The believe all women starter pack

  1. This "believe all women" shit is mostly gold diggers and sociopaths trying to protect their most powerful weapon (false accusations of sexual misconduct), while pretending they're doing it "for the victims".

  2. A Native American, a defecator, my sisters friends brother in law boyfriends cousin, and a lady with amnesia walk into a bar. They are from a lost tribe called wheredafuqrwe tribe and roam around screaming wheredaqrwe.

  3. From left to right: Swore up and down she was a Native American Indian. Showed "proof" that she was 1/1064 Cherokee. The average White American is 1/640 native...

  4. When they found that Kavanaugh was set to become a Supreme Court justice, she tried to say he sexually held her down and groped her and tried to take her clothes off... 36 years prior.

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