooter and, after never having rode one in my life, immediately took it out to go on poorly maintained sidewalk at 15 miles an hour with no helmet or pads and 5 minutes later ate shit on the pavement. I think 10 years ago I probably would've been way more cautious and scared, but I felt kind of invincible after years of zooming around in VR. Fortunately I wasn't permanently hurt, but I got definitely got beat up pretty bad. I look forward to more studies looking into that effect, it'd be good for people to be aware of it.

  3. I used to be terribly afraid of heights but now that I have used VR for more than a year, it is not nearly as bad. So, I think VR can definitely help.

  4. Do can being exposed to the thing you have irrational fear of in real life. A house and yard with a lot of spiders cured me of my arachnophobia.

  5. My new phobia is watching a mute anime girl getting killed dozens of times... and I was complacent in her murder! If only I had been better at solving puzzles.

  6. Definitely true. I used to have a phobia of bugs, like have an asthma attack I'd be so worked up over being in the presence of them, but after years of vr games with giant bugs in them, while I'm not cured, I'm infinitely more able to keep my shit together around them.

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