Most disappointing visual novel you have played

  1. Right now I’m really struggling with Iwaihime. I’ve said it several times in the past, but I do have some issues with R07’s writing. That being said, when he gets to his high points, he really gets to his high points. So while Umineko and Higurashi had parts I really trudged through, overall I would say I enjoyed most of the experience.

  2. Yeah I'm a R07 fan to the point I've met him in real life and I still can't stand Iwaihime. I only finished it out of spite and so I could talk about how bad it is. Let me warn you that it does not get better. There are probably worse VNs out there but it's definitely one that disappointed me the most given how I've liked the author's past stuff.

  3. Iwaihime is quite possibly the worst VN I've ever played and I'm a pretty big fan of WTC. It only gets worse, I'm afraid.

  4. At least Trinoline is kind of entertainingly bad? I did read all the routes, and I had fun with it, largely because of how over the top and ridiculous a lot of it was.

  5. I read the synopsis for this one and was so hype for it. They really could have explored not only the trauma and healing of cloning, but the side effect of a clone growing beyond the source material they are created with and facing the struggles of being a new unique individual while accepting they are also "someone else".

  6. Yep. I read that Ryukishi said it was a really good game so I went into it with a ton of trust that it's gonna have a satisfying conclusion. I wrote down notes on the mystery and came up with a few theories to solve it and then ..

  7. The Grisaia sequels. I consider Fruit to be probably one of the most solid VN's out there. Fantastic package of a VN. But then the next two are absolute train wrecks, that take an especially depraved turn, the like of which I've never seen in any other VN.

  8. Honestly Eden was a bit too much in terms of stretching realism, and that whole action sequence just reminded me of Die Hard

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed the Fruit of Grisaia and I have touched neither the Labyrinth nor the Eden. Now you've genuinely made me consider giving those sequels a pass.

  10. Yeah I think I can agree with this. Love Fruit, enjoyed Labyrinth for the After Stories but when I read Yuuji's story, I was completely underwhelmed to the point where I still have not even touched Eden and from what I hear about it, even from the people that liked it, that was a good move

  11. I personally like them. Fruit is my favorite VN of all time (so far), so perhaps that colors my view, but I enjoyed the sequels. Yea, they are absurd, but I would argue that Fruit is extremely absurd as well. I just don't think you can take them super seriously.

  12. G-senjou no Maou. Completely nonsensical, with a fragmented and inconsistent narrative that felt like different writers were at the helm from one part to the next. The plot loses all coherence thanks to terrible and predictable twist.

  13. I'm probably gonna be crucified for this opinion but I'd have to go with Grisaia no Kajitsu, it starts off so interestingly, breaking from genre conventions by introducing an interesting protagonist (with a face!!) and mocking common eroge tropes in a way that was not only poignant, but also hilarious.

  14. I completely agree with you. Not even gonna talk about the bad hscenes, the drama itself was badly written. The common route was so fucking good but i guess they just want to be so extra with the heroine routes lol. Yuuji was awesome in the beginning but he just end up being insufferable by the end. If Grisaia was released today no chance it would have the kamige status it has now.

  15. I thought that the beginning was interesting but after finishing the first route, my reaction would like this "What ? Why?"

  16. Baldr sky, the world-building in the first route, was excellent, and the pacing superb. After that, though, every plot twist felt foreseeable, route 4 felt like a total waste of time, and it felt like the writers weren't giving it their all. I stopped playing after the fourth route. Maybe it would get better, but I didn't want to waste any more of my time. Also, I guessed who is the "secret villain" in route 3, which was just the nail in the coffin.

  17. Lamunation! - Incredibly boring story! In fact, non-existent story. I'm no stranger to the slice of life genre. But Lamunation fails to even be that. The story can be summed up like this: Group of rich kids clown around for a while, then have sex. That's it. The characters are extremely boring and idiotic, ESPECIALLY the unvoiced male character, who acts like a 5 year old the whole time, no exaggeration!

  18. For me personally I liked , I mean , it is not the best thing to exist but it is pretty decent , but on the other hand caffe stella is a freaking slog to get thought , I almost slept for how 90% of the game is coffee coffee coffee and 10 % characters and this magic bullshit that happens when it is convenient.

  19. ChronoClock. I thought its gonna be much better, since I like time travel shit, but it ended up being boring and girl routes were a lot more dissapointing than I thought and the characters were straight up irritating. Been wondering if all Purple software VNs are like this...

  20. ngl I actually liked some of the girls. Mao and the white-haired girl were pretty funny and I enjoyed them but the protagonist. Holy shit the protagonist was so bad.

  21. out of the one I actually finished, its gotta be Angle Beats. solely for the fact that its unfinished and probably will never be finished.

  22. Tbh, I loved Takuya in the majority of the vn but the True Route completely destroys his character. And the final “canon romance”? Disturbing incest aside, it’s so poorly written and rushed. I truly liked some routes, characters and the atmosphere tho. The original art is top tier

  23. Raspberry Cube. I really loved wagamama and hamidashi from madosoft so my expectations were high, and it dashed them. It was pretty boring and I had to drop it, after finishing 2.5 routes.

  24. I didn’t like raging loop all that much and I can’t honestly say why. I guess it just couldn’t keep my attention.

  25. Rewrite. I thought the pacing was just awful and every time the story got good it would usually sabotage itself again later.

  26. The Devil on G String. I hated the protag. Only the main route felt mildly interesting, and that one part was the nail in the coffin for me.

  27. I also didn't like G-Senjo that much. Basically all characters were unlikable and while this itself isn't that big deal (since is is not moege/charage) the deal breaker for me was that even though the whole VN is quite heavily focused on "detective work" you can't really figure stuff on your own because you are not given needed information. I could only cringe when characters (mostly Haru) were constantly pulling important info from their asses and immediately solving "mystery" you didn't even had good chance to try solve yourself.

  28. If you treat it as a character drama instead of a horror story, it's pretty decent. There were still a couple POV's I absolutely despised though.

  29. The letter had a interesting ideas with the alien and horror route, but a horrible execution, it just didn't feel worthy, also MC is kinda of an Asshole, the "true" route is boring as hell and none of the endings are satisfying

  30. Definitely going to echo a lot of people who mentioned Umineko. It's a decent 7/10 visual novel that was overhyped as being some 10/10 peak fiction masterpiece by its fanboys. My misgivings aren't with the ending and ep 8. I found the conclusion and answer to the mystery to be overall be pretty good. My issues is how it goes about getting there.

  31. Interesting that you think ep5 and 6 are a chore, cause I found those fascinating. Ep4 arguably is a bit of a slog and I'll freely grant that as someone who still considers the whole thing a 10/10.

  32. As one of those “fanboys” I would like to argue against you but honestly most of my arguments come down to matters of taste. In my opinion the pacing issues of Umineko are vastly overstated. While the micro pacing of scenes could use some work (the repetitiveness you mentioned), I actually found the macro pacing between scenes to be really good, especially on a reread where you start to understand the purpose of certain scenes like the love talk of EP2. Even the aforementioned micro pacing isn’t actually that bad as while he does place a lot of emphasis on themes or ideas in reality in my personal experience there’s enough subtlety that I’ve actually changed my opinion on certain themes and ideas since finishing it almost a decade ago (one of the actual benefits of the long script in my opinion is that there’s A LOT of different ideas thrown around which gives one a lot to think on after reading and adds to the replay ability since you want to go over the story to see stuff you miss on a first viewing). As for the philosophy, I agree that it takes a lot from existentialist philosophy like Nietzsche I disagree that it doesn’t do anything new with them. Umineko is both far less grand in scope and much less individualistic than Nietzsche’s writing. The idea of lack of objective understanding applies more towards people and the way we communicate in Umineko than on reality as a whole. It also places far more emphasis on the fact that even if we cannot objectively understand others trusting and loving others is not only possible but necessary if we want to find “the truth”. Not only that but this theme is applied over several characters each in unique ways. Finally, the fantasy scenes are ultimately just taste. I personally found them quite enjoyable and appreciate their roles as metaphors but if you don’t like them, there’s nothing I can really do.

  33. Definitely Muv-Luv; I did not enjoy how it tried to tell its story. For a game that spends so much time with its characters I was immensely disappointed by how poor most of them were.

  34. I had kind of an opposite experience, where I quite enjoyed Extra as just a standard Renai game and enjoyed the story of Unlimted and Alternative as the plot picked up, with all the intense story and high stakes. But I hated the last 5 or so hours of the game where the end sequence just dragged on and on (esp. with forced slow text speed), so I did not enjoy the ending. So for me the last 20% was the least enjoyable part.

  35. I just feel so disinterested in the franchise somehow even though I have already completed muv luv alt, I just don’t feel like ever playing photonflowers (I bought it together with the whole muv luv bundle last year)

  36. I like how every single "shard" adds to the overall story, so if I had some theory for what is going on, new info often contradicted it and I had to build a new one, and this happened multiple times. Best "You think this is what's going on? Allow me to introduce this new piece of information that drastically changes everything." experience I've had so far.

  37. Ok good I'm not the only person in existence who feels this way. This was going to be my choice as well. It's spoken of so highly, I kept pushing through to the end, but was just a slog, and a disappointment.

  38. The entire framework of SubaHibi is based pretty heavily on singular, focused works of some very well-respected philosophers, and the story itself is an extended revision of what the author wrote over a decade prior and obviously mulled over for all that time, so if any opinion could be objectively incorrect I'd choose this one. It's simply wrong to suppose that planning was not put into this visual novel.

  39. VLR is a lesson in how more isn't better. It's longer with more puzzles and more branches and more moreness but is more monotone and boring, without the pacing and other storytelling qualities that made 999 excellent. Characters act wacky for most of the time then do a 180 when they dump exposition about their backstory. The twists didn't achieve that sweet spot, being either too predictable or too outlandish. Still better than ZTD though.

  40. Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to, the start was a perfect romcom scenario, but then the studio holds you at gunpoint telling you to pick another one. At least they learned from it and made Koisuru Natsu no Last Rissoto.

  41. The first half (or maybe a bit more) when you just have no idea what is going on I actually found quite enjoyable, but the while explanation was quite disappointing and ending was hard flop.

  42. God, I thought Chaos;Head was gonna go somewhere really interesting with the traditional horror and ecchi tropes all being delusions of the main character, but then it turns out he really is a legendary hero with a super cool sword and can summon a dragon to kill the final boss. Such a waste…

  43. I agree. Author is in bad need of a decent editor. So many scenes felt dragged out and repetitive in their prose. I didn't mind ep 8 and the overall conclusion, but dear god were episodes 4-6 mind numbingly painful to sit through.

  44. I don’t really agree about the fact that the twist was the same nature as in SubaHibi. Yeah there’s the whole

  45. Maybe like make it clear that you’re also spoiling a different VN (although I didn’t get far into that one, but I assume it’s a spoiler worthy thing?)

  46. Umineko I would say. After the pretty intriguing and strong opening half, the second half just face-planted so bad that I just try to avoid having anything to do with from then on out. Seriously, the last chapter was like I was reading some completely different VN, with the narrative bending over completely backwards to fit the themes that author so very blatantly wanted to force on the reader.

  47. I see why you feel that way, but I couldn't disagree more with the take, so for the sake of contrasting opinion being shown -

  48. are you me? seriously, uminekos former half was so strong, only reason i completed it after losing interest around 5/6? was the characters. Gonna give loopers a try

  49. As much as i loved steins gate, I agree. It seems like they tried to add tons of fanservice for the sake of it when it could have been amazing had they just stickrd with telling the story. Besides, the whole "it all feels wasteful" yup, although in varying degrees. I liked steins gate 0 way way more, although some parts I could def do without.

  50. Remember11. I loved it all up until the ending… which resolves pretty much nothing. So much build-up and so many questions of how and why the phenomenon is happening, but I think it’s unfinished? Or something about I need to play Ever17 for 50 hours to understand the ending? I was kinda disappointed but I might give Ever17 a shot if it really fixes something, it’s just kinda long…

  51. Have you read the fan compilation of Remember11's trivia? I searched it up on Google because I also had a few questions about the ending, after reading through the whole thing it does feel somewhat solved. I forgot what the link is becuase I read it a long time ago, but if you have any questions just type out your question on Google.

  52. Ever17 is a really good VN and it’s 35 hours long (from vndb). You should definitely read it. It doesn’t, however, solve any story issues of remember11. As far as I know remember11 was planned to have a true route, however it was cut. Check explainremember11 cause as far as I remember it does bring some light to what happened

  53. I had the same thoughts of you until I understood what the VN is actually about. Check out that wordpress link below.

  54. Saya no Uta. I still enjoyed it in parts but I think it was overly hyped by the community and my expectations were too high going in. I'm not saying it's the worst VN I've played by a long shot, I just felt disappointed at the end. I think Urobuchi has some great themes in the story but the execution of those themes wasn't for me.

  55. I enjoyed Umineko but I feel it would be 10x better if the length was cut in half and Ryukishi was forced to address his pacing/repetition issues

  56. My experience exactly. First chap was brilliant . Then after adding those magical elements it just wasn't my thing anymore. Stopped reading somewhere in 4th chap.

  57. Hmm.... maybe Yamizome Revenger? Scenario is soooorta interesting? but not that memorable. The battle-system, and the CG I got are very disappointing for games that are selling Heroine Corruption as its theme. It might be unfair to compare it to VenusBlood series, but it is being sold on pretty similar price. And for nukige-type, Eden's Ritter series is better for me.

  58. I walk among zombies. It's still my favorite vn even though they ruined character development,world build up with final game. Especially doctor.Literally didn't see her face in final vol after tons of character development

  59. I've heard that the original author disappeared at some point so they had to come up with something to wrap up the story quickly. I do agree that the third volume was horrible though.

  60. Steins; Gate 0. The main reason being the expectations of the original that set it up to be one of the greatest VNs of all time only to flop and be a sack of shit in the next game.

  61. If you ask me, S;G 0's problem was the lack of linearity which resulted in a less cohesive plot than the first game. It's harder to write a compelling throughline when you can't tell where the player's going and that's a bit of a problem when the entire game is the narrative.

  62. I don't think it helps that Chaos;Head is more like trial run of the full game. Chaos;Head Noah tells the full story with fleshed out routes for more characters but won't have an official English translation until October

  63. Hmmm. I think the best part of Chaos;Head was Takumi's relatableness as a protaganist but I respect your point. He really is one of my favourites and I also found the delusions and the di swords great

  64. Island is the one game that the more you think about its plot, the less sense it makes. Which isn't good considering it has SF elements and pretty nice charas (plus great BGs). I thought it's pretty good before Rinne's route happened.

  65. Reading Steiner is also a "superpower" in Steins;Gate with that logic, and its not even explained where it came from, and its mechanics are also not really clear at many points. Gigalomania on the other hand, very well explained.

  66. I mean I guess Katawa Shoujo. I mean don't get me wrong but I guess since it wasn't my first VN coming off other stuff like Summer Pockets, Steins;Gate and Danganronpa. It just didn't live up to how much praise it was getting, I remember someone saying it best, the story behind the creation of the game was the most interesting part of the VN. I mean it's not the worst thing I've ever read, not even close actually. But I guess being such an iconic VN just sets way too high of an expectation when going into it after being recommended so much.

  67. Yea it is really medicore. I wish people could finally stop recommending this. I know, 10 years ago there was bearly anything translated to read and at that time it was worth giving a try but now, when we have literally hundreds better VNs to choose from there is just no point recommending Katawa Shoujo.

  68. I am sorry if I sound pretentious, but I have to ask: did you read to the end? Because it is a mystery, to the core. Don't be fooled by the magic.

  69. Hmm.. i try to keep my expectations in check, so its pretty rare for a VN to really disappoint me. Currently, i'd cast my vote on

  70. If there was one VN that disappointed me, it would be Love Duction. Honestly, I blame myself since before I learned it was getting an English translation, it was a VN I wished was translated. Then, I finally read it. I just thought it was decent at best. Despite being a comedy VN, none of its jokes made me laugh. Also, one of its two heroine routes disappointed me.

  71. Riddle joker, I've played a few yuzusoft games before it such as sanoba witch, and senren banka, but after reading it, it was kinda boring compared to the others, the only route i liked was the senpai route the other ones were just boring to me

  72. Definitely Nightshade. Everyone hyped it up so much in it's community(it's a otoge), so I thought it had to be gos tier with how people talked about it. I was so wrong.

  73. Doki Doki. The one thing that is good is showing you what metanarrative is. Other elements like plot, characters, protagonist suck. Too boring to play except an ending

  74. Wait really? If you can, please elaborate. It’s sitting in my Steam library and I’ve been looking forward to playing it.

  75. This is the title I was looking for in this thread. I don't think it's a bad VN and I actually enjoyed much of it, but I often see it hyped up as one of the best VNs ever made, and I cannot understand that. I feel like Fata Morgana tries to be really deep but just misses the mark (it labours the point too much) and it was unnecessarily long for how little actually happens (the ending in particular felt really dragged out). I happily put 200 hours into Umineko but by the end of Fata Morgana, I was just glad I got to the end.

  76. Kinda agree but then I didn't expect a lot, just a decent story, so it wasn't very disappointing. For something so praised, it was mostly a (love) story based on misunderstandings (and greek tragedy when you read just to see how bad it can get, at least behind some doors) :/

  77. 1 is definitely SubaHibi, due to how talked up it is. Part 2 (I think its part 2) was especially drawn out and painful. Major twist could see coming. philosophical points I found to be shallow and not that interesting.

  78. Im baffled that some consider it one of the better Yuzusoft titles, when it’s inferior in most aspects compared to even Dracu-Riot. One of the few VNs I’d actually dropped and get irrationally angry about when I remember it exists.

  79. Clannad. My third major VN after YU-NO and the Muv-Luv trilogy. I had high expectations for its writing quality after those two, and I already thought MLA was a step down from YU-NO in terms of dialogue, pacing, characterisation etc. (

  80. Muvluv Alt, and The Sekimeiya whatever, idk how you can even take this VN seriously with the way it is written and how characters act, regardless of its indie status

  81. Kara no Shoujo 3. After KnS 1 and 2, everything about KnS3 let me down so much. Such a disappointing end to the trilogy since it betrayed every expectation I had except for one.

  82. Fata Morgana was built up to be insanely good, even briefly being rated the top game ever on Metacritic, only for me to play it and it's just budget Umineko

  83. Probably Higurashi When They Cry 1, it just didn't hit for me and I had heard so much praise for the series before starting it which had probably raised my expectations enough for me to want more.

  84. Muv Luv. Hands down. The game is the epitome of mid. It taught me to never trust anything that anyone is saying on the internet. It must have been some collective troll meme that I didn't get, since everyone is praising it to high heavens. Which by now I realize, must have been ironic. In fact, I was so disappointed, that I didn't even bother going through with the sequels. I cannot imagine how age managed to milk out another 2 games out of the same cast of mediocre high school romance fluff. I feel scammed that I couldn't even get a refund on steam, because I was waiting for it to get 'good'.

  85. Brother I was about to make a "he doesn't know" joke about how Muv-Luv IS a solid normal 7 at best but the sequels are setup on this to create something legendary...

  86. Uh, first muvluv is not praised to high heavens? Its sequel is. on vndb score is pretty mediocre. It seems you misunderstood what people were saying.

  87. The main appeal of MuvLuv at the time is it's unexpected sequel stories. Started as a mediocre romcom story then ended as an epic mech war story.

  88. Muv luv is the definition of slow starter. The exact same way your friends tell you "ah but you need to get through the first two seasons to get to the good part", disregarding that this is essentially a 12/24 hours commitment.

  89. The first one is story about you dropped into a pick-your-heroine VN. The scenario.... mostly holds up as long as you can forgive some of the older tropes.

  90. I would highly recommend you actually try the second game. The franchise is amazing the first game is not.

  91. Yeah, this is the kind of thing that worried me when people hyped the hell out of it when the Kickstarter was running. See when people talk about how great it is they are mainly refering to Muv Luv Alternative. The first two games are fairly Mediocre but do set up great payoffs in Alternative.

  92. Muv-luv ALTERNATIVE is the best vn i have read so far. People don't praise the whole muv-luv. Only alternative but you need to read the first 2 games before alternative.

  93. White album2 was a let down for me. 7/10. Well I haven't played the whole thing and don't plan to just Setsuna and Kazusa route.

  94. Sanoba witch... It was just endless "i love you!!" And no real story. I thought id get into it but i just wanted the game to be over

  95. Watashi ga Suki nara "Suki" tte Itte! Some of the stuff mangagamer picks up is just mediocre, Ayame route was fine, rest was terribly boring

  96. Himawari -The Sunflower-. The first route are pretty decent and I grew to love one of the heroines, but then goes the second route....

  97. Yeah, I have to agree. Only VN I've played which I wasn't really into; it had a decent enough premise, but did absolutely nothing with it and it generally always just descended into repeating the same one or two "comedy" sections. As you say, way too much sexualisation of minors too (both male and female).

  98. Sekimeiya was extremely disappointing. Have seen it being praised here "must play if you are a mystery fan". Hahah. Maybe the mystery was there, but its ALL there was. No characters (i refuse to take seriously these empty husks without a shred of personality), no compelling story (at least up to the point where i dropped it), extremely unnatural writing - people are trying to make ridiculous overcomplicated theories just to explain stuff (before things even get going, really), instead of behaving like a normal people and make sure everyone is safe and accounted for etc. Another highlight was a flashback, mc was giving us a backstory... which dragged a little bit too long, AND, at the same time he managed to skip probably the most important and supposedly dramatic part of it with

  99. Higurashi. I was expecting a good amount and arc 1 was great. Then it went downhill so hard immediately after.

  100. Either the first two Muv-Luv installments or Tomoyo After. The former had very uniteresting cast which caused the entire VNs to be very dull, since the stories were built entirely around the petty drama surrounding them. The latter was simply a letdown since the writing wasn't even close to what Clannad offered.

  101. Kinkoi, I got way too hyped unlocking true route because best girl, and it was... Disappointingly unfitting to say the least

  102. Baldr Sky by far. It was incredibly promising throughout Dive 1, but Dive 2 was seriously disappointing especially Sora's route. I consistently enjoyed the story and I even enjoyed reminiscence mode. Makoto's route was also very good and the set up for Sora's route was hype.

  103. Yeah. Dropped the vn due to mc. I hate how he acts during the saber route. I can understand having a protagonist that acts nice to everyone, but

  104. I'm not disappointed relative to my own expectations that often, so probably Hoshimemo. I don't know what I was expecting exactly but it certainly wasn't to drop it in the common route after finding it both boring and annoying to read.

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