Biden blames Russia for high gas prices and food shortages

  1. All WEF agenda, and Biden is just one of their puppets. Says what he’s told to say… does what he’s told to do.

  2. if high gas prices and food shortages are Putin's fault....does that mean Putin is winning? And Biden's response is basically to do as little as possible, and whine about it whenever given the opportunity?

  3. Emailed his office with a screen shot from the EIA that clearly shows that fossil fuel prices started upward the after Biden fake election. He was even in office yet and the oil companies heard the idiots loud and clear, no to oil and gas and year to coal electricity. (D)emons are smart.

  4. Ukraine and Russia War started 2014 Obama and US allies already sanctioned Russia at that time still get Crimea.

  5. Haven't you heard?? It's the PUTIN price hikes! Just want to repeat that again.. PUTIN price hikes! Just need to make sure you know PUTIN is the one hiking prices! Also need to make sure you know about THE BIG LIE, too. But it's definitely really important for Americans to know about the PUTIN price hikes.

  6. Of course because literally everything flows through Russia and Ukraine. These fools are just that, fools.

  7. I have often wondered between Clinton’s collusion hoax and this what the DNC’s fixation on Russia really is all about and why they are trying to manipulate the masses into a global conflict with a country whose GDP is less than Italy’s. What is this really all about?

  8. so basically he is letting a two-bit country demolish ours.... I guess all the other two-bit countries are learning how to do it now....

  9. To insinuate this is morally bankrupt, the US has all the resources it needs to be self sufficient, this crisis has been manufactured from within the USA

  10. Even if it was Russia why did all you idiots not do anything and give them that much power over it? Its not like these people just got in so they cant blame someone else for it. These excuses would also be their faults anyways. You cant act like you had no control while being part of the process for decades.

  11. Makes sense as Putin invaded Ukraine. Now the rest of the world tries to stop Putin by trying no cut back on oil, which drives up the oil price. Also: Ukraine usually exports lots of grain, which is severely limited now.

  12. Don’t you know he has shut down oil production in America? How is Ukraine helped by that? And food production is being shut down in the western world. The war in Ukraine has effects yes, but not in the extent they’re claiming.

  13. I see it was all Russia's fault that inflation was over 8% in Jan 2022, or that the price of oil rose from $20/barrel to $100/barrel by Jan 2022, or that the US government and EU were paying farmers to convert their farm land to solar panel plants instead of planting crops...

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