A good doctor will ask you these things before prescribing drugs

  1. Keeping in mind that pharma (doctors prescribing meds) nets them money in their pocket... well they won't ask any of those questions

  2. When my doctor SA’d me, liberals told me I was going to kill my baby for not going back to an obgyn to have my next baby. I saw a certified midwife. My 9 lb baby and I came out of the hospital thriving. 🖕🏼 victim blaming liberal ideology

  3. I went to a doctor earlier this week. The intake nurse said, “Your chart says you’re allergic to XYZ.” I said yes. She then asked, “And you’re taking …, XYZ 20 mg?” I said yes. She didn’t catch it. She didn’t blink! I’m taking a drug to which I’m allergic?!?!

  4. Honestly there are times when people do that but really it just depends. If she didn’t ask what kind of reaction you get then it’s likely the nurse just reported it to the doctor for her to mention it.

  5. "Structural issues" couldn't they have come up with a better phrase? "Yeah doc, my bearing wall is not plumb and could some foundation support. Maybe Jack up one side to get back on the level." "Maybe some Oxycodon will fix it right up."

  6. Can you expand on this? The war on opioids was always presented to me as avoiding introducing people to it to avoid addiction and subsequently seeking them out illegally post treatment which could result in overdosing.

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