|| Free Copy Of Into The Radius VR ||

  1. I'll add my name to the pile if it's still up for grabs I guess. Been seeing some interesting videos about it and it looks fun to play.

  2. I’m about to buy a HTC Vive and need more games, I would appreciate if i got it but good luck to everyone else.

  3. What did you think of Into the Radius since you've played it? I've been looking to get it for a while, but never pulled the trigger.

  4. Been in my wishlist for a good long while now - havent had the cash to pick it up but my STALKER sense is tingling for this one!

  5. I already own the original Into The Radius VR but am definitely looking forward to winning a copy of Into The Radius VR II. (Seriously though, don’t pick me.)

  6. Thanks to your post I'm now aware of the bundle. Bought it straight away as I didn't own any of the games but have had my eye on a few of them.

  7. Cool. I'd definitely like to try it out. Seeing habie play it and talk about it, definitely makes me intrigued to experience it.

  8. Just got a quest recently, I’d love to have a game I don’t own to be able to try for it, thanks for your generosity

  9. Hey since it's super easy to scare me I would never buy the game myself. But for free i would give it a try and potentially crap my pants :)

  10. I signed to to beta but didnt get to try it because i wasn't really able to play games in the time period. I would love to give this game a try. Gl everyone

  11. Looks like the vr version of a couple of flat screen games I have been playing recently, so would be nice to have a similar experience in vr

  12. Would love to play it. Just got into VR a month ago and loving every moment. The game looks so atmospheric from all the videos I've watched.

  13. Would absolutely love to have it because of my very limited amount of games I have lol. Saw habie147 playing it and really wanted to give it a try. Should check him out if you havent

  14. Thank you to everyone who was interested and left a comment. Sadly, I can't give everyone a key. But to the one lucky winner congratulations, as the key has been given away!!

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