Is this a carry? Either way any other setting advice?

  1. Not a carry but you are relying too much on your arms for your power on a set. Try to use your legs to generate power and arms/shoulders to help with location. With a perfect pass, the footwork we train is right-left-right with a big push off your left. Timing this well with your arms pushing will give you more power so the ball carries all the way to the antenna rather than fall short and inside.

  2. Not sure about the advice: everything in setting is about the wrist, power as well. Better improve the wrist motion with medicinal ball, and learn how to leverage it. Legs will come in handy only for long distances/ very high balls

  3. No but may get called. Either speed it up or start with your hands at your low point. That way your hands only ever move up and never drop the ball down

  4. It depends on the ref, if they are old school they will probably call it, but refs that follow the sport and watch beach and such usually won't.

  5. Not a carry but try to not let the ball sink your elbows when you want to get better and run a faster offense, only let it sink down your wrists and release.

  6. Not a great piece of advice. On setting, always have one feet after the other. It is required to have the weight a bit forward, and be more accurate in general. Never seen any good setter with squared feet

  7. I’d say no to it being a carry/lift but usually it depends on the ref. on how they see that dip you are doing with your arms on contact. Definitely need to fix footwork/placement to make your stance more sturdy and use more of your legs when setting especially in the beginning since it will make your sets more consistent and powerful and you won’t have to rely solely on your arms for getting the ball to the pins.

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