Anti-American communists... vote them out!

  1. They uh... just completely forget about the Tuskegee Experiment? Total trust in government as if corruption and greed aren't a thing?

  2. They also wanted to take your children from you and forcefully vaccinate them. I don’t want to live with these people and I don’t want to compromise with them.

  3. And they blatantly did this in front of the county and most shrugged and said yeah this is fine and they are about to vote for them again. My neighbor has become my enemy and persecutor.

  4. Dems: 'I'm anti-fascist! That's why I am totally on-board with putting people who question the government or big pharma in jail!'

  5. Nearly half of dems would be in favor of camps too so thats not surpsising. Asking them if they would mind punishing a group of people that isnt them which is their favorite thing in this world.

  6. All I see is mentally deranged, dangerous people. Imagine, they think they know everything and expect either silence or the elimination of dissenters. Hmm.. I wonder their reaction if the same standards (to silence and eliminate challengers) were used by the "other party"?

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