oof. Someone didn't think this quote through at all.

  1. Asylum seekers are trash? Undocumented Immigrants are trash to be tossed out of their neighborhood? Is that why Martha’s Vineyard tossed out the trash immigrants in less than 36 hours? So they are trashing an American Military Base with undocumented trash? What?

  2. Quiet part out (very) loud. That’s the type of person who volunteers their time and tells you about it every chance they get in an attempt to make you pat them on the back

  3. What's hilarious is that it's not only offensive, it's also a horrible analogy considering Florida didn't want the immigrants to begin with - the rich assholes living in Martha's Vinyard, by contrast, voted specifically to allow the unrestrained immigration.

  4. Jesus. My first though at scanning this was, "Bad move, DeSantis. This will crucify you." and then after a second read, realizing it wasn't him that said it, I realized it probably won't get much attention.

  5. I am 100 % for a secure border and I consider the current border crisis to be the biggest problem we have today. That being said comparing illegal immigrants to trash is disgraceful. They are human beings.

  6. Doesn’t matter, they will still find a way to blame it on Trump. I stopped counting how many times they blamed him for the “heated political dialogue” for thing they have said or done.

  7. Funny how they no longer believe that “No human is illegal” once the illegals are in their back yard, forcing their true colors to come out. Lol love watching them eat themselves

  8. I know someone who agreed that that was bad, and then proceeded to say it was more like going through your mail, taking out the bills, and sticking them in your neighbor’s mailbox.

  9. Every Leftists' take on this issue is absurd. Nothing but strawmans and false equivalencies everywhere. They deliberately avoid addressing the actual issue and instead engage in their usual evasions.

  10. I have never in my life thought about other people as cruelly as a progressive does, they are scary detached .

  11. How dare NBC liken immigrants to trash. Sounds pretty racist. Shows what they really think of them. Liked them so much they couldn’t wait to load them on a bus and ship them out.

  12. Lol these comments are great "see? The people who were trafficked there by Republicans as a cruel prank aren't trash or objects to be used in a game!"

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